Hot water heater leaking from overflow pipe

Hot water heater leaking from overflow pipe. When we buy anything from the market, be it electrical appliances or anything, we do it out of lack of our unawareness of self.

We believe them to do well forever, but everything, by nature, loses its efficiency over a period. If you buy a laptop, you would need it to be repaired after some time for sure.

If you buy a mobile and after some time you would need to get it repaired as well because of any problem can occur with it after using it for some time.

Similarly, when we buy a water heater, we often mistake it for running efficiently with no problem happening to it forever, while the truth is that it also loses its efficiency after being used for a long period.

Even the best of things face some problems that often are beyond our control, the water heater is no exception to this phenomenon. The problem that water heater develops after being used for some time often manifests itself into overflowing.

Hot water heater leaking from overflow pipe

hot water heater leaking from overflow pipe

The internal problem of the water heater develops itself into leakage from the overflow pipe.

In this article, I will discuss the causes of this leakage in overflow and how you can fix it on your own before we elaborate on the causes and throw light on the fixes.

Cause of leak in the overflow pipe

If you see any leak in the overflow pipe, then you must have surety of the fact that your heater is operating above the threshold of temperature and pressure.

Average pressure and temperature in the heater

The average pressure in the heater is 150 pounds, and the average temperature in the heater is 120 degrees or 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cause of excessive pressure in hot water heater

The default temperature of a hot water heater set by the manufacturer is 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but since most people are comfortable with 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so they lower it to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

One reason of Department of Energy advises you to lower the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit is for the personal safety of the occupants of the home.

From the above paragraph, you know that 140 degrees Fahrenheit is too risky temperature, and it can go up that further becomes cause too much pressure in the heater that causes a leak in the overflow pipe.

Fix of the leaking overflow pipe

Now at below, the discussion is about the overflow leaking pipe.

Off the power or gas

In case you see a flood of water around the area of the water heater, then probably there is no water left in the heater, so the first thing you need to do is to switch off the gas supply or supply of electricity from their main source.

Make a thorough inspection for the leak in the heater

After switching off the gas or electricity supply, you must make a thorough inspection of the heater for any leak in it.

Release the pressure

If the heater is off and you see any sort of leakage on it, then you are supposed to release the pressure by slowly flipping the T&P valve; the idea behind slowly flipping the T&P is that they are too vulnerable to damage if you flip them quickly.

Clear the debris

Often, the main seal is clogged up by dirt; therefore, in order to check if it is clogged up or not, keep opening and closing the valve.

Clear seal of the valve

clear seal of the valve

In order to clear the dirt around the seal of the valve, you can simply make use of the flush.

Make the pressure released from the entire system

In order to release the pressure from the heater, you are supposed to open up a faucet. After turning on the faucet to release the pressure from the heater, your immediate step is to open up the overflow pipe that is down at the bottom of the heater.

Join the hose

After opening up the overflow pipe, you are supposed to join a garden hose with an overflow tube so that it directs the water either outside your house or to your home’s drainage.

Get a new overflow pipe

Depending upon how the overflow pipe was installed in the heater, remove it and then get a new overflow pipe from the market to install it in the heater.

Closing any of the open taps

You must have opened up the taps in order to release the pressure. You must close all of them and wait for the heater to be filled.

On the heater

Now, after doing all this, you must give power back to the heater from the main electrical panel, but make sure before you do this heater is filled with water.


What is an overflow pipe?

Few people know that the discharge pipe of the T and P valves is also referred to as the overflow pipe.

What is the responsibility for overflowing pipes?

The responsibility of the overflow pipe is to pass the water when you open up the T and P valves.

What is T&P valve?

From the above answers, you may have the curiosity to know T&P valves. It is a valve that every water heater has that releases temperature and pressure from inside the heater.


Hot water heater leaking from overflow pipe. After reading this article, you know what is overflow pipe, and what is T&P valve. You have an idea that what causes a leak in the overflow pipe.

You have no idea what is the average pressure and the temperature in the heater are, and you have also learned some fixes to fix a leak in the overflow pipe.

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