Hot water heater leaking from panel

Hot water heater leaking from panel. The heating of water is an old process for humans. In ancient times people warm water on a fire of wood and stones. With the advancement in technology, the water heating industry has also progressed a lot.

The water heater is also called a geyser. People heat water in the water heater for taking showers and washing clothes. Hot water is also used in the kitchen for washing pots.

Some time ago, the size of water heaters was very large, and it was a difficult task to fit them on roofs or in basements due to the small place.

With time size and efficiency of the water heater is changed, Nowadays, there are very small sizes of water heaters, and they can fit on the wall inside the washroom.

Modern water heaters warm the water in no time due to the heater element and new technology used in them. Solar water heaters, Tankless water heaters, and Storage tank water heaters are different types of heaters on the market.

Hot water heater leaking from panelwater heater leaking from panel

Mostly leaking in water is because of mistakes in plumbing and failure of the valve.

Leaking of water through the water heater is a very irritating thing, and if it is not taken seriously, then it becomes a very big problem to sort out.

At the start, small water leakages are not seriously taken, which results in damage to the wall, floor, and roof.

If your heater is leaking water, then repair it as soon as possible because this problem will lead you to health problems also due to an increase o fungus and mold at that place.

This problem can be sorted out through the following steps

Turn off the supply of waterturn off the supply of water

If there is no problem outside the tank, then before opening the heater, shut off the water supply so that you can easily open the water tank or see inside of the heater.

Switch off the power of the water heater

The first thing to do while inspecting the water leakage is that switch off the supply of the heater, whether it is electric or gas.

Self-defense should be first priority. If the power will off, then you can easily touch and open every part of the heater.

Assert the starting point of leakage of water

First of all, see the water pipes; there is no water spraying through them. Moving forward, confirm that there is no problem of condensation due to cold water and hot water in the heater.

Now completely look at the valves and tanks of the water heater. You can also use paper towels for the assessment of the leakage point of water.

Stretch the loose pipes connections

If water is leaking through the hot water supply pipes or cold water supply pipes, then you can tighten the screws with the help of a wrench or screwdriver.

If the water pipes are made up of copper, then you will have to call a plumber to fix them because they are fastened to seal.

The problem with the drain valve

A drain valve is also a reason for water leakage in the water heaters. It is made up of plastic and situated on the side of the heater. Observe the wall that either water is coming through it or not.

Inspect that with a few turns that it is leaking water due to an increase of sediments in the tank by opening and closing the valve.

If water is leaking continuously, then the drain valve should be replaced.

Heating element piston

It is not often in some electric water heaters that the piston on the side of the heating element is drained and becomes the reason for water leaks.

To solve this problem, you will have to open the cover pates and insulation and then see the piston for leaks.

Water leakage from flue vent

Worse luck if water is leaking from the panel or flue vent, then it is a very bad thing that happens, and you have no other than this option to replace your water heater.

Leaking from the overflow pipeleaking from the overflow pipe

If water is leaking through the pressure release valve, then it is because the reason that pressure inside the water tank is increased and the pressure release valve is leaking some water to stable the pressure inside; otherwise tank will explore due to high pressure.

If water is leaking through the flow pipe, then decrease the water thermostat. If the problem is still there, then call a plumber to inspect it.


Is it possible to use the water heater if it is leaking?

Yes, you can still use water if it is leaking, but it is better to repair it urgently so that it does not harm the other things in the home.

What are the main reasons for water leakages in the water heater?

Drain valves and loose pipe connections are the main reasons for leaking water through water heaters.


Hot water heater leaking from panel. If the water heater starts leaking water, then take it seriously issue and sort out the reasons for leaking water.

If you can fix the issue, then it is well and good; otherwise, call a plumber to fix the problem because if water leaks continuously, then it will damage the property or home.

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