Why does my roku tv keep restarting

Why does my roku tv keep restarting. Roku tv devices are fantastic to have in-home because you can stream different platforms like HBO max, Youtube, social apps, Netflix, and Amazon to watch your favorite media content.

Although these latest smart devices are equipped with the latest hardware components and cables, they still start to restart, work so slowly, and sometimes freeze if you do not use them properly.

If your roku tv is frequently restarting during live streaming, then it can be very irritating because you can not enjoy and reconnect the channel again and again.

However, don’t frustrate by this because it too often happens with many users that their roku device starts restarting during browsing channel due to some potential causes.

The first reason behind the roku tv restarting itself is keeping the roku tv turned on for a long time. If you don’t give your TV a break, it heats up and begins to restart due to overheating.

At the same time, it’s very necessary to keep updating your smart devices because the latest roku TVs require updated software to work efficiently.

Why does my roku tv keep restarting

If your roku tv is not working and it keeps starting, then turn off the tv because it mostly happens due to overheating when you keep watching the roku tv without giving any rest and pause to the tv.

Another big reason for this issue is a faulty hardware component. Although it does not happen too often if there is a faulty component, do not open the roku tv yourself and contact a skillful professional to repair the roku tv.

Read this discussion and follow the steps to fix the roku tv that keeps restarting.

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I explained in a brief intro that overheating is the major cause behind the roku tv keep starting.

If you love to watch movies or stream social apps on your roku smart tv, then it does not mean you keep turning on the tv for a long time.

Watching the tv continuously without any break is not only bad for your health but also overheats the different tv hardware components and HDMI cables.

In some devices, internal fans are fixed to cool down the internal parts, but there is no fan installed in the tv, so if you keep it turned on for a long time, then the roku tv will heat up and being to restart frequently.

If your roku tv is overheated, then calm down and follow these steps to cool down your device.

  • Turn off your tv with the remote control.
  • Pull out the Roku device power cable.
  • Wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes to let it cool down.
  • Plug in the wire in the socket.
  • Press the power switch on the TV.

Hopefully, if there is no other issue, then your roku tv will not restart itself.

Loose HDMI cable connections

loose hdmi cable connections

It’s important to keep the HDMI cable connections tight because if you loosely insert the cables tightly in the ports, there should be no loose connection.

If any cable is damaged or burnt out, then immediately replace the burnt cable with a new quality cable to fix this problem.

The HDMI cable might be loose or damaged. In that case, you should replace it with a new one or try to see if it works on a different TV.

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Power supply

Weak and loose power supply cables are also a prominent reason roku tv keeps restarting. So, when you plug in the device power supply then, ensure the socket is working well, and the cable is tightly inserted in the socket.

No obstructions

When you fix the roku tv on a wall, then ensure it is not closely attached to the wall or any other physical object.

There should be enough space between the tv and the other obstructions to allow the air to pass through. If you place the roku tv in a closed area, then it starts to heat up, resulting in restarting.

Bad Apps

It is suggested that there is no need to install the two many apps in your roku smart tv because if you do not update the apps and bad apps, then these apps will bring the tv to restart.

When you click on the bad app to open your smart tv, then it fails to open and forces you to leave the app will turn off or restart the tv.

Luckily, this bad app issue can be set to the apps to update to fend off this automatically.

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Outdated software issue

If your roku tv keeps restarting regularly, then it may have an outdated software issue. If your internet connection is in your home, then keep updating your roku tv to install the latest features in your device.

If you do not update your outdated software issue, then the device will not work efficiently, so your best bet this to connect your smart tv to an internet connection or mobile data and update the latest software version.

Hard reset

If the above troubleshooting does not stop the roku smart tv, then your next option is to reset the roku tv hard.

You can easily reboot your tv through these steps.

  • First of all, you have to press the home switch on your device remote control.
  • Open the settings menu.
  • Choose system.
  • Choose System Restart.
  • Click Restart.

Contact customer center

contact customer center

If you have recently purchased the roku smart tv and it keeps restarting, then contact the roku customer center to consult the problem.

You can also forward a warranty claim to the company if the warranty date is not over yet and get a replacement instead of this tv.


The last thoughts on this troubleshooting article are if you have the roku smart tv in your home, then do not fix it close to the wall.

The roku smart TV starts to restart when it is overheated due to continuous usage.

It’s very important to give your roku device a rest after some time to cool down its hardware components. I am hopeful this article is helpful in fixing your roku tv issue.