HDCP issue disney plus

HDCP issue disney plus. HDCP means High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. This system stops the illegal copying of any video content. It keeps an eye on all devices, including LED that permits the user to watch the video.

Some viewers complained that they face the hdcp mistake when downloading the Disney plus app to watch any video content like movies and cartoons on Disney Plus.

This problem indicates that you can not watch this movie or video on your streaming device. It is very irritating to face such a problem that you are watching your favorite movie on Disney plus.

In this article, I will share my experience and research that some users face hdcp problems on Disney plus.

If you don’t know why this happened, read this complete guide and follow all the instructions.

HDCP issue disney plus

If your Disney plus suddenly stops the video content, it mostly happens due to the hdcp issue on Disney plus.

First of all, turn off your device for ten minutes and give it a complete power cycle because sometimes a firmware glitch also stops the video content, which is removed by restarting the device.

Insert another HDMI wire and avoid your stereo stuff by connecting the device directly to your television.

Power cycle

power cycle

If your streaming device suddenly stops the video content when you are enjoying disney plus, then don’t get frustrated because it happens with many users due to hdcp issues.

Restarting the device is always your first step when you face trouble with any electrical appliance. The power cycle will immediately solve the sudden stop content problem if there is no other hardware problem.

The power cycle refreshes all the software glitches and loose connections. If there is a weak internet signal problem, it is also fixed after restarting the device.

Follow these steps to refresh the loose connections and fix the video content streaming issues.

  • If you are watching the disney plus content on television or LED, switch off the streaming device by pressing the power switch.
  • Unplug the appliance from the receptacle for the complete power cycle for five minutes.
  • After five minutes, connect the power cable to the socket and press the power button to turn on the device.
  • Restart the Disney plus on the streaming device and play the video content to check if it is streaming or still; it is stopped.

Restart the modem

restart the modem

If restarting the streaming device does not make any difference and still, the video is not playing, then it may be an internet connection problem.

Disney plus always stream the video content when there is a fast internet signal speed of 5mbps, so turn off the modem or router for one minute and restart.

Check your mobile phone for signal speed. If the internet speeds are slow, then contact the local internet service to resolve the problem.

Disconnect the internet with other devices

There are many devices connected to one Internet router for different purposes. It decreases the internet signal speed.

So, disconnect the other devices with the Internet router to increase the speed because you need a minimum of 5mbps to stream the video on the disney plus.

Check the HDMI cable

check the hdmi cable

If restarting the internet router and the streaming device does not solve your problem, the next thing to check is the streaming device’s HDMI cable.

If your device is too old, then the HDMI cable is worn out with time due to twisting and betting. Ensure the wire is not broken or burnt.

If you see the damage signs on the cable, replace it with new quality and branded cable that has worked for a long time.

However, if you don’t observe any damage sign on the cable, carefully detach it from the port and insert it again.

  • Do not turn off the LED and ensure it is turned on.
  • Unplug the power cords from the socket
  • Detach the HDMI wires.
  • Insert the power cords after five minutes.
  • Switch on the LED or streaming device.
  • Refix the HDMI wires and check whether the video content is streaming or not.

If the video streaming does not start, replace the old damaged HDMI cables that lack hdcp support, and purchase the new hdcp adaptable wires.

More than one HDMI port is installed in the streaming device, so you can also try inserting the cable in another port to ensure whether the cable is defective. Insert the cable into another port and check the hdcp issue is solved.

So, always try to use an hdcp adaptable HDMI cord if you are still using an old HDMI cable with a streaming device.

Update your device

If you are facing hdcp issue on your disney plus device, then another troubleshooting tip is to update the latest software on your video content streaming device.

People prefer streaming devices like android mobile, Roku, or smart LED to watch disney plus. So updating your device can also resolve the problem.

It’s important to keep checking software updates on the device Settings menu and immediately install them when required.

Reinstall the Disney plus app

reinstall the disney plus app

If the streaming video problem persists, reinstall the Disney app from the smart device.

Open the menu settings and uninstall the disney app.

After uninstalling the app once, download the app again to check if the video starts streaming now.


The final words in this article are many people like to watch movies and videos on disney plus, but they also face various issues like hdcp issue on disney plus, don’t worry; it is not a big issue. Follow all the above points to troubleshoot the issue.

Restart the streaming device and internet modem. Next, ensure that all the HDMI cables you use are HDCP adaptable. Try other troubleshooting tips to solve this problem.

I am sure this guide helped you to fix hdcp issue on your disney plus. Contact with professional for further inspection if the problem is not solved.

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