Samsung smart tv won’t download apps

Samsung smart tv won’t download apps. The latest samsung TVs are best for entertainment solutions because they have many features like downloading apps on Samsung tv through an internet connection.

You can easily download tv apps from the Samsung app store, but you need fast wifi internet for samsung tv to stream videos and download apps.

If you are facing difficulty in downloading and installing apps on your smart tv, then there are many issues behind this trouble.

First of all, check the internet connection because network issues are the most probable reason for samsung tv not downloading apps.

Then, you must check the samsung tv storage. If there is not enough space to download apps, then you can not download and install apps because you need to free up the space in your samsung tv to download more apps.

Another main reason for this issue is wrong Location Settings because location settings are important in downloading and streaming apps.

Keep reading this post to fix my samsung smart tv because I have been using the social apps on my samsung smart tv for two years, and I know how to troubleshoot this issue.

Samsung smart tv won’t download apps

Samsung TVs are the latest one of the best entertainment providing smart TVs to stream videos and download social apps from the samsung apps store. It has

You need to have a fast internet connection in your home or office if you want to download apps on the samsung smart tv.

But, you cannot download apps if you have low space, wrong location settings, faulty ethernet cable, or a tv software issue.

Let us discuss in detail how to fix the samsung tv download apps issue.

Power cycle the samsung tv

power cycle the samsung tv

If you are having issues downloading apps, then your first step is power cycling or cold boot the samsung smart tv.

The power cycle does not mean restarting the samsung tv, but it actually means pressing the power button to power off the smart tv.

Now, unplug the power adapter from the power source for a few minutes, reinsert the lead in the socket, and turn on the samsung smart tv from the remote control.

Check if the issue is resolved or if the system apps are still not downloading on the TV.

In most cases, the problem is solved after tv cold booting, but if tv apps are not downloading, then don’t fret and move forward to the next step.

Restart the router

restart the router

The next step is to restart the internet modem or router because some small problems may happen with software updates and internet connectivity, so power cycle the router in the same just as I explained in the first step.

In most cases restarting the router works, and samsung tv start downloading the apps. Drag out the power adapter for one minute and reinsert it to turn on the modem.

Check Network Connection Issue

check network connection issue

Samsung apps are downloaded to the smart tv from the samsung app store. These apps are downloaded by connecting the samsung tv with a wifi internet connection or mobile data.

If you are facing issues downloading apps, then it might be an issue with the wifi connection or mobile data because there is poor network coverage in the area.

Most samsung tv streams videos on 5mbps or 4K ultra, so if there is an average speed connection, then you can not download the apps.

If you have more than one internet connection in the home, then ensure you have connected to the right internet router, and also it has strong wifi signals.

The most important thing to look for is always to place the internet router close to the samsung smart tv for downloading and streaming apps for strong signal strength.

If you place the router in the other room and fix samsung smart tv in the other room, then you won’t be able to download apps on the smart tv.

Next, place the router high from the floor surface to make a strong wifi signal speed. Keep changing the wifi password for security purposes because if you have a weak password, then other people can use your password.

It will decrease the wifi signal speed and make it difficult for you to use the internet with fast speed.

Contact local internet supplier

contact local internet supplier

If there are no wifi signals on other smart devices like smartphones, then you need to contact the local internet provider to inform them about the internet issue.

At times, there is an internet issue due to maintenance work in the area. If there is rain outside, then you might also face low connectivity due to wet internet cables.

Ethernet cable

ethernet cable

Place the router close to the samsung tv, but if you have to place the router at a distance from the tv, then you must connect a LAN connection to connect the internet router to the tv for a strong internet connection.

If you have connected a cable and there are no signals on the smart tv to download apps, then check the cable because it is damaged if it is twisted or tangled from somewhere due to long distance.

Restart apps

If your Samsung apps are not downloading on your smart TV, close the apps and restart the apps.

The issue of not being able to download the app store could quickly be resolved just by restarting the apps.

So, if your samsung tv is not downloading the app or taking some time to load the app, then refresh the app.

Follow these steps

  • Navigate to the Samsung TV’s Smart Hub
  • Choose Samsung Apps
  • Select the app that has problems
  • Delete the app
  • Download the app
  • Reinstall the app
  • Restart your Samsung TV

Samsung tv apps not working

Wrong Location Settings

wrong location settings

Right location settings matter a lot in downloading apps from the internet because if you do not mention the right location settings or time and date, then your samsung tv won’t download apps.

After all, the samsung app store can not find the app store service.

So, you have to set the incorrect location settings and time and date from the location settings tab to your home because most samsung TVs do not connect to the internet if they have incorrect location settings.

Your samsung tv software will also auto-set the live location when you connect the tv to your home internet service location.

Too many electronic devices

If you have wireless connections, then do not connect too many devices with one wifi connection. Then, it decreases the wifi speed, and sometimes you do not open the page and play store.

So, if you have connected many smart devices to one modem or router, then disconnect a few of them to minimize the load on the modem because a stable internet connection is important to download apps, and if there is poor internet connectivity, then you can not stream videos and download system apps.

TCL roku tv remote not working

Make sure there are no nearby electronic devices close to the internet device because they interfere with the signals.

Outdated software

outdated software

It’s essential to keep updating your smart devices for more features because if there is a software update pending and you have not updated your tv’s software, then you might face various issues like being unable to download apps from the internet.

Updating the outdated tv firmware is also necessary to add new functions to Samsung tv and also fix bugs.

If you dont know how to update tv software over the wifi internet or mobile data, then check these steps.

  • Open the samsung tv settings from your remote control
  • Navigate through the settings menu
  • Open Setting
  • Choose Support.
  • Select Software Update

Click Update Now.

When you start updating the tv software, then do not switch off the tv until the updating process finishes because the samsung tv will auto restart after updating.

When the tv turns on then, connect it to the internet and download the apps that you failed to download before updating the device.

Temporary Issue

Sometimes, the samsung tv stops downloading due to temporary issues with router settings, apps update, and network connectivity.

That’s why keep updating your Samsung tv and other apps to solve these app-related issues immediately.

Preinstalled apps

Samsung tv software updates carry different firmware updates to preinstalled apps along with the samsung app store.

If you fail to download different apps on your tv, update the new software version of the app store and then download a particular app.

Factory reset

factory reset

If the above troubleshooting does not work, then your last option is to factory reset your Samsung smart tv.

But, before I tell you how to reset the Samsung tv, I mentioned a critical thing after performing factory; your previous settings and data will delete, so make sure you have proper back to all configurations and data you don’t want to delete and restore again.

Follow these steps to perform a factory reset on a Samsung TV:

  • Open the Settings on your smart tv with the remote control.
  • Select General
  • Select Reset
  • Mention your pin code. If you have not changed the pin code, then the PIN code is 0000.

After the complete factory reset, your Samsung tv will restart itself. After the tv restart, you can reconnect it to the wifi to download your tv apps.


The final thoughts on this article are if you have the Samsung tv in the home and you are in trouble not being able to download social and other apps on the samsung tv, then, first of all, restart the Samsung tv and internet router.

If it does not make any change, then follow the above tips, like rechecking the location settings, internet connectivity, device storage, ethernet wire, etc, for downloading apps.

You can also try to reset apps and close apps to download more apps in your Samsung smart TVs.