Viking refrigerator not cooling

Viking refrigerator not cooling. It is a very popular electrical appliance which is used in the home for cooling the water and food to keep them fresh and healthy.

A refrigerator shifts hot heat from inside to outside from the compartment, due to which temperature remains cool and low inside and food items do not spoil.

There are different parts of a refrigerator, like a condenser, evaporator fan, compressor, capillary tube, and condenser coils. All these parts work in a proper manner to make cooling inside the fridge in all the compartments.

So it is necessary to maintain the refrigerator in optimum condition by cleaning its condenser coils completely from the inside and outside so that it does not affect the cooling.

Viking refrigerator not coolingrefrigerator not cooling

Viking refrigerators are best to have in the kitchen because of their quality and functioning.

It is very frustrating in hot summers when you open your fridge, and it is not cold water because your fridge is not making cooling.

It is a very irritating situation when the fridge stops cooling, but one doesn’t need to panic.

You can find a solution to this problem through the following steps.

The evaporator fan is faulty

The evaporator fan is also an important part of the cooling system. It is that part through which the cooling system goes into the fridge. It pushes the cold

evaporator fan

air to all the compartments of the refrigerator.

It fails to do a job when the blades of the fan are stuck up with frozen ice or some debris.

They are unable to move and spread cold air, due to which cooling stops inside the fridge.

First, switch off the unit for 5  to 6 hours to let the ice melt so the blades can move.

If the evaporator fan still does not work, then it may be its motor is shorted, and you will have to replace the fan to start cooling.

Opening the refrigerator regularly

It is a normal thing that if you open your fridge door again and again, then it will affect the cooling system.

Ask your children to don’t touch the door of the refrigerator to let the cooling store in all compartments.

Condenser coils are dirty

The main work of the condenser coils is to disappear the hot heat from the refrigerator as the cool air pass through it.

If the layer of dust and other debris makes their layer on these coils, then it is difficult for these coils to work accurately with full efficiency.

The temperature will not remain cool in the fridge when the coils do not disappear heat.

If the unit stops cooling, then first o all, see the condenser coils and if you find them dirty, then clean them carefully but don’t forget to plug out the power for safety from electric shock.

Defrost the heater

The latest models of refrigerators de-ice themselves automatically. For this, the unit turn on the defrost heater, which liquefies all ice build-up from the unit.

If this heater fails to do its job, then the appliance will remain warmer. If the defrost heater becomes defective, then it is better to replace it with cooling the temperature inside the unit.

Inspection of the temperature control thermostat

The thermostat manages the compressor and evaporator fan so that they are running well. It is located inside the fridge now; turn the dial of the fridge from the lowest to the upper setting.

Listen to the sound of a click when you turn the dial. You can also check its functioning with the help of a voltmeter.

If the thermostat is not showing any sign f continuity, then the refrigerator will stop making cooling, and you will have to replace it with a new one.

Defective thermistor

If your refrigerator is getting warm and there is no sign of cooling in it, then its thermistor is defective.

It detects the temperature and continuity of all parts. If it stops working, then the other components, like the evaporator fan and compressor, will also not work.

You can check the functioning of the thermistor with the help of a multimeter. You will have to replace it if it is defective and not working properly.



A Viking refrigerator is good to have in-home to get fresh and cold water and food. But the main thing to do is that do not to use it carelessly by opening it frequently.

The fridge will not make proper cooling also when any of its part like evaporator fan, thermistor becomes defective. One more thing to care about is its condenser coil should be cleaned properly.

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