Whirlpool Refrigerator Led Lights Not Working

Whirlpool Refrigerator Led Lights Not Working. Door staying closed over a certain time causes the lights to get jammed; thus, the lights of Whirlpool don’t work. Jamming isn’t the only cause of faulty lights, but broken lights also don’t work.

I wasn’t home for a while and so on my return, when I checked the fridge, it wasn’t closed properly. I noticed the lights weren’t working either. I was confused.

A technician from which I got help told me the reasons the fridge lights don’t work. I noted them.

Later, I even helped my cousin fix his fridge lights from those ideas. I was successful. I know fridge lights cause to worry. The fridge light problem isn’t big.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Led Lights Not Workingwhirlpool refrigerator led lights not working 2021

The first thing with faulty fridge lights is checking them out. Usually, if the door remains closed for too long, this happens.

This causes the contact of the door controlling the light to get jammed. The light contact may break, and in jamming or breaking, it’ll need replacement.

The light bulb of the fridge may be burned because its life has ended.

You can know the burning by checking for black areas and smells coming from the bulb. The average life of a fridge bulb is 50,000 hours. Burned fridge bulb requires swapping.

Heat build-up can cause the misfunctioning of the fridge bulb. Without the fridge bulb, it becomes difficult to take things out of the fridge.

Let’s light the bulb again by locating and solving the problem.

Door issues

The door, when not moved by opening for sometimes, becomes stiff. The contact that turns on the bulb becomes jammed, and even the door, when opened, doesn’t turn on the bulb.

The problem is with the button that turns the light on and off when the fridge is opened and closed. The jammed button is useless.

The buttons need to be freed from jam, or the fridge needs a new contact. The guide has a contact button replacement in it. You can swap or get it swapped by a professional. It’ll work.

Fried lights

A bulb has a limited life span. It’s an average of 50,000 hours. After that, the bulb doesn’t work. The bulb may get fried because of unstable power.

The burn and dark smoke marks show the burned bulb. It’ll not work. The LED bulbs should be replaced. Without replacing the bulb, you won’t have a fridge light.

No power

Light bulbs require power to work. If the light bulb isn’t getting power, it won’t ignite. The power cannot be reached from the outlet. It can be wiring is faulty.

The harness is a common issue. Start by checking the power outlet. Dim energy won’t power the fridge and thus, no lights will shine. Check the outlet. The outlet is tested with an AVO meter.
refrigerator door has been kept open for a longer time

After that, the internal fridge wiring is tested. You can check external damage by observing and looking for damaged areas. Remove the panel and use your hands to check for physical damage.

Power off before physically testing the damage. Replace the wires or add new joints to help reach the bulb. If wires are loose near the motherboard or bulb, tighten them.

Mode setting

There are different whirlpool refrigeration modes present in the fridge. One mode is Shabbat mode. It’s uniquely made by whirlpool for travelers.

In this mode, all settings that affect temperature aren’t tempered, while other things that use power, like the control panel in the LED bulbs, don’t power on.

This is to save power while keeping the food safe from getting bad.

You can see the lights, and the panel will turn on when the mode is changed, or Shabbat mode is turned off. There is Sabbat written on the panel when in this mode. You can press the home button until it disappears to get out.


The bulb, if too tight, also doesn’t turn on. Improper placement of LEDs can be a cause too. Other causes, like mode settings and burned bulbs and wires, are written above. Check the guide. Read solutions like replacement and fixing.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Led Lights Not Working

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