Refrigerator turns on and off frequently

Refrigerator turns on and off frequently. Sometimes your refrigerator work on its own which means it starts on its own and shutdown also.

The fridge has an issue with it means this is suffering from some problem. The problem you may not know, and if you are not aware of the problem, then you should not try to solve it.

Your solution depends on the problem your problem is, which kind, then you solve it by using the technique that is suitable for your problem.

Refrigerator turns on and off frequently

refrigerator turns on and off frequently

If there is any problem that occurs, then you should try to solve it.

So here are some techniques or ways that you follow to solve the problem that you are facing. Here are some ways to solve the problem discussed below:

Plugin the Switch

Here maybe the issue with the plug is that the plug may not be plugged correctly. You should remove the plug and re-plug it.

If there is any problem that occurs due to the plug may be solved in this way, the plug may be loosed by you or your child or the other livings in your home.

Maybe your pet touches it, or due to the other problem, the switch gets loose, and the power is not properly supplying or transferring from the outlet to the appliance.

You should check the plug that it is in which condition; if there is any problem with the plug, then solve it. This means if it is unplugged or loose from the outlet and any other issue, you solve it, and the fridge starts working.

Condenser coil

You should take care of your condenser coil if there is any issue that occurs with the condenser coil, then you should try to solve it.

The condenser coil is a very important thing in the working of the fridge that keeps the fridge still working.

If there is any problem occurring with the coil, then there should be an effective working of the fridge means the fridge maybe not work properly, which means it turns off and on frequently.

The issue that may occur with the coil is that there is dust or dirt enter in it that disturbs its function that may not allow it to work properly.

So please take care and clean it from time to time to keep it still working best. You can clean it by using a soft cloth or a toothbrush.


You should check the thermostat of the fridge; if the fridge turns off and on frequently, then there must be an issue with the thermostat.

If the thermostat is damaged or gets worse due to some reason, here thermostat is worse if a little bit, then you can troubleshoot it and arrange it to use for a time, but if it has a big issue with it, then it has the need to replace.

When you replace the thermostat, then you should see the best results according to your work, but it gives the best results after changing the thermostat if the issue is exactly with the thermostat.

If there is an issue with any other component, then there is no change in the result it is still as it was before; then you should need to check the other problem and try to solve it.

Check the fuse

check the fuse

If the fridge is not properly on and off, then there is another issue that is important to occur is the fuse blown.

When the fuse is blown, then there is a great impact on the working or turning on or off of the fridge.

If the fuse is blown, then you check it properly and replace the fuse according to your need. If the fuse is blown, then you should replace the fuse, and your appliance will start working.

There are many problems like these that occur then you should try to solve them.

This is a very common problem that occurs in the way of the working, and you should not be aware of this problem; sometimes it may just be on and off the system, but sometimes it can completely block the system of your refrigerator.

Check the temperature

You should check the temperature of the room where the fridge is placed. The fridge does not bear the temperature. If a little bit of temperature is high, the fridge gets off and does not work properly.

If you need your fridge working best, then you should take care of the temperature and check it from time to time, and set it also according to the need.

If the temperature of the room gets high, then you should turn the fans on and keep your room cold as the fridge require.


Refrigerator turns on and off frequently. The above are some troubleshooting of the problems you can follow to complete your work.

These are the easiest techniques to follow if you have these problems in your life that disturb or interfere with your life.

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