GE refrigerator not cooling but freezer working

GE refrigerator not cooling but freezer working. GE has screened its Profile Series refrigerators with elegant style, unique features, advanced technology, spacious inner side, chromium steel body, and much more.

Its, easy use, touch technology makes these GE modern-day refrigerators athirst.

These refrigerators add style to your living But after using these avid refrigerators the users may seem in trouble when they get through the situation that the GE refrigerator does not work while the freezer cools well.

What are the reasons behind it and what minor actions can be taken at home to tackle this “not cooling” fridge or refrigerator?

GE refrigerator not cooling but freezer workingfix ge refrigerator not cooling but freezer working

Following are the possible reasons that may be the cause behind your GE refrigerator not cooling enough:

1. Forget shutting the French door

The very basic and common reason could be your leaving the GE refrigerator French door open. This might happen because of negligence.

You might forget to shut the French door.

2. Broken French door

Besides that, if you forget to shut the French door of your GE refrigerator, you might face another issue which is a broken French door. This issue should be resolved as soon as possible.

3. Evaporator fan jamevaporator fan jam

There is an evaporator fan in the freezer behind the panel. It stops the wing when the door of the refrigerator is open. If it is open your refrigerator may not cool things inside the refrigerator.

It also gives a specific sound that is good enough to hear whether it is running or not.

So, in any case, if it stops and you hear no sound of it then it will not cool inside your refrigerator.

Hence, the GE refrigerator’s all parts should be in great condition.

4. Blockage in the drain line

The drain line of your refrigerator may be struck with some clogged guck. It may happen because defrosted water or melted ice that may have been stopped in the drain line may be because of some carelessness in cleaning or defrosting the coils.

5. Frosted evaporator coilsfrosted evaporator coils

Your GE refrigerator coils may also be the cause behind it not cooling. The evaporator coils of the refrigerator may be frosted by cooling and, thus would not get the refrigerator cooling inside anymore.

To defrost these coils there is a technology used in these machines that cleanse the evaporator coils with the defrost thermostat.

See if the defrost thermostat is working.

6. Damaged Air damperdamaged air damper

The Air damper allows a reasonable amount of cool air to get inside the refrigerator. It opens and closes the door automatically or manually to let the air get inside.

If this function is disrupted because of the breaking of the air damper the cold air will not get into the refrigerator and, thus, won’t be cooling.

7. Ineffective thermal resisterge refrigerator not cooling enough

The Thermo resister senses the air temperature. It is, basically, a sensor and is usually connected to the control board. It is also called the thermostat.

Any defect in this may affect the cooling system of the refrigerator.

8. Defective temperature control boarddefective temperature control board

The temperature control board is a circuit that provides electricity to the evaporator fan.

If this board is unable to provide the energy for the fan to run, the fan will, definitely, not work and there will be no cooling inside the refrigerator.

9. Malfunctioning of defrost thermo regulator or thermostat

The coils are cleaned with a self-cleaning feature. In this feature, the thermostat is switched on sometimes in 24 hours to get the ice or frost in the coils to melt and the cooling system may not effect.

If because for any reason this feature stops working it will not let the refrigerator get cooling inside.

The reason for malfunctioning may be the burning out of the thermostat or any other reason. It is said to be the default in the defrost system.


These high-technology GE refrigerators must be conscientiously taking care of devices. If any negligence is shown your machine cause disrupted functioning, wastage of money as well as you won’t be able to get your edibles cooled.

Keep a check on them whether their inner and outer system is working properly or not, if you suspect any kind of issue, minor or major, diagnose it well and get it fixed on time unless it gets late and the situation becomes worse.

GE refrigerator not cooling but freezer working Solved

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