Prime video not working on roku

Prime video not working on roku. In the field of streaming services, Prime Video has a unique name. It has a variety of cool features that makes it different from other streaming devices.

As you can have your favorite shows, series, or TV programs on it without any obstacle.

Apart from its all good features, sometimes TCL TV Amazon  Prime stops working on Roku, and the sudden pause while playing of Video or crash in your most wanted program causes a panic for the viewer.

The issues that occur during your streaming maybe are of slight importance or can be handled with a little guidance.

In this time of social media and online applications, you just require to be a little smarter to run any specific device.

Prime video not working on roku

If you are facing issues with Prime Video, here is a quick fix to your hurdles.

1: Connectivity Enigma

By the Connectivity enigma we mean poor Internet connection, the first thing that you have to inhibit is, your Internet connection from working smoothly or having a slow connection.

Because this can be one of the reasons that Prime Video not working on Ps4.

Try to open other Internet applications to cross-check whether Internet speed is accurate or not operating other apps too.

2: Reopen Roku TVreopen roku tv

You should start your troubleshooting by simply recommending the Roku. This surprisingly solves many small issues. These steps are listed below.

  1. Press the ‘Home’ button on your Roku remote.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings> System > System Restart’.
  3. Select ‘Restart’ to confirm your choice.
  4. Wait for the Roku device to fully reboot.

3: Redownload Prime Video Channelredownload prime video channel

If we have any sort of blockage during mobile use or Laptop apps we simply turned to uninstall the specified problematic app and Redownload it.

Surprisingly, it works like magic and it runs effectively.

Here, applies the same rule if Prime Video not working on PS5 try to switch it off and reinstall the Prime Video Channel hopefully it works without any error.

Sometimes there are issues with the Prime Video Channel that can only be fixed by Redownload it.

Reinstalling the Channel will clear the overloaded cache and install the latest firmware, including any bug fixes, onto the Roku.

4: Update Latest Version

The reason behind this may be due to its outdated version of Prime Video.

As any app didn’t act as per your choice it may have the reason for its old version, as far as you convert it to the new setup, it may wipe off all the blockage from your device.

You must have to switch on automatic update mode so that you don’t need to bother about it next time.

5: Renew Firmware

As we all know how much a software update is compulsory for a smoother usage of any program, and that’s why the new classification of Firmware is also very necessary.

As a whole, we have all the troubleshooting steps that make it tricky, if we have a good knowledge of how to tackle these complications.

It will save us time and money both at the same time. With the renewal of Firmware, your Prime Video may start normally as before.

6: Re-check Accountfix prime video not working on roku

Like any other app, you must counter-check your Amazon account whether it’s working or not. Sometimes it happens to someone you don’t know running your account that may stop streaming Prime Video on Roku.

The second thing you penury is if your subscription is still valid or not. While finding out major points why Prime Video not working we simply ignored whether the Amazon account working properly or not.

So this may resolve your issue.

7: Cleared cache

When you are dealing with a heavy cache, your device’s work affects and its quality gets worse. This is a common one. Having an uncleared cache will surely cause streaming problems.

To avoid this, the necessity is to clear the cache from your device.

Because a cleared cache works faster than before, and the fast speed is just what we demand better streaming. So in this way you can settle your obstacle of Netflix and Prime Video, not working on Roku.


If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps above and are still not able to make the Amazon Prime Video work on your Roku, it is time that you need to contact Roku support to help you diagnose and fix the issue for good.

After applying all the above methods we hope you don’t have to face this problem again.

Prime Video Not Working On Roku

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