Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror. As everyone wants that their makeup should always be perfect, having a lighted mirror is the perfect thing for that.

The modern lighted makeup mirrors have built-in USB ports, so you can charge and connect your phone and other compatible devices.

Some lighted mirrors also let you know about the weather. While some lighted mirrors allow you to check notifications, messages, and mails.

7 Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Consumer Reports

1. Deweisn Tri-Fold Best makeup mirror with lights

Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror is one of the top-searched items and a best-seller on Amazon. It is a maneuverable mirror that can be folded in a three-way.consumer reports best lighted makeup mirror

This mirror is sleekly designed and offers an attractive shape and also offers different angles for viewing. The interesting thing about this mirror is that it is highly affordable available at a very low price.

It has also built-in LED lights whose brightness is adjustable and also offers extremely bright light when required. Its exterior is made of a super quality thick plastic and provides a pleasant look. It is a type of close-up makeup mirror, with a beautiful interior design.

This lighted mirror is very thin maneuverable, you can easy to travel with it and can place this mirror anywhere in your car, office, etc. Its assembly requires no specific knowledge or instructions.

This mirror can swivel at 180°, which means that it provides a wide range of viewing without any interruption during makeup. The features like high magnification and built-in bright LED lights are also included in this makeup mirror.

The interesting thing about this unit is that it has a touch sensor switch to adjust the brightness when you are doing makeup. This product offers perfect makeup even in poorly light, without disturbing others. It is simply powered on via cable, no charging system is included with this product.

Like other lighted makeup mirrors, this unit also has dual power supply modes that are via USB cable supply or 4AAA batteries. This lighted mirror comes without a battery while the USB wire is included.

Another interesting feature of this mirror is that it has a tri-fold design that provides a wide-angle viewing. Side-view mirror panels can also be adjustable. Best makeup mirror with lights.

This lighted mirror is ideal for grooming brows, applying eyeliner, and tweezing. Moreover, you can place your jewelry, cosmetics, and other makeup items in the base of this mirror. High-Grade ABS plastic is used to construct its exterior, and also it has superior mirror glass. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Comes with built-in 21 LEDs bulb
  • 180°swivel rotatable
  • Side-view mirror panels


  • Chance of breaking after sometimes

2. Zadro Cordless Best mirror for plucking facial hair

Zadro 10X/1X Magnification Cordless lighted mirror looks good, has held up, and has functioned beautifully. This mirror is a type of wall mirror, comes in round LED lights and it is also makeup mirror with lights

This mirror uses one of the best optical glasses, which offers high magnification and clear reflection. The magnification of 10x on one side will easily find every little pimple on your face, while the other side has a mirror with 1x magnification.

This product is a perfect option in a dim environment. Best mirror for plucking facial hair.

Moreover, the LEDs are bright, and if the brightness creates harshness to your eyes then you can adjust the brightness. With its cordless LED, you can use it in any environment.

Comes with a wall-mounted design with a dual-sided mirror. The interesting feature of this lighted mirror is that you can also rotate it at 360 degrees easily.

It is a compact lighted mirror with a mirror diameter of 7 inches. Its base plate has a diameter of 5 inches that can be firmly mounted on the wall.

The LEDs are fitted at the side of the mirror which is special eco-friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty. You never need to replace the LEDs. These LEDs consume less electricity as compared to ordinary bulbs.

This lighted mirror has an oil bronze finish in which looks beautiful lighted mirror. The power adaptor is included with this unit while you have to purchase 4-C batteries. Made of high-quality metal and glass material. This cordless makeup mirror is also backed by a lifetime guarantee. Check Price on eBay.


  • It offers 360 degrees rotation.
  • High magnification of 1X and 10X.
  • Uses premium quality mirror in its construction.


  • Its LED light fluctuates.

3. Nitin Lighted Mirror Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

Nitin Lighted Vanity Mirror is the most functional and versatile mirror on the market. This mirror is constructed uniquely as compared to other vanity magnifying mirror for tweezing

Comes with 14x3W built-in LEDs, these bulbs are very reliable in a dark environment. Their brightness is adjustable, according to your need you can adjust its brightness, and it means there will be no more harshness to your eyes.

This mirror also allows you to get perfect output in any light or condition. It offers no interruption during makeup due to light projection or shadow on your face.

This mirror also comes with a smart control panel which allows adjusting the brightness and turn on/off the mirror. The interesting feature of this unit is its memory function technology, you can set the mirror to the previous brightness level with this feature.

It has also a long-lasting countertop mirror, which is a strong, solid feel with an aluminum frame and base. This mirror is also built with an ultra top quality material from its exterior and is also equipped with the best reflective mirror. Moreover, this mirror is sturdy, durable, and ideal for heavy use.

This lighted mirror also comes with a large tabletop with light. This mirror also offers the right dimension that allows you to view your whole face in a mirror.

Besides doing makeup you can also set your dressing on this mirror. The important thing about this mirror is that it is CE/UL certified. This mirror also has a current power adaptor.

It will provide brightness by its Hi-Pot LEDs, the brightness is also adjustable like other devices. Moreover, this mirror is backed by a lifetime guarantee with its electrical components. Check Price on Walmart.


  • It is a counter-top mirror
  • Reliable smart control panel
  • Adjustable brightness


  • Poor quality frame

4. iHome All-in-One 2-sided Professional makeup mirror with lights

This 2-sided lighted mirror is a perfect choice for those who are looking for additional features. Comes with an elegant and unique design which makes this mirror more attractive than other lighted mirror for plucking facial hair

This mirror has built-in Bluetooth, allow you to talk and enjoy music while doing makeup. This lighted mirror is also a distortion-free mirror.

Special light indicators are attached to the mirror to let you know about the devices whether it is connected or not.

Comes with a diameter of 9 inches and it is also a double-sided mirror. It’s one side is at 1X, while the other side has 7X magnification which is perfect for hard-to-see areas.

The interesting feature about this mirror is that its sides have special LEDs in a round shape. By using its touch screen panel you can dim and brighten the LEDs.

Moreover, this lighted mirror also comes with a built-in mic by which you can talk. It has also an integrated media control settings with a talk/end button.

This lighted mirror has a USB port like other lighted mirrors. You can also enjoy hand-free conservation with an echo noise, cancellation mic. Professional makeup mirror with lights.

Moreover, this lighted mirror also offers stream music wirelessly from iPhone, Andriod, and more. It has an Aux Jack with an included audio cable that connects to most audio devices.

The interesting and most important feature of this mirror is that it is powered by a rechargeable battery. It has up to 8 hours of life when it is fully charged. Check Price on eBay.


  • USB charging port
  • 1x/7x magnification
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Bluetooth stuck

5. Conair Reflections Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

This double-sided mirror reflects your best choice. This lighted mirror has a satin nickel finish which makes this mirror more attractive. It is a pedestal-type mirror that can rotate about  360° degrees.double sided lighted makeup mirror

This rotation offers more flexibility in viewing. This lighted mirror also comes with 2 viewing magnifications that are 1x and 10x magnification.

It’s super magnify glass also provides a fog-free reflection. It is ideal for makeup, grooming, and dressing. It has the convenience of the on/off switch that is located on the bottom of the mirror.

The remarkable feature of this lighted mirror is that it uses energy-saving lifetime fluorescent bulbs. With these bulbs, this round mirror looks more attractive. This mirror offers 100 percent clarity with its superior quality mirror.

The interesting thing about fluorescent bulbs is that they are brighter and consume less energy as compared to other traditional bulbs.

This mirror is compact and offers a large viewing display for users. Comes with a diameter of 8.5-inch diameter, offers plenty of surfaces to view everything on your face. Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror.

This mirror offers different variety in styles and sizes to its users. The magnification of the mirror and the brightness of bulbs is adjustable. In its accessory, the company also gives a glass cleaner with this mirror.

It has a durable and attractive exterior with a polished nickel finish. Before using this mirror make sure you are sitting away from sunlight because its reflection can cause interruption.


  • Features 1X & 10X magnification.
  • 8.5″ diameter mirror
  • Rotate about 360 degree


  •  Its design makes it too difficult to use

6. Jerdon HL88NLD Led Lighted Direct Wire Makeup Mirror

Jerdon is one of the most famous brands of a lighted make-up mirror. This mirror comes with an 8.5-inch of diameter. It will also provide 8 times magnification you can see everything on your face.magnifying mirror with light

This mirror is a type of wall mount make-up mirror, it has a sleek and modern look. This lighted mirror provides the right magnification for perfect makeup.

The interesting thing about this unit offers rotation like other lighted mirrors to provide a wider view for users. You can do your make without getting closer to this mirror.

This lighted mirror is ideal to use in different places such as in hotels, at home, and in spas. This mirror is convenient and attractively designed. This mirror is two-sided circular shaped, offers 1x and 8x magnification.

This magnification provides every detail of your hair and makeup is beautiful and flawless. It has a solid base which enhanced its durability.

The arms of this lighted mirror can be extended up to 13.5 inches. This mirror is coated with a special nickel finish in which it looks more beautiful. Small magnifying mirror with light.

This lighted mirror also offers various angle options, you can adjust the mirror according to your desire angle. This lighted mirror is a “direct” or hard-wired wall Mount mirror that is not just easy to install.

This mirror also conserves floor space and comes with complete mounting hardware. This lighted mirror is also backed by a 1-year limited warranty for customer satisfaction.


  • It has an 8X magnify mirror.
  • Used in hotels, homes, and spas.
  • Nickel finish exterior.


  • Fragile frame material

7. Zadro Extra Large Dual-Sided Wall Mount Mirror

Zadro Extra Large lighted mirror is a wall-mount and dual-sided mirror. This lighted mirror is elegantly designed and provides a slim and stylish look.small magnifying mirror with suction cups

This mirror has an 11-inch dual-extending arm that can extend out from the wall and allows you to bring the mirror right to where you need it. Moreover, one side has 1X magnification, while the other side has 5X magnification.

With this extra-large and highly magnify lighted mirror, you can see even the tiny pimple on your face. It has a super bright fluorescent light that works perfectly without creating harshness in your eyes.

Another interesting thing about this mirror is that it works even in a dim environment. Comes with an infinity dimmer switch that is located at the base. Its infinity dimmer switch can also adjust the perfect brightness for you.

It can rotate up to only 270 degrees, provides flexibility in its use. This lighted mirror uses premium quality glass which makes this mirror durable. It has a corded lighted mirror with a satin nickel finish.

Moreover, this product holding more than 40 engineering and design patents. This lighted mirror is 39% larger than the average mirror size. This product is also backed by 1-year limited warranty. Small magnifying mirror with suction cups.


  • The larger diameter of 12 inches.
  • 1X and 5X magnification
  • Adjustable brightness and rotate about 270 degree


  • Hinges not properly functional

Buying Guide (Consumer Reports Best Lighted Makeup Mirror)

There are various famous brands of the lighted mirror, offers different features. Choosing the best product between these brands is a difficult task. We highlight some important considerations that you should consider while buying a make-up lighted mirror.


The best lighting source is considered an important factor for lighted makeup mirrors. Your mirror should work perfectly in the presence and absence of light.

Also, make sure that your product has a light adjustment feature. You can set the brightness according to your requirements. It is important that the lighted mirror should have brighter LED bulbs that also consume less energy.


Magnification is the most important consideration when you are going to purchase a lighted mirror. Most lighted mirrors come with two different magnifications.

Before buying a lighted mirror make sure that it has enough magnification that you can see even the tiny pimple on your face.

Size Of Lighted Mirror

Choose a lighted make-up mirror with a large diameter. The clear view of mirrors depends on larger size mirrors. Although large-size mirrors are not portable they have high-quality LED bulbs.

Style and Design

It is another important consideration, lighted mirrors come in different styles and features. Some products are double-sided while some are triple-fold. The design and style of the lighted mirror should be attractive, which can easily be decorated in bedrooms and living areas.


Make sure that the mirror you are going to buy should be distortion-free. A distortion-free glass provides a spectacularly clear view.


After a lot of research, we conclude that the varieties of lighted mirrors are based on size and on the purpose of the mirror. In the above list of lighted makeup mirrors, we will suggest Wondruz Makeup Mirror and Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Mirror with 21 LED Lights.

Both of these products are top-rated and equipped with all the important functions that one should require in the best-lighted makeup mirror.

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