Traeger grill not smoking

Traeger Grill Not Smoking. The smoke won’t come out of the Trager grill if you are grilling at a high temperature.

The wood pellets you are using may not be suitable for your grill, so no smoke comes out. The auger may be clogged, so the smoke won’t come out. Clogged vents dispel smoke too.

After planning a party, I installed my Traeger grill. But after installing the Traeger grill, as I tested it, the grill didn’t make smoke. Not knowing why there was no smoke coming from the grill, I thought my party would be ruined.

Fortunately, there was a day’s gap to the party, and I had an experience with grill troubleshooting. I started checking my girl after checking the Traeger grill’s guide and all its parts.

I found many grill issues and grill issues that would appear. I fixed my Traeger grill and enjoyed the party.

Traeger grill not smoking

Having your grill ready for a party brings you a lot of joy, but if the grill doesn’t produce smoke for your cooking, then you won’t like the grill. The smoke is the essence of the grill, and it’s needed. Sometimes Traeger grill does not produce smoke.

The Traeger grill doesn’t smoke if there are clogs in the auger. A dirty firepot may be the reason that smoke isn’t coming from the grill.

Clogging in the auger can reach the vents too. The firepot may be dirty. Wrong wood pellets can be no smoke reason. Read more below!

Wrong wood chunks

wrong wood chunks

The burning of material causes the smoke. The material that is burned in the grill is actually wood. There are wood pellets that cause the smoke, to be precise.

The wood pellets are not of the same quality, and even if there are, the smoke produced by wood pellets can be different.

Only fresh but dry wood pellets will produce the amount of smoke you want. Only in dry and fresh conditions the smoke produced will be enough.

If the pellets are wet or they have moisture in them, The smoke produced by pellets that are wet or pellets that have moisture is not of the quality.

The burning tempearat7re won’t matter if there is moisture or water in the wood. The case will be the same at 225 degrees F.

There is no problem with such pellets, but if you want to smoke, then different wood pellets should be used.

The better the quality of pellets, the better the smoke from the pellets will be produced in the Traeger grill. The shape of pellets will be effective in the burning of smoke.

Use different pellets until you know what is better for your grill.

Extreme inversion

extreme inversion

Extreme inversion refers to the extreme temperature at which you are using the grill.

The more the grill’s temperature, the lesser the smoke. The best way to produce more smoke in the grill is to keep the temperature at the lowest so that the wood can burn slowly and produce more smoke.

The smoke and temperature can be said to be inversely proportional. Above a certain grill temperature, there won’t be any smoke produced at all.

If the set temperature of the Traeger grill is above 225 degrees Fahrenheit, the smoke you will have is negligible. The fix of getting the smoke is very easy.

The temperature of the grill should be lowered to make more smoke. Though you can’t cook all the food at a low temperature so, check the grill’s guide to see the suitable temperature for your food.

Otherwise, the food will remain partially uncooked.

Jammed parts

jammed parts

The part that is actually jammed and doesn’t produce smoke in the grill is the auger. Auger is an important part of the grill, and clogging in the auger is a major issue.

No smoke without the auger exists. The auger gets blocked because of the wood chunks used. Too many wood chunks inside the grill can make the auger clogged.

If the wood chunks were not that many, then the wood chunks used may have been wet. The auger with jams will not spin at all. Without the auger spinning, the pellets will not be fed to the firepot.

And if there are no wood chunks in the firepot, there won’t be any heat or smoke produced at all.

If the jams and clogs in the auger are removed, the spinning of the auger will begin again, and smoke and fire will be produced by the firepot as well.

Remove the controller and the hopper from the grill. The clever te clogs by watching a tutorial on cleaning the auger.

The cleaning of the auger can be difficult without any technical knowledge, so having the Traeger support team clean your auger is a great idea.

Firepot issue

firepot issue

If the auger was not jammed, the firepot is naturally the most suspicious. Most people think the grill doesn’t need cleaning at all. People think constant use of grills will not make it dirty.

However, the case is not true. Smoke is a very important thing, and it’s dependent on cleaning as well.

The smoke will come without cleaning for about two to times very smoothly, but as the grill is used without cleaning, again and again, the smoke starts coming less and less.

At a point, no smoke comes from the grill at all. This is a common fault for smoke by many people.

The firepot gets dirt,y and the dirty firepot gets clogged because of constant use and no cleaning. Ash from the smoker keeps gathering in the firepot, and the firepot has nothing else except clogging as its result.

Take the cooking grate to clean the firepot and fix its clogging. Take the drip tray after that. Now remove the heat baffle, and the firepot will be in view.

Now remove the wood chunks and the ash present in the pot. Use a vacuum if you don’t want to pick the chunks or the ash. Fix the grill back.

Clogged outlet

The outlets here are not electrical outlets but air outlets that are commonly called vents. The air enters the smoker through the vents that are present in the grill.

The airflow is needed for the flow of air in the smoker. If the vents get covered or blocked, the air entering the events is not enough. Without a sufficient amount of airflow, the smoker won’t be able to get a smoke.

The only thing to get the grill’s airflow back is to get the logs out of the vent. An air compressor at the time can be used to get the dirt and clogs out of the vents.

Remove all the clogs using a vacuum if you don’t have an air compressor. If there is no air compressor or a vacuum cleaner for you to remove dirt, use a brush.


If you have a grill that’s not making smoke, then you won’t like your grill. A grill without smoke is not pleasant. There can be clogs in auger or vents.

There may not be any chunks present in the firepot for it to light. The temperature at which the wood may be too high. Thanks for reading!

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