Grill won’t stay lit

The main reason behind the grill won’t stay lit is that there is some kind of clog in it. If there is a blockage of food or grease in the gas pipeline, then gas can not flow easily to the flamer. That’s why the grill is not working.

First of all, clean the burner carefully with the brush. If you see any kind of debris material in the outlets then clear them. The flow of gas is important for the burning of the grill. The flow of gas is important for the burning of the grill.

Inspect the grill thoroughly that what is the main culprit behind the issue by checking the burner, gas flow, and also filament.

If the girl is still not turning on after the proper cleaning, then you might have to replace them.  You can hire an expert to confirm that either this grill can be repaired or it should be replaced.

Grill won’t stay lit

grill won't stay lit

If your grill doesn’t stay, then, first of all, check the fuel in it. Maybe the fuel is ended, and you don’t have information.

If the fuel is enough, then check the grill to see whether it is damaged or cracked.

Maybe some parts of it are damaged, which is the reason behind the burner not working.

Once, it happened to me that I switched on the grill to make a bar b q for a birthday party at home, but it did not start.

It was very disgusting; when I checked the gas pipe, then there was clogged in it, due to which the gas flow was irrupted. I cleared the clog material, and then the grill lit up in full flow.

Some other reasons behind this issue are mentioned below, so keep reading my research to get more information.

Burner is dirty

If the ovens or burners are not cleaned regularly after cooking, then they can get messy and dirty. Lavish lay of carbon stick on the grill, which leads to the not proper working of the grill.

The flow of propane can be fended off due to the clog of dust and debris in the ports of the burner and grill. A burner full of clogged can not stay lit because of less flow of gas or propane.

How to clean burner

  • Switch off the power supply before cleaning the grill because self-security is very important.
  • Detach the burner from the oven or grill by getting information from the grill manual.
  • Make a baking soda or vinegar and water solution in a bowl.
  • Clean all the waste from the ports of the grill.
  • As the burner is very dirty from the outside also then scrub it also with the nylon brush and baking soda solution.
  • After cleaning it completely from the insides and outside then, refix all the parts carefully.
  • Switch on the gas supply again.
  • Start it on the grill, but before that, ensure any gas leakages.

Inspect the gas

inspect the gas

The first thing to look at when the grill doesn’t light up is gas. Maybe the gas is not present in the tank or supply line.

Also, check the gas gauge of the grill. It is present; maybe it is malfunctioning. One more thing to check is the gas valve.

Sometimes it also happens that someone in the home or some child shuts it off, and you don’t have the position of the valve.

Check the ignition system of grill

If the ignition of the grill is battery powered, then you will listen to the sound of clicks on pushing the ignitor.

If you did not listen to any sound of the click, then its battery is dead, so you will have to replace the battery to lit up the burner.

Burner is cracked

After cleaning the burner completely, if it still is not on and then there are two reasons behind it; the first is that the burner is very old now, and the other is it is cracked and damaged.

The holes in the burners become large due to the clogged for a long time. You can check it with a professional who will suggest to you either you can repair it, or it is too old now, and it is demanding replacement now.


Grill won’t stay lit. The bottom line of the article is that it is very necessary to clean the stove regularly. All parts of it, like the burner, ignition, and gas pipe, must be clear from the clogged.

There should be no carbon deposits on the burner. If you follow all the above points, then hopefully, there will be no issue with the grill for you.

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