Grill igniter clicking but not lighting

Grill igniter clicking but not lighting. It is a very frustrating situation if you are ready to grill some food, but it is not working. When you switch on the dial then, you anticipate listening to the clock of the grill.

After that, you look for the fire to light up. When it does not occur, then you think about what is the reason behind this issue.

Generally, there are several causes behind this. The grill igniter is clicking, but the flames are not lighting up.

First of all, check the fuel tank, whether it is a gas tank or a propane tank. There are chances that there is no fuel in the tank, so that’s why the flames are not lit.

The next thing to check is the hose or pipe of the grill from the fuel tank to the grill. If propane is leaking, then there is not enough amount of fuel reaching the grill to work properly.

Keep reading the article to know more reasons behind this issue and how you can fix them.

Grill igniter clicking but not lighting

grill igniter clicking but not lighting

Eventually, there are many reasons behind the issue that the grill is igniting but no flames. You can categorize it in two ways.

Either it is issued with the supply of gas or propane to the grill, or there is something wrong with the spark.

So after figuring out the actual reason behind the trouble, you can easily find the solution to the problem. Here are some probable causes behind this problem.

Grill burners are clogged

If the burner of the grill is clogged or cracked, then it could be the main reason to stop the grill from flaming.

If you are not habitual in cleaning the tubes and ports under the burner, then dust, dirt, and even sometimes bugs enter them to block them. So, as a result of this, there will be less space for the propane to reach the burner.

So firstly, disconnect the link of the grill from the tank and completely clean the clog from the tubes and ports of the burner.

The fuel tank is not opened

The most usual reason behind the problem is that the propane tank is not opened. It is an obvious thing that if you will not open the hook of the tank, then the propane will not move from the tank to the grill through the pipes.

So, whenever you refill the propane tank then, don’t forget to hook it up properly so that the propane can easily flow from the pipe to the grill.

One more thing to ensure from the dial is that it is properly turned to the left side. You can also use the wrench to turn the position of the dial to the left side.

The propane tank is empty

the propane tank is empty

Sometimes, you don’t know that there is no propane in the tank and you are trying to cook food on the grill. It happens because the tank is very heavy without the propane in it.

It also happen that you refilled the tank two days ago, but the propane was not filled in the tank from the refillers.

So make sure from the dial that the propane is present in the tank.

The spark module is broken

The basic work of the spark module is to produce a spark in the grill. Sparks control the flaming of gas when it passes to the grill.

But as with other parts of the grill and tank, these spark plugs can also be broken down with time due to usage. If you check that there is a fault in the spark and it is cracked, then it is time to replace it.

You can not repair it. Now the last thing to mention is that if you are thinking of replacing it with your own, then do not try this.

Because you may shock or burn yourself due to no experience. It is better to hire a professional to replace the spark plug on the grill.

Debris in the igniter electrodes

If you are using gas as fuel for the grill, then you’ll be aware of this that the gas grill depends on the electrodes making a spark in the stove and burning the gas.

Now, if the gas fails to catch fire, or you can say that it fails to burn, then rusting and debris in igniter electrodes are responsible for it.

If the electrodes are affected by rust and debris then you will have to clean the dust and rust from them by opening the girl to reach the igniter electrodes but before that disconnect the link of the grill from the gas tank for safety.


Grill igniter clicking but not lighting. The conclusion of the article is that the above-mentioned reasons are some of the reasons behind the grill igniter clicking but not lighting.

You may also check the battery of the grill is working or is dead. If there is no mechanical issue then it is better to hire a professional to the inspection of the grill.

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