How to use wood chips on a gas grill

How to use wood chips on a gas grill. So here are some methods for using wood chips on a gas grill to flavor your food with a smoky taste.

Some health-conscious folk may not favor the charcoal grill because of the hazardous chemicals in charcoal.

While some people are fond of the smoky taste, that is not possible just by using a gas grill.

How to use wood chips on a gas grill

Wood chips might help you with the smoky flavored taste when used on a gas grill.

Identify the correct wood chipidentify the correct wood chip

  • Different types of wood chips are available in the market with a variety in the flavors they impart. Each of them imparts its unique good t to the food.
  • Knowing the correct type of chip for the right food is necessary.
  • Some of the top brands are Mesquite, Apple, Hickory, and even Jack Daniels.
  • Wood chips like Mesquite and Hickory are a good choice for beef.
  • Applewood chip imparts a sweet taste to smoke the fish and vegetables.
  • Pork and chicken taste good with maple, peach, cherry, pecan, or apple.
  • Pair fish with cedar or might use alder. Occasionally some like cherry or pecan for fish as well.
  • The best part is if you can’t decide what chip you need, go for the hickory. A balanced wood chip imparts a smoky flavor to all foods. Hickory tends to be the universal wood chip.

Soak the Wood Chips in the Watersoak the wood chips in the water

  • After selecting your desired wood chip, soak it for at least 30 min in water. Time can be variable from 45 to an hour, depending on you.
  • What if you don’t soak it?
  • Remember not to add chips to the grill without soaking them.
  • They catch up a fire and lead to an emergency fire condition.
  • Soaking will allow the chip in the grill to impart a smoky flavor.

Such types of caution must be kept in mind.

Otherwise will lead to hazardous conditions.

Without soaking

  • Some people don’t urge to soak the chips.
  • Place a water pan on the grill.
  • That results in a humid environment for certain foods

Use of Aluminum Tray

  • After soaking the wood chips, take an aluminum tray and add the wood chips to it.
  • If you don’t own a tray, use an aluminum foil or a wood box for the soaked chips.
  • After placing wood chips in multiple-layer aluminum foil, make holes so that the smoke gradually contacts the food while grilling.

Preheating of grill containing wood chips

  • Now when you are ready just before, preheat the grill.
  • Place the tray with the wood chips into the grill.
  • Allow the grill containing chips to be preheated for 5- 10 min.
  • After a couple of minutes, you will notice smoke appear, the time when the meat is ready to be grilled.
  • Slow down the heat to avoid burnt texture, and place the beef or meat on the grill.
  • Grill according to your preferences of herbs and spices etc.

Smoker boxsmoker box.077

  • A smoker box is not necessary to use an aluminum tray, or foil can do the job.
  • Some people might like to view all the processes from releasing smoke to the ending finish.
  • So for such people, a smoker box is a good option.
  • A smoker box is something an everyday grill user should purchase.


Now that your smoky grill is ready, you can grill a variety of foods just by keeping in mind the whole procedure in 5 simple steps.

  • Selection of wood chip
  • Soaking
  • Placing in the aluminum tray or foil
  • Preheating
  • Grilling

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