Toilet leaves paper after flush

Toilet leaves paper after flush. Improper drainage from the toilet might look like an insignificant problem. But if you do not deal with it on time, it’ll grow.

Sometimes your toilets after flushing leave toilet paper in your bowel. It doesn’t get flushed. This is an indication of blockage or other problems. Usually, the floppers get blocked, thus restricting the water to flow through.

Water drainage is not working and there is a problem in the clearing. The water is not coming out of the tank. A variety of reasons exist like these. Excess paper is also responsible. Let’s see why this happens in this article.

Toilet leaves paper after flush

toilet leaves paper after flush

The excess or overload of paper will be discussed first. Then clogging is a great cause for this. Water level directly affects the process of flushing.

A damaged chain or an unsuitable chain will be a cause too. The flapper is not in a condition to work.

It may have bent or broken. The overflow tube is cracked and leaking. The drain pipe has not been correctly installed. Or the design doesn’t match the area.

Blockage in pipes or a broken tank will be no good to use. They need to be checked to eradicate the flushing issue.

Clogged drains

Clogging is stated as the issue that is most commonly found in toilets. How it is connected to the paper. The continuous flushing of paper is responsible for clogging.

They keep gathering in the drain and later stop the water flow and cause clogging. This can also happen because of minerals that reside in hard water.

The minerals like paper gather in them. Bacteria present also aid them. This causes a complete blockage of water. Even after flushing the paper remains in them.

Pouring more water won’t work either because the pipes are blocked, and the cloning becomes stronger with time.


You need to use a plunger to clear the tissues from their place. Put more water after doing so. Use a plumber snake to further the tissues away.

Make sure the tissue and other waste present in it move from the place. Vinegar will get rid of the waste materials.

To prevent it, use smaller and thinner tissues. They get flushed easily, so you won’t have this problem. A water softening system will prevent minerals in the water.

Cleaning toilets regularly and plunging them offers better results.

Damaged flapper

damaged flapper

The flapper is a really important part of the tank. It operates simply, but the task is important. It controls the flow by opening and releasing water when flushed.

It closes when only a certain amount of water remains. If the flapper is damaged, the water reaching will increase first, and then there will be no water in the tank as it will keep leaking.

The damage is because of the bending of the flapper. It may get too wrapped up. Deterioration is a possibility. It is not dealing with the sealing of flush holes properly.


If it is bent, try unbending it with force. Try unwrapping if is too wrapped up. If none of these tactics work, a replacement needs to be done.

They are not expensive and you can buy them from a hardware store. You need to detach the lid of the tank. Then stop the water. Drain the tank empty.

Take the old flapper out and fix the new one in its stead. Close it up and reassure by testing it’s working.

Chain issue

Chain is also important. It attaches the flush handle outside to the flapper that is inside. Sometimes the chain is of the wrong length and doesn’t work well.

It doesn’t move the flapper or doesn’t let the flapper close. It slacks and doesn’t allow flushing.


The chain should be replaced with a proper length chain. It should be able to swing with the handle. It should flush when the handle is moved.

You can replace it with the above method. You just need to deal with the chain instead of the flapper.

Water level

The water level is essential for flushing. The feces are flushed by water and so are other materials. If there is no water or not enough water, the flushing won’t happen properly.

If the float is not in its place, then the water level is not monitored properly. Thus, the filling will not be enough and the tissues and feces will remain.


Adjusting the float and letting the water fill to its level will accomplish a significant task. You can replace it with the tank and set its position.


Toilet leaves paper after flush. If you follow the tracks I have written for you, then you will not have a flushing problem. If the method doesn’t deal with your problems, hiring a professional will be significant.

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