Kohler toilet keeps running

Kohler toilet keeps running. Like any other toilet, Kohler toilets are simple toilets. They perform the action of passing our feces to the gutter. This happens when we flush the toilet. The water in the tank pushes the feces into the pipe, which eventually reaches the gutter.

The Kohler toilets, depending on their model, are designed to be comfortable and easy for even children to use. Its function is the same as that of normal toilets.

Sewage problems are related to these toilets. Sometimes the flow pipe of the toilet gets stuck, and the water keeps flowing through the tank into the bowl. This is a really severe problem.

Kohler toilet keeps running

kohler toilet keeps running

The most common reason for the toilet keeps running is that there is leakage in the water from the bowl of the tank.

The water actually leaks through the overflow tube while it is flowing from the tank to the bowl. This usually occurs when the water exceeds the limit of the tank.

Water, having no other place, starts flowing through the bowl. This can cause the wastage of water. The flow of water should always be allowed to stay at a limit.

The reason it keeps running

The reason that may cause the Kohler toilets to keep running are listed down:


This can be said to be the most common reason for the overflow tube. The water overflows as there is no more space in the tube. You need to find the fill tube.

The fill tube is small. You can find it running from the fill valve to the overflow tube. The squirts a bit when the water is filled enough. Suppose water misses the overflow tube. The tube falls off.


If the chain connected to the flapper is short, it won’t allow the flapper to close properly. Thus, the leakage will continue. The valve stops overflowing.

And if the chain you are using is too long, it will not allow the proper closing, as the chain will hang or get twisted. If this is the case, you will have to hold the lever while flushing the toilet.

To avoid such problems. Remember to keep the length of the chain at a certain level, making the chain medium size. The length should not be too long, nor should it be too short.

After adjusting the length, always check the flush to see if it works properly or not. You might have made the mistake of not measuring the length.

Fixing flapper

There is certainly the chance of your flapper being worn out. This might be the actual cause of the leakage of water. What you need to do is that you need to stop the water first. Then remove the old flapper and replace it with the new one.

When the flapper is fixed, you need to make sure that the flow of water is proper and there is no more leakage; otherwise, you will need to reopen and reinstall the flapper properly.

Adjusting the water’s height and float

adjusting the water's height and float

Adjustable water float is very useful as it controls the flow or amount of after. The best level for your water is only an inch above the float.

If not, the float will not adjust properly. You need to make sure not to misplace the float. Otherwise, you will be responsible for your own mistake.

You can actually adjust the water level by adjusting the valve. The types of the float can be different, so use the appropriate method for your own model to work properly.

Disturbance detection

Check to see if the water level is at an adjustable level. You need to make sure that the water level doesn’t exceed the limits. If the water level is accurate, but the problem still keeps occurring, you need to check for leaks.

You can use colors to make sure there are any leaks. Then just make sure to close the leaking points using the appropriate material. If not working, you can always replace the bowl.


What can be the reason the toilet keeps running?

The toilet keeps running if there is a leakage or some type of overflow of water. You can check this by the methods mentioned in the article.

What is the solution to stop the running of water in the Kohler tank?

The solution is replacing or preparing the float. Stop the points through where the water might be leaking.


Kohler toilet keeps running. The above topic gives you knowledge about various reasons for the problems that might occur in the Kohler tank.

The simple solutions discussed briefly are also written up there. You can get a grasp of the Kohler toilet with the help of the article.

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