How To Fix A Broken Toilet Flange In Concrete

How To Fix A Broken Toilet Flange In Concrete. A broken toilet flange might seem to be a problem that is very difficult to solve, but it is actually quite easy.

You might not think that by looking at it, but if you have the right mindset and proper tools, you can fix or change the flange in no time.

You do not need to waste your money by calling the professionals, as this task is easy to perform. The time taken to fix is hardly an hour.

It’s simple to fix, as you just need to replace it. The knowledge required to perform this action is not much. The difficulty level is medium.

How To Fix A Broken Toilet Flange In Concrete

fix a broken toilet flange in concrete

You need to remove the old one to install a new one. It will probably be fixed with the help of bolts. You will need to remove the screws and the bolts that are holding it to the ground.

Sometimes the bolts, because of rust, are stuck. You can cut them with the help of a cutter. Then what you need to do is clean it, as there will probably be sewage and wax stuck on it.

Then you will have gotten rid of the old one. Now you just need to install the new one.

Steps to fix a new flange

Several steps that are to be followed for the installation of a new flange are given below.

Disconnecting the water supply

The first thing you will need to do is to disconnect the water supply. You can either turn the water supply off from the outside or you can just turn it off with a valve near the toilet. You just need to turn the valve off such that no water passes through.

Then press the button or pull the handle to flush the toilet. The purpose of this is to remove all the water present in the tank and the toilet itself.

Removing the old flange

To install a new flange, remove the old one. The flange on concrete is attached with the aid of bolts. You need to remove these bolts first. With time, these bolts become so rusted that they cannot be moved at all.

You might need to cut those bolts holding it. You can do this with a cutter, but make sure that you do not damage the total area and the toilet. Then use a bit of force to remove the old flange.

Scrapping off the old wax

The items required for this are:

  • Mask
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scrapper
  • Sprayer with cleaner
  • Old cloth

Wear the rubber gloves and the mask that you have.

Spray the cleaner with the help of the sprayer. The spray will contain a cleaning solution. This will help you clean the wax better.

Use the scraper to rub off the old wax. Keep spraying till you think all the wax has come off.

Then use an old cloth to clean the wax completely. This will benefit you while you are installing the new toilet.

Getting and placing the new toilet

Get a toilet that matches the area and the place you removed it from. You should make sure the toilet fits in the place.

Place the toilet in the required position you want to set it. Place the bolts in the toilets. Tighten the bolts. Do not make the mistake of tightening one side first.

Tighten both sides together like one bolt each. Do not use too much force. Make sure the bolts are fixed properly.

Checking the toilet

checking the toilet

After tightening it, always check the toilet. Make sure it is installed in the right place. Make sure that you have tightened the bolts properly.

Check if there are any leaks in the toilet. Search to see if there are any broken places or cracks on the toilet.

After making sure. Turn the water supply back on and wait for the water to run. Try flushing it so that you can be sure that the toilet works properly.


How to clean wax on the toilet?

You can use a scraper to rub the wax off the toilet. Use some kind of chemical to clean the whole thing in contrast with the scrapper.

Can you repair a flange?

Yes, you can repair it, but it is actually better to replace the thing as the repaired one can be broken again.


We have learned in this article about the way to fix the toilet flange. The method in the article is simple and is also explained in simple words.

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