TCL tv freezing

TCL tv freezing. Roku TCL tvs come with the latest features, high resolution, and an extensive range of live platform streaming services.

If you use your roku TCL tvs smartly like, do not turn them on for a long time, and keep updating software, then they will never make any issues, but if you use them roughly, then they will face different problems.

One of the common problems that users complain about happening with their TCL tvs is suddenly freezing.

It is very frustrating to see your TCL tv freezing because it wastes the tv watching experience and makes your tv do no purpose.

If you don’t want to contact the technician and looking for an online tv freezing solution, then ist the right place because, in this article, I will share my research to fix this problem.

TCL tv freezing

It’s good to have roku TCL smart tvs at home to live stream different online services on the big screen, but it also becomes very frustrating when your tv screen goes to freeze.

This issue usually arises when something goes wrong with the hardware so check all your wire connections and plugs. If you find any of them loose or damaged, then it is the reason behind your tv freezing unexpectedly.

Look following steps to troubleshoot this issue.



Overheating is the most common issue that occurs with the roku TCL smart tv. If your tv is experiencing freezing issues, then, first of all, check whether the device is overheated or not.

Suppose you do not give a break to your tv at home and continuously turn it on the whole day to stream different platforms.

In that case, its different components like a capacitor, motherboard, and backlights are overheated and make your tv freeze suddenly.

It’s a very annoying situation, and the only solution is to turn off your tv and remove the plug from the electric socket for one hour to cool down the tv.

Rebooting the tv also removes the freezing and software glitches issues. Amazon prime sound issues

Picture settings

If your tv suddenly goes freezing, then check the tv picture settings. Open the tv menu settings and click picture settings. Now, adjust all the brightness settings.

Sometimes, the picture settings are set wrong by anybody in the home, so recheck all the pictures and brightness.

Check the HDMI cable connection

check the hdmi cable connection

HDMI cables are the most important parts of the tv because they transfer teh electric power in the tv, so you must secure all the cable connections when you fix the tv in any certain place.

If your tv has the capability to stream 4K quality video content, then always try to use HDMI 2.0 supported cable.

If your roku TCL tv has a freezing issue, then ensure all HDMI connections are secured and there is no faulty cable because faulty cables and loose connections put freezing problems in the tv.

Power issue

The power issue is also responsible for ruining the tv streaming experience by making it freeze unexpectedly. If your tv is working fine and there is no overheating, and it is suddenly disrupted, then it may be a potential power error in the home.

If there is an overload in the circuit, then there will be electric current problems that must be resolved to fix the tv disruption problem.

Outdated software

In modern smart tvs, different software is installed to stream the live platform, so it’s essential to update this software whenever a new software update comes.

If the TCL tv software update is pending and you have not updated, you will undoubtedly face unexpected freezing problems with your device.

So, immediately check the pending updates, and if there is any update, then connect your device to an internet connection and update your outdated software.

Broken tv antenna

broken tv antenna

All smart tvs work well and stream without any disturbance when there is no signal disruption. The basic purpose of the tv antenna is to catch the signals and display pictures on the tv screen. Tcl tv light blinking

A broken tv antenna is also responsible for the tv freezing problem, so check it, and if it is broken, then replace it with a new tv antenna to make sure there is no signal problem with the tv.

Weak internet connection

Sometimes, it happens that you are watching your favorite movie on Netflix on your TCL smart tv, but suddenly you see the tv screen freeze unexpectedly.

Check your internet connection immediately because you must need to have a strong internet connection to stream 4K quality or HD video content.

If you want fast streaming, then strong and stable Wi-Fi signals are very important to avoid freezing and buffering issues.

If you have connected a LAN cable to your smart tv, then there is no issue with the router place, but if you have connected the smart tv with a Wi-Fi connection, shift your modem close to the tv to increase signal strength.

No smart device should be placed close to the tv and router because it interferes with your wifi signals. TCL roku tv remote not working

Lastly, do not connect more than five smart devices with one modem because it weakens the signal strength, and your tv will suddenly start freezing or have a buffering problem.

The Roku tv remote is faulty

Sometimes, there is no issue with the roku TCL tv, but its remote is faulty and experiencing communication problems due to dead batteries, faulty buttons, and transmission interference with the tv.

So, recheck the remote batteries and make sure there is no physical obstruction between the remote and the tv. Try to re-pair and pair your remote with the tv to troubleshoot the freezing problem with your roku TCL tv.


The post’s bottom line is if your roku TCL smart tv is experiencing a freezing problem, then power cycle your device by turning it off for one hour to cool down.

Then, you should check internet connection signals, remote control, HDMI cable connections, tv antenna, and outdated software because any of these can be responsible for your tv to make it freeze suddenly.

Anyhow, if none of the above troubleshooting steps work for you, then contact with professional or call the roku customer help center. TCL Roku tv color problems