Amazon prime sound issues

Amazon Prime sound issues. Amazon prime video app is the live platform to stream your favorite video and audio content. It’s your choice to launch the amazon prime video channel on smartphones or smart tvs.

However, it’s disheartening to face no sound when you play any media content on the video channel.

No sound problem on the amazon prime app occurs due to both software and hardware issues. You can not waste your money, again and again, to hire a professional to fix the sound problem on the app.

Mostly sound issues due to wrong audio settings, incompatibility, lowest volume, wrong HDMI cable connections, and no internet connection, etc.

I have been using the prime video channel for a long time, so I know every issue related to it. In this article, I shared my personal experience and internet research to resolve the sound issues.

Amazon prime sound issues

There is no excitement about watching the media content on the amazon prime app without quality sound. You can’t enjoy a live movie or show if there is no sound or a delay in sound.

Different causes can stop the sound in the amazon app, like wrong audio settings and loose cable connection so read the following steps completely to fix the problem.

Lowest volume

lowest volume

If no sound is coming from the amazon prime app, then it isn’t very pleasant, so let us start troubleshooting with a simple solution. Check the volume settings on your tv or smartphone.

Sometimes, you don’t know the device volume is the lowest level, due to which no sound is coming from the media content on the amazon app.

Navigate through the device volume button and press the volume up button to check the volume level on your device.

Reopen the amazon app

Sometimes, the no-sound problem is resolved by closing and reopening the app. Stop your media content and close the app on your device.

You can also try to reboot the smart tv or smartphone to refresh all the apps and clear the minor bugs. Here Amazon plug blinking red

Wrong audio settings

Check the audio settings on your device if no sound is coming from the amazon app. If the sound settings are incorrect, then no sound will come.

Sometimes you don’t know, and somebody mutes the audio settings from the tv menu settings. So, double-check your device audio setting before you move forward to the next solution.

Reboot your device

If there is a sound issue with the amazon video app, then turn off your television or phone to wipe some bugs and glitches. Sometimes overheating the device creates sound issues on different apps. Rebooting the device resolves the problems mostly.

Amazon plug blinking red

Loose cable connection

loose cable connection

If you are using the amazon app on a smartphone, then ignore this point and move forward to the next point. But, if you are using amazon prime on smart tv, then make sure there is no loose cable connection.

In smart tvs, video and audio cables are connected in proper ports. If you connect the sound cable to the video port, then no sound will come from the tv. So, recheck all the cable connections.

If you have a new smart tv, then all the HDMI cables will be new but if your tv is old, then change your sound cable.

Outdated software

Outdated firmware is also responsible for audio blips on your amazon prime app. Open your app in the play store and check if there is any pending update.

If any pending update is available, then immediately download and install it in your app to bring back the sound.

Reinstall Amazon app

Software glitches and minor bugs are sometimes not cleared by rebooting and updating the Amazon app, so it’s better to clear the cache memory and data.

If it does not bring back the sound when you play the movie, then delete the app from the play store and again download it to install it on your device.

Once you reinstall the app, then open the app to check if the movie is playing with sound or sound is still not coming. In most cases, reinstalling the app fixes the video and audio issues.

Device Incompatibility

Some devices do not support the prime video app. Although it is very rare, it happens, so if no sound or video comes on your app, then recheck the Video compatible devices.

No internet connection

no internet connection

It does not matter whether you are using the Amazon prime video channel on a smartphone or smart tv; it would help if you had a stable and strong internet connection to avoid sound issues during the movie.

Move the internment modem close to your smart television for strong wifi signals and try to connect minimum users if your internet connection is not fast.

Factory Reset

If none of the above solutions works, then factory resetting your device is the last option that you can do to bring back the audio on your amazon video channel.

If you are streaming the amazon video app on a smartphone, then you have to factory reset your phone.

However, if you go for the factory reset option, then all your stored data, apps, and accounts will clear. So, make sure you have copied your data and accounts.

The same is the case with smart tv. If you factory reset your tv, then all your data and apps will be removed.

You can factory reset your device from the menu settings. Factory reset will bring the device back to the default setting and clear all the glitches to fix sound issues.


In this article, I tried to share all my personal experiences and online research to fix the Amazon prime video sound problems.

If there is a sound mix-up ir delay issue on your device when you play any media content on the video channel, then follow all the troubleshooting solutions to fix your sound issue.

Unfortunately, if the steps described above do not troubleshoot your issue, contact a local expert for hardware issues.

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