TCL roku tv not connecting to wifi

TCL ROKU TV not connecting to Wi-Fi is common. Rebooting the router, as well as removing the cord of the router and re-plugging it again to grant power, sometimes works. Setting the router to WPA-PSK security on wireless works too.

Me and Damon (My friend) planned to watch Netflix at my place. But when I turned on Netflix, my TCL ROKU wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi.

So I tried restarting, but nothing. Damon worked at a tech store and knew its fix. Damon fixed it immediately. He taught me.

I learned it, so I don’t face Wi-Fi problems in the future. I know Wi-Fi problems, especially when a new Netflix show is out painful.

I’ve listed Damon’s tricks and ways. Damon encouraged me to help. So keep reading!

TCL ROKU TV not connecting to Wi-Fi

fix tcl roku tv not connecting to wifi

014.50 is an error code of TCL ROKU TV not connecting to Wi-Fi. It’s the wireless connection error that is common.

The unpowered Wi-Fi won’t connect to anything. An unstable connection disconnects or doesn’t connect.

Other paired devices should work if Wi-Fi is functioning. If they work, the router isn’t the problem.

Sometimes if you reboot the router, it connects after. But for rebooting, the router is unplugged, and it is rendered powerless.

Then again router receives power by getting re-plugged, and it reboots.

Converting the security of the router to WPA-PSK instead of open might work. Direct ethernet connection with cable may work.

Let’s dig deeper.

Causes and fixes

The causes of Wi-Fi disconnecting with verified solutions are below.

Issues with network/router

Starting with the router, power is necessary. If the router isn’t powering and you are trying to connect it to the TV, it won’t work.

Turning the router on will work. If it’s on, try using it on your smartphone or laptop. If it doesn’t work on them, restart the router.

If still nothing, power cycle it. Disconnect the router for 20 sec and then reconnect.

If the router isn’t the problem, the network is. Call a technician or the Wi-Fi company and state the problem.

They’ll solve it or send someone to solve the Wi-Fi issue. Rebooting may work.

wifi of tcl tv doesn’t turn on

Signal strength

The Wi-Fi may be too far from the TV, and thus, signals are too weak, and the TV won’t connect.

Bring the router close or take the TV close. You can also install a signal booster or catcher for a rich connection.

If the signal strength is good, the device will connect smoothly. Check your phone for signal strength by bringing it closer.

Inaccurate password

If you want to connect to a secure Wi-Fi, you need to know the correct Wi-Fi password.

Check the password under the router, and check spelling and numbers. You may have inserted it incorrectly before. Forget the old password and add it again. It’ll work.

Sometimes the password isn’t the same as the one under the router. This is because you or someone else has changed it.

Add the new password yourself or ask the family members who have changed it for the new one. Connect it. The correct password will connect without a problem. Check capital letters if mistaken.

Outdated firmware

Certain firmware is required for Wi-Fi connections sometimes. Your’s may be outdated. You need to update to the latest firmware version to connect. Hardware and software need the latest version. Add hardware by asking at a tech store. The software update is easy. Read the steps.

  • Start by pressing the remote’s home button.
  • tcl tv keeps on disconnectingMove to the setting option and click it.
  • In settings, move to the system option.
  • Click the check for updates option.
  • The system will check for updates and show you the results.
  • If an update is available, click update now.
  • The system will update.
  • Connect after the update is complete.


Wi-Fi not connecting for you to watch your favorite show is irritating. But the ROKU connection is solved. The firmware problem is solved.

If the connection is a problem, it is solved. Rebooting mostly works. Network and password issues are dealt with above.

TCL ROKU TV not connecting to wifi

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