TCL ROKU TV not connecting to wifi

TCL ROKU TV not connecting to wifi. Watching TV is one of the similar hobbies among lots of people. We watch TV mostly to spend our spare time. But if your TV goes out of order you become a bore.

Wifi is an important aspect of the TCL TV to give you the competency to use different applications at the same time also having fun with TV services which are in due to WiFi. What if your wifi on TCL TV is not working, and is disconnecting continuously.

is not find out, or is not connecting?

TCL ROKU TV not connecting to wififix tcl roku tv not connecting to wifi

Turning on the TCL TV, one should be capable of having instant accession to the different applications, which are supported with WiFi.

When your TV is turned on and you realize that the internet is not connected to the TV, and even it, won’t connect to the internet, you are facing an issue that is a bit issue of the TV’s functionality.

If you are going through this kind of problem, then what steps do you have to make to resolve this kind of issue?

If the TCL TV is not connecting to WiFi, you first need to be sure that the WiFi is properly working.

To check this, have a look at the other exclusive devices at your home to check that if all of them are connected to that WiFi network and all of them are capable to function correctly on it.

If they all are not, then set your router by pursuing the user handbook instructions. If you have reset the router, connect the TV again to the WiFi and see if the issue persists.

If these steps do not solve your problem, resetting the network can help in resolving any connection issues.

To help this, firstly press ‘Home’ on the TV remote control > then go to ‘Settings’ > afterward to ‘System’ > then to ‘Advanced Settings System’ > then ‘Network Reset Connection’ > and click ‘Connection Reset’.

Wifi of TCL TV doesn’t turn onwifi of tcl tv doesn’t turn on

At the initial point of most WiFi problems is the issue of this characteristic that it is not simply turning on. This can be very irritating because turning the WiFi on is something that should be very simple.

If you are going through trouble with turning on wifi, we will go through the same steps to connect things to the TCL TV.

If the WiFi of the TCL TV is not turning on, then press 

‘Home’ button of your TV remote control > now press the arrow button on the right side and then select the ‘Network’ > now press again the button of right arrow and then select ‘Wireless’ this will make the TV scan the different networks which are wireless.

If you have found out the name of the wireless network, select that network from the list and then start to put the password in to complete the steps.

TCL TV keeps on disconnectingtcl tv keeps on disconnecting

When the TV is connected to the WiFi, but it is disconnecting continuously for no proper reason, the problem can be very frustrating.

As previously mentioned above in the “TCL TV is not connecting to WiFi,” make sure that the WiFi is functioning properly, it may require resetting the router. If it is not an issue, then the problem may be in itself the TV.

If the TCL TV does not remain connected to the Wifi and is keep on disconnecting, firstly restart the router by checking the user handbook instructions to solve the issue.

You have to then restart the TV press the ‘Home’ > then go to ‘Settings’ > then to ‘System’ > now go to ‘Power’ > go to the ‘Restart System’ > then restart it and then select ‘OK’ from the remote control.


This article is the answer to your question that TCL RUKO TV not connecting to wifi. You should check your network connection, if there is no connection problem then the issue is with your TV.

Read the instructions written above in the article to deal with the issue.

TCL ROKU TV not connecting to wifi

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