Connect myq to google home

Connect myq to google home. About 48% of people in the globe world leave their garage doors open when they go for work, vacation, or sleep. a few years ago, there were no smart robust systems available that allowed people to lock or open their doors from a remote place, from their bed, or at a predetermined time.

MYQ and only a few other manufacturers have solved these problems by creating a system that is more reliable, simple to use, and packed with extra features, all while being safer thanks to its numerous layers of security.

Garage Door, Smart Cameras, Opener Hubs, and Smart Openers are MYQ’s primary product categories.

Connect myq to google homeconnect myq to google home

Google Home does not function with the Chamberlain MYQ garage door opener but MYQ can be used with Google Assistant. You can use Google Assistant to close or check the status of your garage door after you’ve connected MYQ to it.

If you want to close the garage door, simply say, “OK Google, and ask MYQ to do that.”

How To Add MYQ To Google Home

Google Home is not free for MYQ, in order to integrate MYQ to Google Home, you will need to pay a membership fee. MyQ Garage Door opener can ve connected to Google Assistant by using two methods.

  • Use MyQ Subscription Service
  • Use IFTTT

It’s possible to close your garage door using Google Assistant with MYQ. In contrast to MyQ’s subscription service, using IFTTT is much easier.

MYQ Google Assistant Subscription Servicemyq google assistant subscription service

There is an annual fee of $10 for the MyQ Google Assistant Subscription. MyQ, on the other hand, is now providing this service free of charge.

To take advantage of the MyQ Google Assistant Subscription, follow these two steps.

  • Google Assistant app connection to MyQ
  • Use MyQ’s Google Assistant subscription service

Connect MyQ to Google Assistant in the App

  • Go to Google Assistant and click the “Compass” which is located at the right bottom side
  • In the search bar, type MyQ and then pick the MyQ app
  • Select “Link” and provide your MyQ credentials to enable Google Assistant to operate your MyQ appliances.

Subscribe to Google Assistant MyQ Subscription

This step is required by MyQ since they intend to pay for this service in the future.

  • Go to myq for further information
  • Click “Activate Subscription” at the bottom of the page
  • To confirm the transaction, sign up for an account and execute transactions

MyQ Voice Commands for Google Assistant Subscription

You may use the following instructions to open or close your garage door after you’ve connected MyQ to Google Assistant.

  • Ask MyQ to shut the garage door by saying OK Google.
  • Ask MyQ to open the garage door by saying OK Google.

Connect Google Assistant to MyQ with IFTTTconnect google assistant to myq with ifttt

The IFTTT voice commands are easy to use because you just tell Google to close the garage door by saying “OK Google, close that door” you don’t have to tell MyQ that.

Steps to Connect Google Assistant to MyQ with IFTTT

Create a new applet on IFTTT by logging in


  • Press Explore” which is located at the upper right side
  • Make Your Own From Scratch by clicking “Create”


To add an IF option, click on the sign +


  • Lookup Google Assistant
  • Choose the “Say a Simple Phrase” option
  • As the voice command, enter “Close Garage” or whatever you’d like.
  • Activate the Create Trigger by pressing it


For the THEN THAT Action, Click the Plus sign.


  • Look for MyQ on the internet
  • Choose “Close Door” as your action
  • Pick a garage door that you like
  • Create an action by pressing Create


IFTTT’s name is Create with MyQ Applet

Simply say “OK Google, close garage” to activate the IFTTT applet and the garage will be closed immediately. As opposed to “Ask MyQ” before every command, this is much more user-friendly.


In this article, we know the connection of MYQ to Google Home. we can conclude that you cannot add MyQ as a device to Google Home although it works well with Google Assistant.

It’s simple to link MYQ to Google Assistant, and once you have, you can start taking advantage of all the new features this connection has to offer.

With Chamberlain myQ and Google Assistant, you’ll be able to operate your garage door opener from anywhere you want.

Connect myq to google home

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