Sump pump vs french drain

Sump pump vs french drain. The sump pump and the French drain both are used to protect your building as according to the safety precautions these are used for the protection of your homes from the water that is under your building and can be harmful to your building.

These both are used for waterproofing purposes. Their purpose the use is the same but they are maybe similar in some matters and maybe different in some matters because everything that has the same purpose is always not the same.

Maybe the discussion that is important for both is that there should be a way of protection and also how much they protect it matters.

Sump pump vs french drain

sump pump vs french drain

I am going to tell you about both of them here I told you about the Sump pump and also the French drain.

So when we talk about them then we have to see what are their similarities and the differences. First I am going to tell you about the sump pump.

Sump Pump

Here the first discussion I am going to start is about the Sump pump and here I am going to brief you completely on it:

  • Location

The sump pump is most commonly or maybe always located in the basements. In the homes, the basements are places where the whole water that is extra is stopped at that place.

When they are located in the basements then there are also it used some holes and the small spots that are used to get the water in that pump from the home.

  • Its use

It is used for the protection of the home from the flooding material, when there is any chance of a flood they protect your home by storing the water in the and they do not allow the water to come to your home.

They cause any type of damage to the home. These pumps are used to prevent the houses from the water and provide you the comfort.

  • Storing water in it

Your water that is in your yard that is extra enough can go to these pumps, sometimes when there is raining and the water is in your home.

There is no chance of the getting the water out from your lawn then you have to see that the sump pump absorb the water in it and do not allow the water to come out and make any type of the mess for you and also the cause of the problem.

  • Works on electricity

As these are indicated from their names these are the pump-like materials so they work on the electricity they need to turn on and off.

When there is raining you have to turn it on and when the water is empty from your yard then you have to turn it off and at that principals, it works.

French Drain

french drain

After the Sump pump, there is another thing that there is a French drain. After discussing the sump pump I am going to tell you about the French drain:

  • Drainage system

This is the same as the drainage system it is also located in the basement and it also stores the water in it and is not have the same shape as the sump pump it is completely different from each other.

It is digging like material and there are rocks and the gravels are filled in it.

  • Its use

It is also used to store water in that is extra for you and the cause of the flood for you and you may become the prey of that water if the French drain does not drain it from your house.

When these drains are in your houses then you have to see that they absorb the water that is extra in your house and protect your house from the overwater and also the flood.

  • No need for electricity

The French drain is the usual drain used for homes and they do not require any type of electricity for your home to work. These are almost usual but they are used to keep the extra water out of your home.

You do not have any need for electricity to turn it on and turn it off it works on its own and does not need any order it sees that there is water and it keeps in it and keeps your lawn and the yard free of the extra water.


Sump pump vs french drain. People used both according to their needs, but there may be a query in your mind that which is best, and these both are best as it depends on your need.

It also recommended the best for you according to your home’s drainage system, these both are used for the prevention of the water in your home.

It depends on your need, the sump pump works on the electricity and it works only when you have to turn it on and do not work when it is off, but the French drain is the passive it works without the electricity.

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