Washing machine drain pump keeps running

Washing machine drain pump keeps running. A washing machine is an electrical appliance used in homes and laundry to wash clothes and different kinds of fabrics stuff.

They save a lot of time and energy because the washing machines remove dirt and stains quickly from the clothes.

A drain pump is a very important part of the washer machines because it drains or pulls out all the extra water from the machines to the outside.

It is installed in the base of the washer machine, but it can be easily repaired or replaced by hiring a professional if it is defective.

You are washing clothes, and if you see that the drain pump of your washing machine is continuous.

It is mostly due to the wrong position of the drain pipe, and another reason could be that its water inlet valve is damaged, due to which it keeps running.

Washing machine drain pump keeps runningwashing machine drain pump

Usually, the reason behind this problem is that your drain hose of the washing machine is not installed in the proper place or maybe there is clogged in it due to which machine drain pump keeps running.

Let’s find out in detail the main reasons behind this troubleshooting of the washer.

A washing machine is one of those electrical appliances which is easy to use, and unfortunately, if there is some troubleshooting in the machine, then it is easy to repair in the following ways.

Wrong position of the drain hose

It is very necessary to install the drain hose pump in the proper position. Otherwise, the drain hose will be frozen, or it will be clogged, and water will not drain out of the washer machine.

The best position to place the drain hose is above the border of the washbasin and on a drainpipe so that dirty water can easily pull out of the machine.

Defective drain pumpdefective drain pump

Draining water is the main thing in the washing machine because it helps to remove all the dirty water and mold from the drum with the help of a drain pump.

If the drain pump of the washer becomes faulty, then it is difficult to wash the clothes because water is not draining out of the machine, and it is more problematic if it is permanently stuck on.

If you know how to repair or replace the drain pump, then you can do it with the help of manual or internet resources; otherwise, hire an expert to repair the washing machine.

Crushed water inlet valve

Nowadays there are a lot of functions in washing machines which help to wash the dresses easily. The water inlet valve is one of those functions which is used more in the washer.

It is directly connected to the control panel; the basic function of the water inlet valve is to check the water level in the drum; if the water becomes full, it alarms you and automatically stops the water when the drum is full.

If some home, the water inlet valve damaged then water drum will keep filling the water and due to this drain pump will keep running the water until there is water in the machine.

It is difficult to wash the dresses in this problem when water is continuously filling in the drum and in the same way it is draining out of the washer.

When you face such type of troubleshooting, then, first of all, stop the washing machine; otherwise, your room will be full of water. Then try to repair or replace the water inlet valve for proper flow of water in the washer.

Troubleshoot in control board of the washer

The Control board is the main part of the washer machine, like all electrical appliances. It controls all the functions of the machine. You perform all the tasks from the control panel.

With time, problems occur in the control panel as water enters it. You can not wash the clothes when the control panel does not operate.

You can not give the command to drain out the water or stop the water. If a problem occurs in it then immediately hire an expert to fix the problem.


The water then doesn’t take it easy and hire an expert immediately to fix the problem otherwise your room will be flooding in no time.

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