Grundfos circulating pump troubleshooting

Grundfos circulating pump troubleshooting. A circulating pump is a very useful machine because it makes sure that hot water is accessible in no time when you want to use it.

Water is also not wasted due to this pump. If it stops working, then it can create damage to all the heating systems of the home. If the pump screeches when you start or stop it, then it is a sign of troubleshooting in it.

It is located close to the boiler in the homes. The common problems in the heating pump are that the pump is continuously running, but it has minimized its capacity, or sometimes it stops delivering hot water into taps from the boiler.

Sometimes if there is some issue in the recirculating pump, then it will start making a noise like the sound of pebbles which normally happens due to less pressure.

Grundfos circulating pump troubleshooting

grundfos circulating pump troubleshooting

It is very annoying when you want to wash the utensils in the kitchen, but hot water from the boiler is coming at a slow speed.

If your boiler is perfect, then it might be a problem with the circulating pump, which is responsible for bringing hot water into the faucet in no time.

If this pump becomes faulty, then it can create a lot of problems like noise, leakages, cooling the radiators, etc.

There are many reasons behind the troubleshooting of the heating. Some of them are listed below.

Not pumping water

Sometimes it happens to you that you switched on the circulating heating pump; it starts running but does not deliver hot water into the kitchen faucet.

It has problems in the shaft or propeller in the pump, due to which it is stuck and not delivering hot water. At times, its motor also heats up, due to which the pump is warmed.

If any part of the pump is thrust, then it will not flow water into the heating system. You can free up the parts by just giving a soft touch.

If the component is regularly stocked, then you will have to call a plumber to replace the pump.

Pump is making noise

If the pump is creating overpressure and high temperature, then it will start making a loud noise, due to which you will start disturbing. This issue is due to the blockage of griddles in the pipeline of the pump.

First of all, remove the valve of the pump and inspect the pebbles or griddles in the pipe. Clean the clogged material and close the valve.

Switch on the pump again. If it is still making noise, then you have no other option besides replacing the pump.

Wrong installation of the pump

In all cases, It does not only depend on the pump for the problem in the heating system.

Sometimes it’s your bad luck that there is no problem with the motor; the installer or plumber has not fitted it properly, due to which it is not delivering hot water into the faucet.

Normally it does not happen, but if it has happened to you, then you will have to call the certified plumber to refit the pump, who will turn around the direction of hot water, which was in the wrong direction.

Tripping of circuit breaker

If the circuit breaker of the circulating pump is tripping, then the pump is bound.  It is due to the overload on the motor, so you will have to decrease another power load.

Switch off the motor and revolve the shafts dynamically. Check the setting of the coupling and try to adjust them if the shafts are not revolving easily.

Pump is leaking

pump is leaking

If the pump starts leaking, then it is frustrating because it will make a pool in the area. Sometimes this problem can be solved by just tightening; it will stop the leakages of water.

If the water is leaking from the fittings of the pump due to rusting, then try to repair it; otherwise, you will have to replace it with a new circulating heating pump.

No power or electricity

In some cases, it happens that there is electricity in all parts of the home, but the boiler or pump is not getting heat to switch on and heat the water.

In this scenario, you will have to inspect and fix the PCB unit, wiring of the pump, or the fuse of the pump.

Check all these components; if any of this is faulty, then fix it, but before that, don’t forget to switch off the circuit breaker of the pump.


Grundfos circulating pump troubleshooting. If the Grundfos circulating pump is creating an issue then you can not get hot water from the boiler.

You will have to contact a certified plumber for proper inspection and refitting of the damaged component.

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