Sump pump running no rain

Sump pump running no rain. The sump pump runs when there is no rain, mostly due to the rise in groundwater. When there is an increase in groundwater, then it comes through various places like rivers, canals, sump pumps, and sometimes from a broken pipe also.

Sometimes the melting of snow in your area increases the amount of water underground the earth. This increase in the water rises the level of water. Some water is absorbed by soil and trees.

But if there is a thundersquall or storm in your area, then the water will rise from the underground and starts running from the sump pump.

With time dust and debris also increase in the pipeline, due to which water does not flow and starts coming out from the basin.

The pump will heat up when the water is clogged in the pipeline, and as a result, it will start flowing from the pump. Keep reading to know about the main causes behind the running of the sump pump when it’s not raining.

Sump pump running no rain

sump pump running no rain

Normally the sump pump in the home runs when there is a lot of rain, but once it happened in my home that the pump started flowing without rain.

After a deep inspection, it was confirmed that there is a lot of clog in the sewerage line due to which water is not flowing properly and starts to backflow from the basin of the kitchen and the sump pump.

After hiring a professional and completing cleaning of the pipeline, the issue was solved, and the pump stopped running.

Some more reasons for the running of the sump pump after the research are these. You can check all of these and fix the issue if you are facing the problem of running the pump.

 A rise in groundwater

The main and most usual cause behind the running pump when it’s not raining is the rise of water under the ground surface.

Rivers, lakes, or broken hoses are the main origins of the increase in water levels underground. It is not possible to identify it in-home and can begin the flow of water from the sump pump.

Adjustment of float ball rod

If you forgot to switch off the float ball rod, then the pump will start running.  It must be switched off when the ball drops. Lessen the bolts to adjust them properly.

If it is still creating problems, then the switch is damaged, and you have to repair it to get rid of the running water from the pump.

Change the place of pump

Detach the pump from the original place in the home and try to fix it somewhere else in the home. Now, wait to see whether the sump pump goes dry or not. If it dries up, then adjust it here if it is working efficiently here.

Broken sewer pipe

broken sewer pipe

If there is leakage in plumbing, like the sewerage pipe leaking under the basement, then this may also be the reason for the running pump.

You will have to repair the leakages so that water should flow through the pipe and does not love towards the pump.

The float switch is damaged

If the sump pump system is continuously running and there is no rain, then check out the basin in the kitchen; if there is no water standing in it, then probably the float switch is damaged or stuck.

Take an inspection of both the switch and pump. If any of these is broken, then you will have to replace them.

Plumbing problems

The pump also starts continuously running when there is an issue with the plumbing in it. Sometimes the damage to the sprinkler system on the lawn starts giving water to the sump pump.

You will have to repair the sprinkler system in this case so that water does not reach the pump.


The final notes in this article are that if you see the sump pump running without rain then mostly it is due to the increase of water level in the ground due to the melting of ice.

Waters come up and start flowing through this pump. Don’t forget to inspect the sewerage line because if it is broken or clogged then water will also turn its flow towards the sump pump.

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