Hayward pool pump troubleshooting

Hayward pool pump troubleshooting. Hayward is a famous manufacturer that launches a wide range of filters or pumps for swimming pools.

Generally, these swimming pool filters use the DE or Diatomaceous Earth to filter the water and that’s exclusively trouble-free.

The design is simple, reliable, and remarkably trouble-free, still, sometimes it may stop working.

Most of the time, they are not used properly or they are not maintained as suggested that leads to functionality issues.

Hayward pool pump troubleshooting

Are you also facing issues with your Hayward Pool Pump?

Consider these steps of Hayward Pool Pump Troubleshooting before replacing them with the new one. Hope they’ll help;

Deep check the hoses

Most of the time, it’s just a hose that needs to be tightened up to fix the functionality. Check all the connections between the hose, pump, and filter. Before you start troubleshooting, make sure they all are properly connected.

See if any hose is dripping and try to fix the dripping or leaking. The dripping hose lets in the air that obstructs and causes poor water flow.

The filters work in a vacuum environment and any trapped air causes malfunction. Fixing any loose or dripping hose is sometimes all you need to do to fix your Hayward Pool Pump.

Investigate the Skimmer Basketinvestigate the skimmer basket

The skimmer basket that collects debris may be a reason for the poor functioning of the pool filter. Check the skimmer basket if there’s any debris residing.

If step II indicated the problem with the water entrance in the pump, dumping out the debris can help.

Turn off the filter, gently open the pump, remove the skimmer basket, dump the debris and fix it back. Connect back the filter to see if the pool pump starts working or not.

Check the Pressure Gaugecheck the pressure gauge

The pool pumps come with a pressure indicator that can provide a pretty good idea of the underlying problem.

Examining the pressure gauge lets you know where the problem exactly is.

See if the indicator is showing high values when the water flow towards the pool is still low. If so, it means;

  • The problem is at the spot from where the water enters the pool filter.
  • The problem is with the pool filter functionality itself.

Backwash the Filter

The smart filters of Hayward feature a system that regenerates the diatomaceous earth to provide a better pool cleaning service.

The instruction file mentions the process of backwashing the filter and it helps most of the time.

You can also replace the sand if the problem doesn’t disappear.  That’s also quite helpful and resolves the issue.

Check the Impellerhayward pool pump is designed

The impeller is located in the tube behind the pump basket. Turn off the setup and reach the impeller.

Touch and feel if there’s any debris, hair, leaves, or any other clogging.

Pull it out as much as possible and connect the system again. Check if this troubleshooting helps.


Usually, the Hayward Pool Pump is designed to be trouble-free and they rarely cause trouble.

If your Hayward Pool Pump doesn’t work properly, you can troubleshoot by tightening the hose, fixing the leakage, cleaning the skimmer basket, cleaning the impeller, and by backwashing or replacing the DE in the filter.

These troubleshooting techniques are easy to use and effective most of the time.

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