Intex pool pump will not turn on

Intex pool pump will not turn on. The Intex pool pump helps you have clean water and lets you enjoy swimming. From the influent line to the effluent line, it works hard to give you clean water.

Water goes to the influent line and moves to the strainer basket. Then it passes through the impeller and moves towards the filter. Then it goes to the effluent line and then to the pool.

Intex pool pump will not turn on
What If The Intex Pool Pump Will Not Start

This article explains The reasons and easy way to start the pool pump.

Electrical problem

But what if the Intex pump does not even start? The Intex pool pump will not start due to different problems such as the power source problem.

First of all, make sure that the pump is properly plugged and it is in ON mode.

It might not work due to overload voltage, so make sure that the circuit giving supply is not tripped. And the pump is connected to a circuit having the proper required voltage.

If the pump turned on normally at first but now it is not cranking and operating, there might be a problem with the capacitor. There can be a governor, on the shaft which might have become damaged.

Most Intex pool pumps are not of, high quality and if the capacitor has become damaged, you might have to replace the capacitor to get the pump to start working again.

Clogged impellers

Another reason for the pool might not be getting started can be that impellers have been clogged.

To correct, this problem cut the power source. Now remove the screws of the middle part of the pump and reach for filters.

If it has any debris or any other material blocking the impeller and make sure it starts spinning freely. Put this impeller back in position and plug the power source, it will start working properly.

Any pool timer setIntex Pool Pump Not Working? Frozen, Humming ,pump Won't Turn On?? Super Easy Fix

Your pool pump might also not start working if it is having any pool timer set.

Make sure that the pump is set to cycles as you desire. In the hot summer, due to thermal overload, the pump might just stop working.

Shut it down for a few minutes, and allow it to get cooled down it might start working properly.

Make sure that air vents are cleaned and have no debris on them for the pump to work properly.

Leaking problem

If the pump is starting but it is not pumping, there might some problem in the suction system or there can be a problem in the water flow which is making the system work.

You can say that its prime has been lost. It is might because of a dirty filter. If the pump is having air in the system, it can be coming out from the o-ring that might be leaking.

Apply petroleum jelly around it if it does not stop leaking it might need replacement.

Intex pool pump not working? frozen, humming, the pump won’t turn on? Super easy fix

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