Standing fan stopped working

Standing fan stopped working. If your standing fan has stopped working, then the main reason behind it is that its breaker is tripped from the main breaker box. If you see the breaker of the fan outlet is tripped, then replacing the breaker can fix the issue in no time.

The next thing to check is the wire of the fan. Maybe it is damaged or chewed by some rat. It could be the main wire of the plug or maybe its inner wire, which is detached.

If you see the wire is damaged from any place, then repair it and check that the fan started working.

Another thing to inspect is the power in the outlet. If there is no electricity in the outlet, then definitely the fan or any other appliance will not work from that outlet.

If still, you did not find the issue, then it is better to hire an electrician who will check it properly and find the actual cause behind the not working fan.

Standing fan stopped working

standing fan stopped working

In hot summer, it is very difficult to survive without a fan. If the fan stops working suddenly, then it is more painful.

It is important to know that the maintenance of each electrical appliance is very important to improve its efficiency.

The same is the case with the pedestal fan; if you will not clean its blades, wires, etc., then it will decrease the efficiency level and can stop working.

For further information, continue reading my article to know the various reasons behind this trouble.

Ensure the fan is plugged in properly

At times, if you ask a child to plug in the standing fan and it is not working, then make sure that either it is plugged in correctly or not. Maybe the child or someone else is not switching in the plug properly.

One more thing is that as you know that the standing fan has a long wire so due to changing its position from one place to another the maybe plug is disturbed in the outlet.

So always confirm first that the fan is plugged inaccurately if it is not working.

Confirm the power in the outlet

It is important to confirm that either the outlet in which you are plugging in the standing fan has power or not if there is no electricity in the outlet, then how will the fan start?

You can also confirm by plugging in the other electrical appliances whether there is power in the outlet or not.

Breaker is tripped off

Mostly in hot summers, due to the overload of all the electrical appliances, the tripping of circuit breaker issue arises. So you can not ignore this point also.

If the fan has stopped working, then check the circuit breaker from the main box. If you find it is tripped, then replace it with the new breaker.

Check the wire

check the wire

Its look simple but whenever the pedestal fan stops working, then check its wire from all places.

There is a chance that it is damaged due to pulling from the outlet, or there is also the chance of chewing by the rats.

If you found it damaged, then repairing the wire can fix the issue but make sure that the fan is not plugged into the outlet when you are repairing the wire.

Inspect the outlet

Sometimes it happens that if your outlet is very old, then you can not plug in the fan tightly. Your plug is falling out again and again due to the loose outlet.

In this case, replace the old outlet with a new outlet to fix the lug tightly.

The fuse of fan is blown

If all other things are in normal position, then check the fuse of the standing fan. If the fuse of the fan is blown, then you can replace the fuse to troubleshoot.

Grease the motor of fan

If the blades are not moving after plugging in the outlet, then it is a sign that the gears of the fan are stuck due to dust and dirt. It is important to clean the fan completely and remove the dust from all the parts of the motor.

Moreover, lubricate the gears with WD-40. After the complete cleaning and lubricating, the fan will hopefully start working again.


If your standing fan has stopped working, then don’t go to the electrician on the first attempt and try all the above steps and solutions to find out the issue and save money.

The most important thing is the proper maintenance of the standing fan.

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