Ceiling fan won’t turn off

Ceiling fan won’t turn off. This is a problem very big, if the fan does not turn off this is not only the loss of the energy but it is also the problem because it is not a usual thing it is a problem.

Every problem needs a solution if you do not take an action according to the problem then this may be the cause of the very big problem.

Because every problem is not a small problem and if it is a small problem then it is converted into a large problem that is not soluble by you, and you face a big loss.

Ceiling fan won’t turn off

ceiling fan won't turn off

There are the following remedies discussed that are used to turn the fan off. There are many reasons behind the fan not turning off this is maybe the problem with the remote control.

Problem with the switch, or any other problems which are with the fan that does not allow the fan to turn on. These remedies are given as:

Off the switch from the room

If the fan won’t turn off then you should try the first remedy is that should turn the switch off that is in the room means that is the main connection of the fan from where usually the fan works.

If one switch does not turn the fan on then you should try all the switches in the room, you continuously press them all as they are in the sequence so you should reach the point when the fan may turn off.

Here are two things that are the problem with the switch or the fan itself. You can find the problem as you turn off all the lights and the switches, if these witches are off then there is the problem with the fan not turning off.

If all lights are not turned off then you should see that there is a problem with the switch and you want to change the switch or outlet board that you are using.

Use remote

Here you should use the remote system to the fan to off the ceiling fan. There are some fans that are of the remote system, these completely depend on the remote, the remote system controls the whole system of the fan.

You turn the fan on by using the remote and off also if your ceiling fan is not turned off then you should try the remote.

If from the remote the fan not working properly then you should reset or change the battery or use all the other techniques that are used for the remote to work.

If the remote is working then it must turn the fan off otherwise there is a problem with the fan and you need to change your fan if you want to turn your fan off.

Turn off the breaker of the room

turn off the breaker of the room

If your ceiling fan is not turning off then you may turn the breaker off of the room, The breaker can off the whole electricity of the whole room, in that case, the fan should get off.

If in that case, the fan does not turn off then there must be a problem with the fan. If the fan won’t turn off then there must be a problem with the fan and this is proved by the all given reasons and following them.

You also turn off the breaker for the safety of the room and your own and also the safety of the whole home’s electricity.

Open the fan motor

You should off the whole electricity if you can’t then you just off the electricity of the entire room. When you off the electricity then you should try to reach to the fan and them open the motor of the fan and try to work on it.

You should check the internal components of the fan, check it completely with full attention and make it right, the fan motor gets worse.

If there is any issue then you should clear the issue and if any component of the fan gets burnt so please change that component with the other you buy from the shop.

The components of the motor when getting new then you should try it to work with it. Now when you replace the component then you should join the motor and then attach it to the place from where you de attach it.

After attaching your check it’s working and maybe this start working best as you want.


Ceiling fan won’t turn off. Here above I discussed the remedies that you should follow to get out of your problem. These all are the solutions to the problem and these are easy and the best for all.

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