Bathroom fan is not working but light is

Bathroom fan is not working but light is. You go to your bathroom and find out that your bathroom fan is not working, but the light is working. You do feel frustrated to see your bathroom is not working.

That’s what you can ask yourself. I had gone through this experience. That is why I am talking about this with you. Actually, we mostly take the blessing of bathroom fans as lightly.

Most people don’t give importance to bathroom fans before they stop working. Once it stops working, people realize the importance realize bathroom fans.

It’s quite similar to the fact that people realize the importance of other people around them when they are far away from them, or people die.

Once the bathroom fan stops working, we start feeling the odor, and then we begin to feel the moisture.

That’s what makes us feel that the bathroom fan was a blessing for us that was combating the said issue.

Now the question is, what are you going to do? Seek professional help, or would you like to fix the issue on your own?

Bathroom fan is not working but light is

bathroom fan is not working but light is

If your bathroom fan is not working, then what would you do in that regard? Seek a professional’s help, or do you want to first give it a go by yourself to fix the issue?

The good news for you is that you can certainly first give it a go by yourself to fix the issue.

In this article, I will discuss some of the reason why bathroom fan is troublesome for you and some steps to fix the issue of the bathroom on your own first before you seek any professional’s help.

Why not working bathroom fan is troublesome

The following two reasons are enough to conclude for you that not working the bathroom is troublesome.


When the bathroom fan is working, there is no smell of waste in the toilet, but when it stops working, there will be an unpleasant smell of waste in the toilet.


When the bathroom fan is working, you won’t feel any moisture around, but when it stops working, there will be moisture in your bathroom.

Standing water

When the fan of your bathroom is functioning, you won’t get to see the water standing in the bathroom, but when your bathroom fan stops working, you can see water on your bathroom floor.

Steps to fix bathroom not working

In order to fix the problem of the bathroom fan not working, you need to check the following.

Circuit breaker

The first thing that should come straight into your mind when you face this issue is the circuit breaker. If you don’t see the power supply on switching on the button for the exhaust fan, then you are first supposed to check the circuit breaker, if it has tripped or not.

Sometimes your breaker often becomes defective without being overloaded, or sometimes you plug in too many home appliances in one circuit that puts too much load over the breaker.

To see the breaker’s status, go to the electrical panel box or breaker box.

GFCI circuit

If you have a GFCI circuit installed in your bathroom, then you have to give a visit to it if there is no supply of power to the exhaust fan of your bathroom.

These circuits are installed in the kitchen and bathrooms of the home in order to protect the people living in the home from the shocks. These circuits contain only two-button and these buttons are “test” and “reset”.

If you observe that there is no power supply in your entire bathroom at all, then you can be sure of the fact that the GFCI outlet has tripped.

To get the GFCI fixed up, all you need to do is to find out the GFCI circuit first and then simply push the reset button to get your GFCI to keep going.

Loose or broken switch

loose or broken switch

If you have checked both the electrical panel and GFCI circuits and you don’t get to see any trip issue, then you must be checking your switch. You may ask what I should be checking in the switch.

You can check if the wires in your wall switch are broken or a bit lose? Sometimes it’s the broken or loose wiring is the cause of no power supply to the exhaust fan of the bathroom.

If you see any problem like this, then all you are in need to do is remove the cover from the outlet, and then you get the black and red wire connected with the terminals that are in the outlet, and then you must switch it on and off the to verify whether the voltage is on or off?

Burned out motor fan

You must also check if your fan’s motor is burned out or not. To do so, you need to plug in the fan of the motor in some other extension chord that you see joined in a functioning outlet.

If you see the fan doesn’t switch on and not working, then that means your bathroom fan has burned out, and you are in need to get a new exhaust fan for your bathroom.

Expired fan

Everything has a life. Your bathroom fan is no exception to this phenomenon.

Probably your bathroom has expired, and after a period, it has caught wear and tears in it that is not making it work. Therefore, you need to replace your bathroom fan.


Bathroom fan is not working but light is. After reading this article, you know why the bathroom not working is troublesome, and after reading this article, you can first try to make your bathroom fan work.

You also know when it is required to you to replace a new bathroom fan. In case you still cannot fix a nonfunctioning bathroom fan, then as a last resort, you can seek the help of a professional.

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