Vizio tv sound but no picture

Vizio tv sound but no picture. Vizio tvs are very famous worldwide for their best quality and features. You can connect different devices with vizio tvs to watch various online programs and films.

But, sometimes, some users face specific issues like vizio tv displaying no picture but sound is still coming. It is very annoying to see no display on tv because you cannot enjoy the movie without pictures.

There are a lot of causes that can turn the tv screen black. Sometimes, the tv screen goes black due to system glitches. Luckily, Vizio system glitches issues can be troubleshot just by power cycling the vizio tv.

Loose HDMI connections can also turn off the screen display, so you need to secure all the HDMI cable connections. If any HDMI cable is bad or faulty, then you need to replace the HDMI cable. You also need to change the input channels.

If you are looking for a quick online solution to troubleshoot the no-picture issue, then read the full article to learn about different solutions.

Vizio tv sound but no picturepower cycle vizio tv

If you have connected a streaming device with a vizio tv and there is no picture display on the tv screen, then make sure the video cable is tightly connected to the Vizio tv and streaming device.

If a cable connection remains loose or you insert the cable in the wrong port, it could create a display issue.

Tv display issues also occur due to damaged power boards. When you turn on the tv for a long time, then its different components, like the power board, capacitor, and backlight inverter board, are damaged.

Anyhow, without any delay, let’s discuss each step in detail to bring back the display.

Power cycle Vizio tv

If you have connected a new streaming video device with vizio tv to watch an exciting movie on the big screen, but you see no display on the TV with sound coming, then your first option is to power cycle your tv.

System glitches and overheating can affect the display, so the best bet, in this case, is to power cycle your tv.

Switch off the tv with a remote device and remove the tv power cable from the power source for one minute.

If your tv is overheated due to turning it on for a long time, then turn off the tv for half an hour to cool down all the internal components.

So, coming back to the point, reconnect the power cable and power on your vizio tv with a remote device. Check if your tv is showing a display, or still, it is a black screen with sound coming just.

If the tv picture came back, then good, but if the screen is black, don’t fret and move forward to the next solution. Vizio tv keeps turning off

Loose or bad HDMI cable connectiondamaged hdmi port

If your tv device is old and its screen suddenly goes black, but the sound is coming properly, then it may be a loose cable connection in the tv or video device ports.

Recheck all the cable connections and secure them in all ports for tight cable connection.

If you have not cleaned the dust from the ports for a long time, then it can also be the reason behind this issue. So, carefully remove all the cables and clean the cables as well as all the ports with a soft sponge.

If the video cable is bad or faulty, replace it with a new high-quality HDMI cable for the best picture display.

Damaged HDMI port

If you see the HDMI port is damaged, then insert the HDMI cable in the next port and replace the faulty port by seeking help from a professional.

Wrong cable connection

When you connect a video device like a DVD or cable box with your vizio smart tv, then make sure to insert the video and audio cables in the right port in both devices.

Nowadays, the cable comes in different colors to make it easy for you. Some users make a mistake and insert the video cable in the wrong port, and as a result, no video display comes on the tv screen.

So recheck all cable connections and if you have inserted the cable in the wrong port, then drag it out and insert it in the right port to see the tv display.

Software update

If the above steps are checked, and there is no issue regarding this, then check your software update. It is very important to keep your smart devices up to date with the latest software version to avoid any technical issues.

If you miss any update, then it can cause a different issue, like no picture but sound to vizio tv. So ensure your smart tv is updated. Vizio hdmi not working

If there is any pending update, then connect your tv to an internet connection and update the latest software version on the device.

Wrong input channel

The screen also goes black and does not display any pictures. There are chances that you are using the wrong input channel.

Its simple solution is to use the remote control input button to navigate various input channels on your smart tv.

Circle through all channels one by one, check all channels for pictures, and make the default channel that displays the picture.

The power board is faultywrong input channel

It does not happen with new smart devices, but if your vizio tv is too old and it is not showing a picture, then there are chances that its power board is failed due to overheating, system glitches, and sometimes due to a power surge in the circuit.

If the power board or inverter board becomes damaged, then you can replace them through different videos available on youtube.

I suggest you take technical support from a skillful professional because it’s a very complex system inside the tv, and a slightly wrong cable connection can increase the damage.

If your vizio tv warranty date is not over and yet its power board is damaged, then claim the warranty to replace it with new vizio tv.


The last thoughts on this article are if your vizio tv is not displaying any picture on the screen, then different troubleshooting steps are explained in this post to help you.

Power cycling is always the first option when the tvs experience issues.

Similarly, a faulty HDMI cable or port, outdated software, wrong input channel, and failed power board can turn the tv screen black, but sound still comes from the device.

You can also try to reset your tv, but it will clear all the settings and bring your tv to default settings.