Disney plus no sound

Disney plus no sound. It is the best app to stream drama series and films on a smartphone or laptop. You only need to connect the disney plus app or disney plus browser on your smart device with a fast internet connection to watch the media content.

However, if there is no sound coming from the disney plus app, then it’s a very frustrating problem because there is nothing to watch without sound.

If no sound is coming from your media, then don’t fret because you are not alone in experiencing this problem. Many  customers complain that there is no sound coming from the app.

First of all, you need to check whether the sound is coming from other apps or if the sound issue is only with the disney plus platform.

It will make it clear to you where you should start the troubleshooting. Keep reading this post because I will explain all the possible ways to fix sound issues on the disney plus app.

Disney plus no sound

It ruins all the watch experience when suddenly sound stops coming from the app or browser.

Many causes can make  without sound, including wrong volume settings in your smart device or app, outdated firmware, smart device speakers issues, and Loose HDMI connection.

Follow the points described below to resolve the platform sound problem by yourself without consulting any professional.

Check sound settingscheck sound settings

It is very annoying to see no sound coming from disney plus when you open the app to play any media content.

You cant enjoy without sound, so the first thing to check is sound settings. So. please navigate to the device sound settings and turn up the volume to full if it is muted or very low.

If the device volume is not muted, then check the app volume because sometimes the app volume is muted, and you don’t know it. Make sure the tv or phone volume and disney plus app volume are not muted.

Reopen the app

If you are watching an interesting movie on your  app and suddenly the sound stops coming, then reopening the app sometimes fixes the problem.

It usually happens when something goes wrong with the app when you open the app to play the media content. In this situation, the first method is to reopen the app after closing it for a few seconds.

Hire a certified professional to check the faulty speakers in your device and if they are faulty, then replace the faulty speakers in your device.


The final thoughts on this article are if no sound is coming from disney plus app, then it is not disheartening, but it is also painful.

I hope your issue is resolved after troubleshooting the issue with all the solutions explained in this article.

First of all, ensure the volume settings are not muted by pressing the volume-up button. Reopen the app and then reboot your android device.

If you have connected a sound system to your device, then make sure the HDMI cable is working and inserted in the correct port. Contact a professional if your issue is not fixed.

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