Simplisafe keypad not working

Simplisafe keypad not working. If your Simplisafe Keypad not working, there must be some reasons that need to be fixed. This article will discuss the possible reasons for them not working keypad.

As you know, its contains different security features that provide you with the best security protection every second of every minute.

Simplisafe keypad not working

What Is Simplisafe Security System?

So, here are a few essential pieces of information about Simplisafe wireless home security systems. So, the system uses four basic components that are:

  • Base Station
  • Keypad
  • Motion Sensor
  • Entry Sensors

It also contains other devices, some of which work separately and sometimes simultaneously to give you the best security system, that is:

  • Glass Break Sensor, Water Sensor, Temperature Sensor
  • Indoor & Outdoor Cameras
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Key Fob & Serin

You may also go with the subscription plan that will provide you with the following additional pieces of features:

  • Police Supervision
  • Emergency Execution
  • Medicinal Feedback
  • Automatic Alert, like in case of a Fire Explosion

So, if your Simplsafe Keypad is not working, then don’t worry and stay calm. In this post, we will explain the reasons and what you may do to fix them. Let’s dive into the troubleshooting process.

If you have a problematic keypad, then it might be possible that you have an incorrect device installation, flawed wifi connections, or variation in power.

It is also possible that some range or battery issues or any other issues are developing the problem for the Keypad.

Well, we will discuss each issue in detail to better understand how light or severe the issue is. It may help you to diagnose and fix the Keypad accurately.

Common Reasons For Won’t Working Simplisafe Keypad

common reasons for won't working simplisafe keypad

Here we have mentioned reasons for not working Simplisafe keypad not working to get an exact idea of the problem.

Power Variation

The first reason that it is possible to create the Keypad issue is if it has dead batteries.

A dead battery leads to power variation that may result in a won’t work keypad. They require new batteries for installation to resolve the issue.

Incorrect Installation

The following reason occurs at the time of installation. So, when you install the security system, you may have done anything incorrectly, leading to the issue.

So if you have a keypad working problem, you must consider the installation procedure, as the system needs an accurate connection to work flawlessly.

Problematic wifi Connection

problematic wifi connection

Another reason that may put you to worry about not working keypad is an improper wifi connection. So, if your Keypad is not switching on, inspect the wifi connection.

Problematic Keypad Pairing

You may also face the not working Simplisafe keypad if your Keypad and base station are not appropriately paired.

So, to fix the issue of the not properly connected Keypad and base station, you may re-sync them to resolve the not working Simplisafe keypad.

Ranging Issue

ranging issue

If your Simplisafe Keypad is not placed in a range of base stations, then your Keypad may deny working efficiently. While diagnosing the issue, pay attention to the keypad and base station distance.

Bugs Or Glitches

Your Keypad will not work if the system has any bugs or glitches. So, it needs to be fixed to make your Keypad work smoothly.

Solutions To Fix Simplisafe Keypad

Here are some solutions to make your Keypad work properly as it was before or as you expect it to work.

Keypad Reinstallation

Before going through the following procedure, you must inspect your Keypad.

Firstly, inspect whether your Keypad is turning on or not. If it is turning on but not working, you may try this procedure. Otherwise, go with another one.

So, you must reinstall the Keypad using your phone so grab your smartphone. Go to your App Store or Play Store and download the app by searching the Simplisafe mobile app.

After installing the Simplisafe app, launch the application and log in by providing personal credentials. Now, open the Menu and go with the option Device Settings.

You need to remove your Keypad from the available devices list. Now look in the top right corner and tap on the Plus icon. Now, you may go with the on-screen prompts to re-add your device.

  • You may also go with the Simplisafe web app to remove or add any device. You may also manage devices through the web app.

Keypad Power Cycling or Replace Battery

keypad power cycling or replace battery

You may try power cycling your Keypad if there is any temporary error. Usually, devices resolve their minor issues by doing a power cycle.

To do your keypad power cycling, you must detach its current batteries from its battery compartment. After that, you must let them detach for nearly 15 minutes.

Place the batteries again into the battery compartment, and now test whether the Keypad is working.

If you suspect the Keypad turns On and off, you need to replace the batteries. If it doesn’t turn off but still not working, then you may go with another solution.

Establish Connection To wifi Router

establish connection to wifi router

If the issue persists, you must try reconnecting it to the wifi router even though you have tried the previous solution.

Firstly, you may access the Keypad and push the menu button. Then it may ask you to provide four digit master PIN.

Navigate System settings, and select it via the Right Rocker. Now, go with the option wifi. You may see an available network list go with your wifi network.

Give your wifi password to enable your Simplisafe Keypad to connect to the wifi. Don’t forget to test your Keypad working before going to the next way of solution.

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Resync Keypad With Base Station

As we have explained to you Keypad will not work if your Keypad is not correctly synced with the base station.

You may try re-syncing your device with the base station if you dont have a second keypad using the following instructions. We hope it may help you to fix the problem.

So, firstly, detach the batteries of the Keypad and wait for almost 15 seconds. Re-insert batteries. You may see the keypad display with the statement of searching for the base station.

Now, detach the battery compartment of your base station using a Phillips head screwdriver. Push any button on the Keypad and a round-shaped button on the power adapter.

It will show you a message on your keypad_Connecting To Base Station. You may get notified with a message when your device gets successfully synced with the base station.

Reset Simplisafe Base Station

reset simplisafe base station

If you face trouble while syncing the Keypad with the base station and it won’t turn On, you may try resetting your base station.

It might be possible that your system has any bugs or errors preventing your Keypad from working efficiently. Go with the base station resetting procedure to fix the issue.

Shut off the power source of the base station by detaching it from the wall. Now, detach the battery cover and draw out the battery from the compartment.

Attach the base station on the wall after one minute and insert the batteries back into their position.

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We hope that after going through the reset, the solution enables your Keypad to work flawlessly. If you have not changed the batteries before, it would be better to replace them now.


This article will discuss all the reasons that may cause your Simplisafe won’t work and the solutions to fix the keypad.

If nothing works, then you may get your device replaced in case of a faulty device. You may also get assistance if you contact the customer support team.

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