Kwikset keypad lock not working

kwikset keypad lock not working. Buying the Kwikset smart key is one of the best that you can make as it gives you super security for locking and unlocking the door.

It was not easy before; now, there is no need to get worried about security even when your key is lost.

Kwikset keypad lock works very amazingly and conveniently, but Sometimes it happens that the keypad creates different issues and the most occurring is no blinking of the light when it is supposed to be.

Have you ever encountered this issue? If yes, then get happy because in this article we will give you a case of this problem.

Kwikset keypad lock not workingkwikset smartcode lock won't unlock

Three Basic and Simple Steps:

  1. The simple one is to remove the battery pack and press and hold the Program button while reinserting the battery pack.
  2. Keep pressing the button for 30 seconds until the status LED flashes red and the Lock
  3. Then view the button locations of your lock.

Now, read these steps in detail to know how and why to perform these steps. In this way, your paths of opening or resetting of Kwikset Keypad Lock will become more convenient and more accessible.


We should test the keypad lock before we make assumptions. Remove the batteries for testing after removing the batteries. Press and hold the program button.

If nothing happens by pressing the program button once, press it multiple times. Insert the batteries back after a few minutes have passed.

The lock button needs a firm grip. Otherwise, it will get loose and won’t be installed correctly. Do not let the grip get loose until there isn’t any movement on the bolt.

A flash will appear as well as the beep after you let the bolt go. This means the programming is successful.

Checking alignment

The door may not open sometimes whilst you are using a key to open it. This means that the door isn’t aligned correctly, and you need to realign it.

To realign it, enter your security code, and at the same time, keep pressing the lock button. This will reset the alignment. This will re-synchronize the board, and the keys will regain their function.

Replacing the batteries

If the device after reinstallation doesn’t work, then you need to change the method. Repeat the process and take the batteries out for half a minute.

However, the batteries need to be removed when the button is pressed three times. Insert the batteries after 10 seconds and wait for the beep and light.


We are hopeful this information will be beneficial for you, and you will be able to sort out your issue by following the given easy steps.

These steps will enable you to identify the issue of your Kwikset keypad lock in just three steps.

These solutions can be used to open the lock and to fix the issues of Kwikset SmartKey as well. The malfunction of alignment could be the primary reason for keypad failure.

The moment when you will alter the batteries and align your programs, the Kwikset will work as perfectly as a new one.

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