Garage door keypad not working

Garage door openers are best to fix in the home for security. It is frustrating to see the garage door keypad not working properly after a long tiring day in the office.

A garage door keypad is handy to protect the home. After all, you can leave your home without a garage door opener, without any fear, because you feel comfortable and safe due to a garage door keypad.

The significant advantage of having garage door keypads is that you don’t need any garage door remote or key to open the lock; you enter the keypad code and open or close the door.

However, if you see the garage door keypad is not working, there are several reasons behind this issue like frayed wires, wrong pin code, dead batteries, loose connections, outdoor weather, etc.

I have installed a garage door keypad for more than two years, so read my research on all the reasons behind this trouble with the garage door.

Garage door keypad not working

A garage is used to keep your valuable things like the car and bike etc. You can secure your garage door with a garage door keypad, but the trouble starts when you press the keypad buttons and enter the code to open the gate, but nothing happens.

The first thing to check when the garage door does not open on pressing the code is whether you are pressing the correct code or if somebody in the home has changed the new code.

Here are all possible causes of this issue, carefully read all the points mentioned below to fix the trouble before purchasing a new chamberlain keypad.

Incorrect pin code

incorrect pin code

The most common cause behind the garage door opener keypad not working is pressing an incorrect pin code on the keypad.

Always try to insert the correct pin code because sometimes, when we get to the office late, we put the wrong code, and the gate does not open due to it.

If your pin is not working to open the garage doors, it shows you need to fix a buffer of plastic or wood between the keypad of the garage and your mounting surface.

If you forgot your pin code, open your user manufacturer’s instructions manual and check the unlocking code.

Insert the unlocking code on the garage door keypad and when the light starts flashing on the motor, press the release button on the keypad and reset your four-digit code on the keypad confirming to the owner’s manual.


Some people fix universal keypads to open the garage door opener. If your universal keypad is not working, it means it is not matching the door.

It happens with most keypads that are only compatible with their company products. So, it may be the reason the garage door keypad not working.

It is suggested to you that you always fix the keypad of the same gate and use a universal keypad when you do not have the same keypad.

Dead batteries

dead batteries

If your device not working, then before you call garage door repair, remember one thing when you changed the keypad batteries last time.

Maybe you have not changed the batteries for a while, and this stopped working due to low batteries.

You already know that keypads work on batteries, and there is no indicator on some brands that there is a low battery, and it’s time to replace the old battery with the new battery.

Rechargeable batteries

One common mistake people make is that they use rechargeable batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries like lithium in the garage keypad.

Always use alkaline batteries in the garage keypad and replace them with new batteries after two to three months.

Garage door opener has loose buttons

garage door opener has loose buttons

Loose buttons are also one of the main keypad issues. If it is not working and there is no issue with the code and batteries, it may have an issue with loose buttons.

The keypad buttons start malfunctioning when you press them frequently.

You can confirm it by pressing a temporary pin code on the keypad and checking whether these digits are working.

If these digits work, your original code buttons become loose. Try to clean the buttons thoroughly. If the keypad still does not work after cleaning the buttons, you will have to change the garage door opener keypad.

Out of range

If you have installed the door keypad inside the balcony to save it from rain and sunshine, it will stop working due to being out of range.

Attaching the keypad far away from the garage door does not receive signals from the keypad due to interference from various things like a wall, objects, humans, and other wifi signals.

The only solution to this trouble is to attach the device close to the garage door opener, so there should be no physical obstructions for signals.

The best place to install the garage door opener keypad is the wall close to the garage door so that there should be no interruption of other radio signals.

Old keypad buttons

Old keypad keys are also the reason your garage door opener not working. The keypad is always fixed outside the house to open the garage door.

Therefore, it has to face an outside environment like rain, direct sunshine, etc. All these factors affect the device working.

The average lifespan of the older models depends upon the brand’s quality, but it is approximately 8 to 10 years.

So, if you see cracks on the door opener keypad and are facing trouble with the enter button, replace the device with a new one but make sure you have to install the new keypad of the same brand.

Frayed wires

frayed wires

The most common cause that occurs in malfunctioning garage door keypads is frayed wires inside the device.

If you are having problems inserting the same buttons, it means these buttons have frayed wires inside the keypad circuit board.

Detach the keypad from the wall and unscrew the bottom screw to open the device’s back cover.

Check any loose wire connections between wires and keys; if you have some electrical skills repair the frayed wires, and don’t worry about an electric shock because keypad wires have very low voltage.

Fix only one wire at one time so that the wires do not mix with each other. Ensure all connections are tightened before you tight back cover on the device.

Weather conditions

weather conditions

If you have installed a keypad instead of a remote to secure your valuable car, saving it from outdoor conditions is essential.

The door keypad is a susceptible device, and a whole system of the circuit board is installed.

If there is sweltering weather outside, then the heat will expose the circuit board and damages it. In the same way, rain and cold weather are also not suitable for door keypads.

So, the quick fix to this trouble is that save the device from the outdoor environment by putting a box cover on the garage door keypad.

If you are troubled about rain, attach a hoove or shade above the keypad to protect it from rainy weather.

Dirty buttons

Dirty keypad keys also cause the garage door opener device not to work. The keypad is fixed outside the home, so dust and debris are stuck on buttons with time.

So, if you see dirty keypad buttons, then clean them with a soft brush appliance cleaner. Put some appliance cleaner and clean all the debris from dirty buttons.

Stuck keys

stuck keys

Some dust entered inside the keypad and stuck the button. If you live in too much dust, contacting the correct keys on the keypad becomes difficult.

Open the back cover and clean all the dust and corrosion from the buttons and battery compartment.

You can use compressed air spray to clean the keypad keys.

But, ensure to gently clean the button and other parts on a clean surface so there should be no further damage to the garage keypad.

Surface interference

surface interference

Surface interference is also one of the possible causes of the garage door keypad not working. According to various types of research, some large objects and materials stop the signals.

Various construction materials like concrete walls and wood gates stop the electromagnetic signals or slow their speed.

Obviously, you can not change your whole garage door opener for this issue, so the simple fix to this problem is to insert the insulating material like plastic buffer or rubber on the garage device.

After fixing the securing material on the keypad, try pressing your pin to open the garage. If it works, then good, but if there is no change, mount the garage keypad at another place close to the garage door opener.

System pitfalls

system pitfalls

System glitches are also responsible for the door not opening. When it occurs, the garage fails to respond to your code.

In this case, you need to reboot the device in this way.

Detach the garage keypad from the wall. Open the back cover. Pull out the batteries from the battery compartment for one minute.

Clean the corrosion and dust from terminals with a soft brush. Refix the battery in the compartment but ensure the correct terminals. Fix the device back cover.

Press the power button and check the device.

Garage door company

If all the above points do not work for you, you still have trouble opening the garage gate.

Your last option is to call the garage door opener company to fix the issue. You can get a new device if you have recently purchased the keypad and have the warranty card.


The final thoughts on this article are that the garage door may stop working due to various issues.

First of all, confirm whether you are pressing the correct code or if somebody in the home has changed the security code on the keypad.

Next, check the batteries because dead or rechargeable batteries are also responsible for the garage door keypad not working.

The last option is to reboot the device, if you don’t know how to reboot the device, you can take help from the user manual, or there are many videos available on the internet to save time.

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