Install keypad for garage door

Install keypad for garage door. Are you tired of finding the lost keys for your garage?

Or you can’t abide by a bundle of key copies?

So, no key issues, installing an automatic garage door keypad can help you out.

Using an automatic door for your garage makes things much easier.

  • Do you know how to install it or which keypad to install?

Install keypad for garage door

If you are having difficulty with the selection of method and type of keypad,

Just follow us for exciting hacks and methods.

  • Not all keypads work for standard doors.
  • It’s going to be tough to identify the right pad for the right door.
  • The instruction manual will help you select the correct one.

Types of Garage Keypads

  1. A wireless keypad with batteries
  2. Hardwired keypad

Both types are best for securing the garage.

But most probably, the wireless method seems easy and convenient.

1. Wireless keypad installationwireless keypad installation

Before the installation of a keypad, make sure you have all things available.

  • A wireless opener for the garage door
  • A screwdriver
  • A measuring tape
  • Batteries
  • Instruction manual for keypad programming
  • Purchase a keypad according to your garage door opener.
  • Select the site that is easy and convenient to install the keypad.
  • Usually, the mound is at the sidewall of the garage.
  • Open the pad and install the batteries.
  • Remember to always follow manufacturing guidelines while placing the battery or batteries.
  • After that, start programming the new keypad.
  • While programming, it may ask to push a learn button on the opener.
  • Push the button and add your pin code.
  • Select a four to six-digit pin code for your keypad.
  • Using pin code, you can open the garage door automatically.
  • Some keypads might ask for a final initiation sequence to enter.
  • After programming, check the door by opening and closing it with the desired pin code.
  • For securing the keypad, screw it up at the site you planned earlier.
  • There might be holes in the pad.
  • Take a screwdriver and skew it.
  • Remember to find out the correct model number for the garage door opener.
  • Follow the manual accurately.
  • Purchase the technology that suits the garage door.
  • Purchase the keypad from the company, from where you bought the opener.


While programming the keypad, try not to disable the safety of the garage door by disabling the photocell device.

2. Installing a Wired Garage Door Keypadinstalling a wired garage door keypad

  • If in case of a wired garage door keypad, run the wires through the garage.
  • Take the wires and connect them to the garage door opener, along with the push button unit, inside the garage.
  • Place the keypad at a convenient site outside the garage.
  • Now Drill a hole for securing the pad, at least half in from outside to inside.
  • Unplug the garage door opener.
  • Remove the cover from the push-button wall unit.
  • Then program your keypad.
  • Switch to operate.
  • A four-digit code will be asked to enter the pin in the keypad.
  • After that, go back to the inside unit and switch back to operate.
  • Now replace both the cover and plug from the inside unit and the door opener.
  • Hold the enter button for 5 sec, and add the pin code.
  • Open the door using the pin, and your garage is now secure.
  • The process ends up with a flash of light on the keypad.
  • Choose a pin that’s easy and remunerative for you and your family.


  • Try to change the pin as soon as possible in case of pin code leaks to avoid any issues.
  • Notify any change made in the pin code to your family.


Using a wireless keypad or wired keypad will make your garage safe and secure. Remember to select the keypad according to the type of door opener. Keep in mind the pin code to avoid any inconveniences.

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