Samsung tv won’t turn on flashing red light

Samsung tv won’t turn on flashing red light. Many people love watching TV in the evening to relax after a tiring day in the office, but it’s very frustrating to see your Samsung tv won’t turn and just flash red light.

If the red light is blinking on your Samsung tv, then reset your device to remove the software glitch. Disconnect the cord from the power source for one minute.

Long press the tv power button for 2o seconds. Reconnect the cable after one minute and turn on your Samsung tv.

If there is not any hardware issue, then it should start now. However, suppose the red light flashes on the Samsung tv, and it is not turning on by pressing the power button on the remote control.

In that case, many causes are prompting the tv to turn on, like a loose HDMI cable, faulty power supply, and sometimes a damaged remote.

You are here means your Samsung tv is also not turning on and blinking red light, so read this article to fix your problem easily without hiring any technician.

Samsung tv won’t turn on flashing red light

Nothing is more frustrating than to see your Samsung tv not turning on because you can not entertain yourself without tv programs.

The bad power supply is the most probable problem when the tv does not turn on but the red light flashes on the device.

But, it can also sometimes happen due to a glitched HDMI cable, so without any delay, follow the below points to turn on the Samsung tv again.

Unplug your samsung tvunplug your samsung tv

Sometimes a soft reset is sufficient to fix the bugs and software glitches issue; therefore, restarting your device is always the first option for any issue with your tv.

If your Samsung tv is not turning on, then disconnect the power cable from the socket for 1 minute.

Insert the cord after one minute and press the power switch to turn on your smart tv. Suppose the tv turns on, then great. If the red light is still flashing on the sensor, then move to the next point.

Check remote control

If you are trying to turn on the samsung tv with remote control, then recheck your remote control because old batteries, faulty power buttons, of range distance can also stop the remote from switching on the TV. Samsung tv not recognizing sound bar

You can also confirm whether your remote is working or not by trying to turn on the tv with another tv.

If the other remote control turns on the tv, it means your remote is faulty, and you have to recheck it for replacing batteries or purchasing a new one.

Plug in another outletplug in another outlet

If your tv does not turn on in the evening and it was working last night, then it may be an issue with the wall socket.

Wall sockets transfer the electric current through power cables, but if it is burnt or damaged due to a power surge or overload in the circuit, then it will not shift proper current, and as a result, the tv won’t turn on.

Plug in the tv power cable in another socket in the room and check if the tv is turned on or if still, a red light is blinking on the device.

Software glitch

It’s important to keep updating the latest software version in your tv device to remove software glitches as well as utilize the latest features.

Try a different HDMI cable

HDMI cables are used to transfer the current in Samsung tv, so if your tv is old, then check the HDMI cables to see if it is damaged or broken, then replace the old wires. Samsung tv apps not working

Improper Electricity Flow

Samsung tv needs a proper flow of electric current in the wires to work correctly. If irregular electric current flows in the circuit, then the Samsung tv will not turn, and the red light will only blink.

It normally occurs when there is a power surge in the circuit because a power surge can burn or short any part inside the tv device.

Mostly it damages the power cable and circuit board. So, if you see the tv is not turning on after pressing the power button and red flashing, it means the device is either receiving low current or too much current.

Faulty power supplyfaulty power supply

The power supply is important to turn on the tv device, so if it becomes bad or faulty, then the tv will simply not turn on.

A tv device can’t turn off and not turn on suddenly without any issue because mostly the tv prevents from switching on due to an electric shock.

Make sure to do not to increase the overload in the circuit because if there is an overload in the circuit, then it will bring a light storm, and the power supply will become faulty.

Wrong launch configurations

The tv fails to turn on when the device launch configuration is corrupted. The basic purpose of launch configuration is to store the previous settings and minimize the device start-up time.

Usually, a Samsung tv takes some time to turn on, but configuration settings minimize the time and immediately start the tv.

But, if this configuration is corrupted and goes wrong, then the tv won’t turn on, and it blinks only red light on the device. So, you need to recorrect the wrong configuration settings to turn on the tv.

Power button

The power button is used to turn on or off the tv if the remote control is not working. It is usually located in the side panel or in the front side bottom.

If you do not cover your Samsung tv with a cloth during cleaning sessions in the room, then the dust accumulates in the tv power button and sticks them.

Sometimes the power button is stuck in the “off” position, and the tv does not turn on by pressing the power button.

In this situation, you can contact the tv expert to replace the power button in the tv.


The last words on this post are if the red light is flashing on your Samsung tv and it is not turning on, then restart your tv and remote control.

Then connect the power cable to the next outlet and try a different HDMI cable to turn on the tv. Hopefully, this directory helped you to turn on your Samsung tv.

If the issue is still not solved, contact with Samsung customer help center or local repair shop to check the tv hardware components. Turning off every 5 seconds