Samsung sound bar not working

Samsung sound bar not working. If your cousins and friends are over at your place for a sleepover, but you have planned a movie night with them.

But right before you start the movie, your soundbar stops working. Well, that sounds frustrating to even think about it.

We know that you will get down while looking at your plans that are going down because of the Samsung soundbar that is glitching down. Samsung tv not recognizing sound bar

Soundbars are one of the innovative technology that makes the life of streamers easy as you don’t have to attach an extra sound system with your Samsung tv when you have sound bars.

When we talk about best quality soundbars, a brand called Samsung makes its name on the top.

If we talk about the Samsung soundbar’s quality, then there is no doubt about its quality and performance.

But like all technologies, the Samsung soundbar can also get down. If your Samsung soundbar stops working, you must look up these reasons.

You don’t have to worry much if you are frustrated because the Samsung soundbar cuts your movie night plan into gazillion pieces.

Because we are here to help you to fix the Samsung soundbar.

We have come out with the best possible fixes to help you troubleshoot the cause of your not working Samsung soundbars.

We have also listed many solutions that will luckily fix the problems.

Samsung sound bar not working

We will start our troubleshooting process with the widespread causes. Then we will go deep down into the more complicated cause.

While identifying the causes, we have also listed their solutions as we care for your streaming plans. If you follow this guide, you can fix your Samsung soundbar.

Faulty Power Outlet

faulty power outlet

The first and most common problem that leads to a Samsung soundbar failure is a dropped connection with the plug and power cable.

So, first of all, you have to check whether the power outlet is working correctly or not.

If your soundbar is not even turning ON, then the problem could lie in the power outlet. To check if the power outlet is working correctly or not, you can change the power outlet.

There are two main ways to check the faulty outlet.

  • Attach your phone’s charger to the same outlet you use for your Samsung soundbar. If your phone starts charging, that problem doesn’t lie in the power cord, and the power outlet is perfectly standard. But if your phone is not charging, then it means that you have to change the power outlet that you are using to plug in the Samsung soundbar.
  • Plug your soundbar into another power cord. If it starts working, then it clearly shows the problem could lie in the power outlet.

Samsung tv loses sound intermittently

Compatibility issues

compatibility issues

Sometimes when we remodel old and modeled desktop TVs, the Samsung soundbar will not work with those outdated TVs.

Before getting your hands on any appliance, the first thing that you have to do is to check is that if your tv is even compatible enough to support a Samsung soundbar.

If you are having connection problems, those connection problems could be because of compatibility issues.

Some TVs don’t even configure attaching external speakers.

Buying a Samsung tv is a heavy investment, and most people worldwide don’t update their outdated TVs that only configure tv speakers.

So if you can afford it, then replacing the tv that has an audio return channel will do the job.

Sound Problems

Sound problem with sound bars is widespread. We can’t analyze when this type of problem can come out.

But we have come out with different sound problems and their solutions so that you can analyze the problem you are having with the soundbar.

Samsung soundbar volume glitching down

samsung soundbar volume glitching down

If your Samsung soundbar volume goes down for any reason, then you don’t have to take tension, as it is one of the most common problems that almost every Samsung soundbar user faces.

Luckily we have listed out steps to fix the problem.

  • Restarting and Rebooting: You first have to restart the Samsung tv and then the soundbar because rebooting your devices can do the job.
  • Faulty Volume Buttons: the first thing we can assume is the volume buttons because if the volume goes down without any reason, it means something is wrong with the volume power button. But the volume power button can use a faulty remote control as well. So make sure you check your soundbars and, simultaneously, won’t lose up on the Remotes.
  • Examine HDMI connection: check the HDMI cable box to examine the fault in the connection between HDMI and the soundbar. Sometimes when something interrupts the connection, the soundbar starts glitching up. So you must have to check up on the hurdles that are disrupting the connection. Check if something like dirt is making its way to the HDMI port. Removing the dirt from the HDMI arc port will do the job.
  • Faulty Batteries: Examine the faulty batteries of the remote control and soundbar. Replacing them will solve many issues if you feel they are not working correctly.

Faulty soundbar’s HDMI output port

faulty soundbar's hdmi output port

Sometimes, when our Samsung soundbar doesn’t cooperate, the problem could lie in the HDMI cable.

HDMI connections are critical connections, especially for soundbars.

But simultaneously, connection through the HDMI cable will turn the HDMI mode to the ON position.

The connection through the HDMI wire is strong, but when something goes up or down with the HDMI arc, the problem could lie anytime mid-between.

So make sure that you check HDMI arc and cables throughput and in terms of faulty reaction, make sure to fix to problem asap so that you can get rid of future clogs.

Samsung soundbar is silent

samsung soundbar is silent

If you are witnessing that your soundbar is silent, the soundbar may be in silent mode.

If your soundbar is silent, it will surely not buzz off any voice. If you want to solve this problem, you must deactivate silent mode.

The deactivating mode will possibly set up the audio format of the Samsung soundbar like Dolby digital.

Samsung subwoofer not working

Connection Problem

If you face any problem, the most common cause could be a connection problem.

If you face any connection problems, you can remove the cords lying between your soundbar and Samsung tv and let them disconnect for almost 3 to 5 minutes.

This process, called reboot mechanics, will possibly repair connection glitches.

Samsung soundbar Bluetooth Connection problem

samsung soundbar bluetooth connection problem

If you are facing a Bluetooth connection problem, then you don’t have to take tension because Bluetooth problem is one of the most common problems.

To fix the Bluetooth problem, you have to follow the steps in the methods down below.

  • Hard Reset: First thing that you have to do is to reset the Samsung soundbar hard. But to hard reset, you have to remove and then put the battery back in its place.
  • Soft reset Samsung soundbar: To soft reset the Samsung soundbar, you have to check the Samsung Samsung soundbar control panel and then reboot the soundbar.
  • Pairing mode: When this mini hard reset completes, you have moved to check the connections and whether it is in pairing mode.
  • Final: After doing the above steps, you should contact the control manual of the devices. After checking, check the connection by pairing it back.

Reset Samsung soundbar

reset samsung soundbar

Resetting the soundbar can clear out plenty of glitches.

But there is an easy peasy process that you can follow to reset the soundbar.

  • Turn it on to the OFF position; after turning it off, press and hold the PAUSE BUTTON for about a few seconds and release the hold when it shows IN IT OK notification on the screen.
  • Turn back the Samsung soundbar ON . after turning it ON, try to connect the soundbar to your Samsung TV.

This simple process will possibly reset the soundbar, and we hope it will solve the problem.

Power Reset Samsung soundbar

Another solution that you can do is to Power rest the bare. You can power reset the soundbar.

You have to disconnect the Samsung TV and Power cable for about 2 minutes, and then you have to wait for about two to three minutes.

After waiting for a few minutes, turn the Samsung TV back ON.

This process will give your Samsung soundbar a reset to clear any glitches.

Factory reset Tv with remote control

factory reset tv with remote control

Sometimes when we try to look up problems in our soundbars, the actual problem doesn’t even lie in the soundbars.

So we have to focus on our tv. Some audio settings of the tv can go down, and to set up all these speaker default settings, factory resetting the Samsung tv will possibly

If you don’t know how you can factory resort your TV, then you can follow up that that that we have listed below.

  • The first step that you have to do to factory reset is to switch off the TV by disconnecting the cable that supplies power.
  • The next step is pretty much the same as we used to reset our phone. You have to take the tv remote control in your hands. Press BACK OK, and the actual power button simultaneously holds the power button.
  • It depends on the model that you have. If you have a different tv model, pressing the power keys simultaneously and the volume down will do the job.
  • A menu will appear after 3o to 60 seconds when you do the above steps. You can select the factory reset function out of it.

We hope a factory reset of your tv will possibly do the job. If it’s not solving the problem, then contact Samsung support.

Steps to connect Samsung soundbar

If you want to connect Samsung soundbar to your tv, then you can connect them according to your preference.

There are different mediums through which you can connect to your tv. You can connect through a wired link or wireless link.

We have listed the mode of mediums through which you can connect your soundbar to your tv.

Through Bluetooth-enabled devices

If you want to connect your Samsung tv through Bluetooth and don’t know how to do it, then you can follow the steps down below.

  • The first step that you have to do is to Locate SETTING from the menu bar. You must scroll down to the AUDIO MENU when you can access the setting.
  • From AUDIO MENU, you have to go down to the submenu so you can access the SOUND option.. from the SOUND option, click on the SPEAKER SETTINGS.
  • Then you have to go up to the Samsung TV sound connection and choose the New device to connect your Samsung soundbar to your Samsung smart tv through Bluetooth.

Through Optical cable

through optical cable

If you want to connect your Samsung soundbar through an HDMI cable, you have to use the best quality optical cable that has a strong connection and is compatible with the Samsung tv and bar.

Through HDMI cable

If you use a Samsung HDMI power supply cable for the connection, attaching it is pretty straightforward.

It would be best if you securely connected all the cables to their appropriate places; this method will work successfully.


If you want to enjoy your movie night with your cousins at the best sound level, having a Samsung soundbar in your home will make your plans even more enjoyable.

But if your Samsung soundbar stops working, then we have listed a few troubleshooting processes along with its solutions.

We hope the above methods will help you get back to your Samsung soundbar’s best audio level.

But still, if you feel stuck anytime, move back your Samsung soundbar and tv and contact the Samsung default setting.