Samsung subwoofer not working

Samsung subwoofers are the latest sound systems to make your home enjoyment easier and more fantastic. But, if your Samsung subwoofer is not working, then don’t worry because electrical appliances can malfunction anytime for any unknown reason.

It becomes frustrating sometime to see the Samsung subwoofer is not working because you cannot enjoy the movie or show without the subwoofers system.

If you have Samsung subwoofers in your home, then you already know they are automatically turned on when you plug in the power cable in the socket.

So, if the Subwoofer prevents it from turning on, then check whether the wire is properly plugged into the electrical socket or not. You can also try to plug in the cable in the power strip or any other outlet in the home to turn on the Samsung subwoofer.

Keep reading this article to troubleshoot different issues that you run into with your Samsung subwoofer system.

Samsung subwoofer not working

If you only enjoy the movie or show by connecting the smart tv to your Samsung subwoofer, then it isn’t charming to see the Subwoofer not working. You can face various problems like the device won’t turn on, sound issues, delayed sound, or the Subwoofer not connecting with your smart device.

In this post, I will try to cover different troubleshooting methods related to Samsung subwoofers not working.

1. Samsung Subwoofer power won’t turn on

If the Samsung subwoofer is not working, then make sure it is turned on. Check whether the subwoofer power wire is connected to the socket or it is tangling outside the socket.

If you have connected the power wire, but the Subwoofer is not turning on, then drag out the wire and insert it tightly in the socket.

Sometimes, the device is not turned on only because of a loose wire connection in the electrical source or socket. If the Subwoofer is placed at a far distance, then you can use a power strip to connect the wire easily.

If the Samsung subwoofer is not turning on, then it could be a power issue, so first of all, you need to check whether the Subwoofer’s cable is connected to the power source or not.

It would be best if you also tried to drag out the cable from the socket and insert it back in the socket. If the standby light is turned on, then the Samsung subwoofer receives an electric current. However, if the standby light on the sound system is not turned on, then it means there is an issue with the power source or plug.

First of all, you should check the power source or power outlet by plugging in another electric device cable, like a smartphone charger. If the smartphone is charging, then it means there is no issue with the socket, and you need to change the Samsung subwoofer’s plug to turn on the sound system.

If the power plug looks fine, then check your sound system with a professional for an expert look. Check if not your Bose speaker not charging

2. No sound

It is very frustrating to see the standby light turned on the Samsung subwoofer, but no sound is still coming from the sound system when you play the music.

There are certain reasons that can stop the sound from the Subwoofer. First, make sure there is nothing between the receiver and the Subwoofer because if there is a physical object between the receiver and the Subwoofer, then it will surely block the transmission of the signal. You cant hear the music from the sound system.

If the power light is turned on and still the sound is not coming from the device, then check the distance between the Subwoofer and soundbar are placed close to each other. If both devices are placed out of range, then the Samsung subwoofer will not receive the signals, and ultimately you can’t hear any sound.

It’s important that there must be a minimum distance between both devices so that they should detect each other quickly. If there is a concrete wall or wooden door between the Subwoofer and the soundbar, then no sound issue will generate, so shift the Subwoofer place so that it receives teh signals easily.

3. Outdated software

If the Samsung subwoofer is not working fine, then its software is outdated, due to which is creating sound issues. So, it’s compulsory to keep up to date your Samsung Subwoofer software.

But, if you don’t know how to update the Samsung Subwoofer software, then follow these points.

  • Power off your Samsung Subwoofer.
  • Long press the ‘Sound’ button on the Samsung soundbar remote control.
  • Hold down the ‘Sound’ button for half a minute for the second time.
  • Different numbers will display on the soundbar.
  • If your device software is expired, then update the software via USB or app.

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My last thoughts on this article are if you have The Samsung subwoofer in your home to enjoy the music, then you must know the basic troubleshooting tips to troubleshoot the minor problems related to the sound system.

In this article, I tried to cover the different issues subwoofer won’t turn on or no sound coming from the device. If the problem is not solved after the post, then contact an expert professional for lose cable connection or any other hardware issue inside the device.