Refrigerator smells bad outside

Refrigerator smells bad outside. In hot summers, everyone needs cold water to drink and similarly cold things to eat. For cooling water and food items, refrigerators and fridges are commonly used in homes and hotels. Refrigerators and fridges are essential to keep them clean with different items like baking soda.

All the parts of the refrigerator must be in good condition and work properly. If the evaporator fan does not spin, then it will not circulate the cold air, food items will destroy, and a bad smell will start coming out of the fridge.

Basically, the refrigerator has two functions, the first is air conditioning, and the second is to keep the food safe from destruction and rottenness, so we should maintain it properly.

Refrigerator smells bad outsiderefrigerator smells bad outside 2022

It is very necessary to maintain refrigerators like other electrical appliances to increase their life span.

You know that food is stored inside the refrigerators, and if you will not take care of it and keep it clean regularly, then food will destroy inside it, and a bad smell will come outside of it.

If the smell is coming outside of the fridge, then, first of all, switch off the power of the fridge and remove all the rotten food from it. It is better to store food in a proper container. You can remove bad smells in the following ways.

Wash with soda

If your refrigerator is giving a smell outside, then, first of all, remove all the food and then wash it completely inside from soda. Soda will remove the smell from the fridge. After washing the fridge with soda, now clean all the fridge with cloth completely.

Clean the condenserclean the condenser

The condenser is the main part of fridges; if it becomes dusty and not cleaned for a while, then it creates a musty smell and extra heat. The condenser is cleaned with the help of a chemical cleaner.

Condenser fan

A condenser fan has the main role of circulating hot air and heat. If it stops working, then it will produce smell and heat outside the fridge.

To get proper cooling from the refrigerator condenser fan must be working properly.

Set suitable temperature

Set the inside temperature at that point where it prevents the growth of bacteria. Bacteria is the main factor in spoiling food which creates the smell. The best suitable temperature is 36 to 40 Fahrenheit.

Wash the drain pan

If the smell is coming from the base of the fridge, then it is coming from the drained plan which is present at the bottom of the fridge.

It may be some dead rodents like mice or pets at that pan. Remove that pet from that area and then wash it with any detergent soda and water.

Label and date survivor

It is better to label the dates of arrival and leftovers of the food items to save them from the bottom. If you know which food item is near to destruction, you will pull out of it from the fridge for use.

The smell of the new fridge

It is also possible that if your refrigerator is new, then some kind of smell will come for a few days, you don’t need to worry about that; it will remove after the proper working of the fridge or refrigerators. It is due to packing and storing in the factory area.

Clean the condenser coils

Sometimes, a smell came out of the condenser coils, which are situated at the backside of the fridge. These condenser coils must be cleaned after a few days because they stop the insects and debris from bad smelling.


What is the best way to remove the bad smell from the backside of the fridge?

You can get rid of the musty smell from the backside of fridges by placing a small layer of soda on a biscuit sheet and leaving it in the fridge for some time.

What is the reason for the bad smell through the drain pan?

It is due to dead rodents like mice and other small pets.


Refrigerators are a big need of homes in hot summer to get cool water and preservation of food. It is very necessary to keep your fridges clean and up to date to get rid of the smell.

Maintain cleanliness inside and outside of the fridge once a week regularly.

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