Samsung microwave not heating

Samsung microwave not heating. Samsung has provided us with all the luxuries we could ever dream of and a pretty reasonable price that is low on your pockets.

With being reliable and affordable, Samsung comes up with a variety of different models and designs with various features that are according to our liking.

Samsung microwaves are best known for their updated models and the versatile feature they provide in them.

And the best part is, it uses less electricity making it environment-friendly; alongside that, we can surely rely on Samsung microwaves with our food.

But as we are aware of the fact that electrical appliances wear off with time and cause lots of little troubles that become bigger over time. Thus, we can not always buy new gadgets but try to fix the old ones by figuring out the issue.

These microwaves sometimes come up with an irritating issue.

You might be surprised by this because, in some microwaves, the sole purpose of it is to warm or heat the food. But when it doesn’t, you might come to think of discarding your old microwave oven and getting a new one.

But hey, it’s not the time yet. You can fix the microwave’s “wrong parts” and get it back on business!

Samsung microwave not heating

Reasons for this trouble

Now the issue with your microwave might just start with mare external problems involving the power supply issue, the door not properly closed the extreme external issues that might be a burnt thermal fuse, a bad thermostat, or some diode burns.

I will explain all the relatable issues that will help you figure out the root cause of the issue of Your Samsung microwave.

Expected External Issues

These might include,

Demo mode, On

demo mode, on

Ever wonder when you land in an electrical appliance shop and see a microwave on display, turned on.

Well, they are on but just won’t heat the food or anything placed in it.

This feature is known as the “Demo mode” and is built only for the purpose of showcasing or displaying.

The reason your microwave oven is not heating food or your beverages might be directly linked to this demo mode.

On demo mode, your microwave will turn on the light, but it won’t heat anything.

The only way to get rid of this demo mode is to…turn it off! That’s it.

To do that, you need to check the settings, if you have any. Many updated models come up with the settings option.

Go to that, and you might find the series of numbers that help you jump to different modes.

The number for demo mode is 6 in many of the microwaves.

To get to the original or normal mode, you will have to press 2. The number might be variable in different models.

Those microwaves which do not have the option for setting can be dealt with using the “user manual guide booklet.”

Dirty doors

dirty doors

The reason for your Samsung microwave, not heating issue might also be the microwave door.

The microwave oven door is quite essential as it properly seals the microwave so that no heat escapes the microwave and the food gets heated and treated appropriately!

The problems may arise with the dirty door seal or the door switches. The Door switches connect the door latch and allow the door’s move.

If any of them is wrong, the microwave will not do its job.

The Samsung microwave door can be treated in 2 ways:

First, we can clean the door seal and interior with a slightly moist or damp cloth in order to remove any dust or debris from the seal so that it shuts the door properly.

Second, we check the door switches by the hinge movement.

The faulty switch should be removed, unmounting some screws, and replacing them according to your model.

Power supply problems

power supply problems

One of the issues with your microwave can also be power supply related.

As we are well aware that electrical appliances are power hungry and will stop working correctly when they do not get sufficient of it.

The power cord might be damaged, or the plug might be loosely attached.

Both of these will cause the poor working of the microwave oven.

The power-related issues can be resolved quickly by fixing the plug in the socket properly or checking for the damaged power cord.

If the power cord is faulty, then it will be a low power supply source to the microwave.

You need to turn off the main circuit breaker switch for the kitchen and replace the power cord. That’s it.

Kitchen timer vs cooking time cycle

untitled design 2022 07 15t103506.483 min

The kitchen timer feature is merely a countdown timer that is placed in the microwaves to let us know how much time it takes or for how many seconds or minutes you want your food to be warmed up or heated.

But this kitchen timer feature won’t do any heating of your food.

If you accidentally or intentionally pressed this button, your food will not heat up, but the timer will go on.

Hence, while operating your microwave oven, just ensure you don’t turn on this feature.

There is a separate button known as cooking time, and that will allow your food to heat up and even get cooked.

All we need to do is to turn on the cooking time and start the cycle, which will allow your food to be cooked properly and get heated within the time you set.

Just be careful and don’t go on pressing the wrong buttons.

If you don’t know, read the user manuals. They do serve a purpose, you know!

Variable clearance requirements

Your Samsung microwave oven needs a proper clearance or spaces through which it can vent properly.

There should be a proper clearance on either the right or left sides and also from above and below.

If there is no proper ventilation, then there are chances that your Samsung microwave will stop doing its job.

If there is no clearance or less clearance, there will be no heat or less heat in the microwave oven.

Different models of Samsung microwaves have different or variable requirements for the clearing. Some need less clearance, and some need more.

Figure out the requirements for your Samsung microwave and make clearance accordingly.

Internal damages to the microwave

These may include:

The diode has gone bad

the diode has gone bad

The diodes serve a significant purpose, and that is converting the Alternating current that comes to form the high voltage transformer to the Direct Current.

This conversion aims to provide a magnified and doubled amount of current to the magnetron, which in turn heats the food up.

But what happens when the diode is burnt or has gone wrong?

Of course, there will be no heat production or low heat production in the magnetron.

And this will result in no food heating!

The only way to get the diode back in position is to replace it.

High voltage diode microwave test

The diodes are replaced and placed in a series connection which will provide a continuous current flow if reversed.

Another important thing, using a 9-volt battery in series with the diodes will provide maximum current.

Thus, providing the magnetron with a lot of energy to produce maximum heating for your food.

The Magnetron is done for

the magnetron is done for

The magnetron, as we know, is the most critical part of microwaves.

As it gains enough power from the Dc voltage and, in turn, converts it into microwave frequency which then is used in heating your food.

When the magnetron is burnt, there will definitely be no cooling.

Usually, the electronic parts in the appliances are hazardous to repair or replace as they already save some amount of current in them even if the power is terminated.

You can’t repair the magnetron, so you replace it. But, be very careful about it as it is made of glass and can be challenging to apply. Samsung microwave se code

Use help if you can, but if you are already well aware of these gadgets, then it will be a right-hand’s play for you.

The high voltage capacitor is faulty

the high voltage capacitor is faulty

The high voltage capacitor does its job by aiding the AC to convert the current coming directly from the transformer to a maximized high voltage output current.

This will heat the food in the microwave oven.

The high voltage capacitor plays an important role; without that, there will be no heat in the magnetron; in fact, the entire voltage system will be disturbed if the high voltage capacitor is burnt or fused.

To check whether there is an issue with the capacitor, you should use the Ohm meter or VOM meter.

This will help you test the total capacitance provided by the capacitor.

The best way is to replace a burnt capacitor, and the best capacitors to use for this purpose are those of the sizes 0402, 0603, and 0805.

The thermal fuse is burnt

the thermal fuse is burnt

A thermal fuse is the part of the appliance that protects the appliance from overheating.

In the microwave oven, the thermal fuse cuts the power that goes to the magnetron is the Ac voltage is maximized to a dangerous level.

While doing this, the thermal fuse burns itself. Thus, saving the microwave.

If the microwave overheats, this might lead to a burnt circuit that will destroy the microwave.

A burnt thermal fuse cannot be repaired but can be replaced with a new one.

You can replace the old thermal fuse with a new one yourself.

The main control board has resigned from its job

the main control board has resigned from its job

Listening to this might be funny but honestly, when your motherboard or main control board stops working properly, there arises the issue with your microwave oven, which stops heating anything.

The major issue with the control board can be due to the burns.

Tell your sniffy nose to sniff out any burning smell from the control board area and check to see if there are any burns.

Samsung microwave e-11

If there are signs of burns, then my friends, your luck is bad because this control board ain’t cheap.

Try getting a new control board and get it replaced. Use help if needed.

Winding up the ideas

Your Samsung microwaves are an amazing choice but the time when they start causing you trouble and stop heating your food, you plan to change or replace it with the new one.

But if you just focus and find what’s wrong with it, you can finally solve the issue with the ideas I presented above and enjoy the perks of having your Samsung microwaves back online.