Samsung microwave e-11

Samsung microwave e-11. If the humidity sensor of the Samsung microwave shows any problem, then you will see the E-11 issue. Check the microwave and find the wire harness or even the humidity sensor.

You may need to fix the sensor if it has wiring loose and maybe there is a replacement required.

I took out my Samsung microwave from my kitchen and placed it in the room. The Samsung microwave and, as I turned it on, showed E-11 on its display panel.

I was worried that I had messed up my oven because of moving it. I thought my oven had heated the previous meal as its last meal. Though I wanted a new oven, I still looked at the microwave and its guide.

I found the reason for the E-11 error in my range. The error wasn’t all that hard to fix.

Samsung microwave e-11

Having your oven show error, especially when it’s Samsung, is going to ruin your mood. Samsung would not show any errors, and that is what’s bothering you.

The error can be anything in the oven, but Samsung simplified it by assigning each problem with a code. The error you may face can be the infamous E-11 error.

E-11 is actually related to the humidity sensor of the range. The humidity sensor, when it has problems, displays the E-11 to give you a reference.

The humidity sensor issue in the oven requires you to fix the sensor or get it replaced. The reasons for E-11 are below.

E-11 cause (Wire Harness)

e 11 cause (wire harness)

The most common Samsung oven error is E-11. The E-11 error has been reported by many Samsung oven users, and the error is actually not a big problem.

The error can be dealt with pretty easily if you know how it is caused or what causes the E-11 error. The cause of the E-11 error is pretty common. This error is caused by faults in the humidity sensor or an open gas sensor.

The open gas sensor may be because of a user like you. If the humidity sensor has faults, then the humidity sensor may be faulty because of power surges.

The faults in the humidity sensors are caused by too much use. The wire harness can bring the E-11 error as well, so the wire harness may be loose, or there are faults in the wire harness as well. Read the fix below.


The fixes to this error can be of two main types. The first error can be because of the wiring harness. And as the wiring harness can get loose, you have to tighten it. To tighten the wire harness, you need to locate the humidity sensor first.

Reaching the wire harness is not a difficult task. The wire harness will be attached to the sensor. First, power the oven off and let the oven capacitor get discharged.

There are screws on the top panel that is holding the panel. Remove the fasteners as you reach the harness. You should check if the harness has been removed.

E-11 (Humidity Sensor)

e 11 (humidity sensor)

The second cause of the same error is the humidity sensor. You may have read the cause of E-11 being the humidity sensor in the point above, but that was not the whole explanation of the humidity sensor.

The humidity sensor onesies the humidity in the oven and doesn’t let the oven work in excessive humidity, as too much moisture, can be very difficult for the oven to handle.

Not only won’t the oven be able to withstand too much moisture, but it will also get its circuit fried.

The humidity sensor sometimes gets faulty, and the moisture level keeps increasing thus, the E-11 error appears. The main reason for this error is a fault in the humidity sensor.

The humidity sensor, being unable to detect the humidity, sends the message to the control board of the oven, and the control board displays the errors on the panel of the oven.

The faults in the sensor appear because of power surges and if the power harness is loose. The constant use of the oven can make the sensor heat and that fries the oven completely. Read more below!


If you have a faulty sensor, then try tightening the wire harness beforehand to confirm it. Well, as the humidity sensor itself is faulty, then you will need to replace it.

Powering the microwave off is the start of the replacement process. Try to locate the humidity sensor first. It will be locked under the control panel. The control panel should be the outer control panel.

You will find the outer control panel on the top left side of the oven. The outer panel will have screws present in it so to access the humidity sensors present inside the control panel, remove the screws.

Remove the wire harness from the humidity sensor and get a matching humidity sensor from the market.

Place the humidity sensor in the oven as you attach the wire harness you removed. Place the panel back and screw it on. Test the sensor.


If you have a Samsung oven that gives you an E-11 error, then check both the possibilities that could have caused the error. You may have the gas sensor open, and that’s why it’s appearing.

The wire harness attached to the sensor or the humidity sensor has lost its working completely. Check all the above. Thanks for reading.

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