Samsung microwave se code

Samsung microwave se code. The Samsung microwave is a valuable electronic device used for baking and cooking various dishes. Still, it is also very necessary to use it carefully and clean all its parts after one month so that it does not create any issues.

If your Samsung microwave indicates an SE error code, it seems there is trouble with the appliance touchpad or main control board. Mostly it occurs due to a dirty ribbon cable or a stuck button.

However, sometimes the microwave control board becomes faulty that and you have only the option to replace the main control board to use the oven.

If you see an SE error code on the screen, do not ignore it because it can be threatening; sometimes, the unit switches on automatically if there is an SE error problem with the microwave.

Immediately unplug the Samsung microwave to avoid this hazard until this problem is properly solved.

You can temporarily sort out this issue by closing and opening the Samsung microwave door for few times but for a permanent solution, read this blog post to solve this problem.

Samsung microvave se code

An excellent point about new electronics appliances is that you can quickly sort out the issue through different error codes because an error code appears on the screen when something goes faulty in the unit.

When you see an SE error code showing on a microwave, it specifies that your appliance has a button stuck on the control pad o or ribbon wire link is gone dirty, or even worse, the main control board is damaged.

Before you decide to contact a professional to repair the microwave, read this blog post because it will help you clear the Samsung microwave oven SE error code.

Restart the microwave

restart the microwave

Before trying any method to fix the Samsung microwave SE error on the display screen, try resetting the appliance.

It is easy to reset the microwave, shut off the unit, and unplug it from the outlet for two to three minutes.

Switch on the unit after two minutes and check if the SE error code is removed; it was not an issue but a hitch.

However, if you see the Samsung microwave SE error still beeping on the screen, you must try to fix it by inspecting these parts in the microwave.

Ribbon cable is dirty

ribbon cable is dirty

The ribbon cable is an important component of the microwave, so it can guide the Samsung microwave SE error to show on the screen if it becomes dirty or broken.

So you can easily fix this error by cleaning the ribbon fastener on the main control board. You can rub alcohol on the ribbon to clean the dust from it.

Use a pencil eraser to remove dust from the ribbon cable. Switch off the microwave and unplug it to save yourself from the current. Wear protective gloves on your hands for precautionary measures.

Open the mounting screws and get access to the control panel. Drag the free lock close to the main circuit board to separate the ribbon cable.

Now drag out the ribbon cable and rub the alcohol or pencil eraser over the cable’s connectors. Using alcohol is best because it will completely clean the debris from the ribbon cable.

After removing all dust now, reconnect the ribbon cable to its original position and mount back the screws to close the control panel. Switch on the unit to check whether the problem is solved, and the SE error code is removed from the screen.

Main control board is faulty

main control board is faulty

If the microwave main control board becomes faulty, then the SE error code appears on the screen to inform you about this issue.

The main control board produces low voltages next to the microwave touchpad to perform the task. A voltage signal is returned to the main control board when you press a power button on the keypad.

When the control board receives the signals sent from the touchpad, it utilizes the commands to switch on output relays that manage particular unit parts.

But, if the main control board is faulty and not producing sufficient low voltage signals, or if it doesn’t receive the input signs from the touchpad, then obviously task will not be able to happen.

In this case, your best bet is to confirm whether the microwave touchpad and links are the culprits or if they are doing their task well before shifting to the control board.

If you are skillful enough, check if the main control board is faulty and not functioning, unplug the microwave from the wall socket, detach the control assembly, and fix a new component to switch on the Samsung microwave.

But if you don’t know how to open the screws and replace the part, then hire a professional to replace the faulty control board.


The article’s bottom line is that if you see a Samsung microwave SE code error on the screen, it mostly happens because the microwave control board is faulty and not doing its job properly.

First, restart the appliance because sometimes an error code appears due to glitches. If it does not change, check the stuck key button and dirty ribbon cable, or you might need to replace the faulty control board.

You can also fix this problem by resetting your appliance to factory default settings. However, if you still have problems with your Samsung microwave, contact a sill full professional or Samsung customer support to change the control board.

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