Samsung front load washer shakes violently during spin cycle

Samsung front load washer shakes violently during spin cycle. Usually, a front load washer that has been overloaded with clothes is the cause of violent shaking.

Sometimes when there are fewer clothes in the washer, meaning the clothes are under-loaded also causes the washing machine to shake violently.

I had a similar shaking experience with my Samsung front load washing machine. I searched about violent shaking and even contacted Samsung customer care as I feared my washer might blow or have some fault.

The weight aside, there were more things making my washer shake. I found problems with my Samsung washing machine and subtly found a solution.

I checked the stacking kit and the floor after checking the whole machine. Fixing my washer because of less data was hard. I wrote this article, so there is enough data for you to get your’s fix.

Read to learn!

Samsung Front Load Washer Shakes Violently During Spin Cycle

Having a Samsung washer that uses less water is pleasant, but not until the washer scares you by shaking uncontrollably.

The main problem that causes shaking in the washer is load. The load can be too much, or maybe the washer is under-loaded. If the washer load is balanced, then the floor can be the problem.

The floor may have an uneven surface. The floor may not be sturdy enough for the machine. Checking the Stacking Kit is a great idea.

If your machine had shock absorbers, they might have worn out. An explanation of the shaking problem is below. Keep reading!



The most basic shaking in the front load washer of Samsung or any other is because of overload. Overload doesn’t here mean the weight of the machine itself.

Load means the number of clothes you put in, and the weight of the clothes is the load if you put too many clothes in the washing machine.

The weight will be too much, and the washing machine will overload.

The overload may just be because of the weight of clothes, and you may not have put too many clothes inside. There is a limited weight that the Samsung washing machine can wash.

Six pounds is the average weight for a front load washer. Depending on your washer, the weight it can wash may be different.

If the weight exceeds 6 pounds, then the washer is overloaded. If the washer is overloaded, remove the weight and put fewer clothes in it.



You may have removed some clothes from the washer because of the overload shaking, but the shaking continues. The reason for shaking after shaking is under load.

The underload is the opposite of the previous issue. In overload, the weight was too much, but in underload, the weight of the clothes is relatively low.

Yes, the machine doesn’t only shake on overload, but underload shakes the machine too.

The optimum weight a machine can handle is 6 pounds, but having a 1 pound weight won’t be enough for the machine, so putting 4 or 6 pounds of clothes will be the optimum weight choice.

It depends on your machine. It may only hold 3 pounds, so putting 2 pounds at a minimum won’t let it shake.

If the clothes you took out from overload were too many, put some back and see the shaking of the washer disappear for good.

Machine legs

machine legs

The load of the washing machine is not always going to shake the machine. If the washer shakes even with the optimum weight, then there can be problems with its legs.

A washer has four legs that keep it balanced. All four legs of the washer are needed to keep it balanced, and the legs should be even.

Uneven legs won’t let the machine balance, and the shaking is bound to happen.

If one of the washer’s legs is uneven or it is broken, the machine won’t spin smoothly. A missing or broken leg will make the washer shake violently.

Check the legs of the washer and see if they are even. If the size of the legs is okay, check for broken legs or missing ones. If the leg is broken, put something to give even support to the washer or replace the leg.

Uneven floor

uneven floor

The legs were the reason for the washer shaking and being uneven. But legs aren’t the reason for shaking all the time.

The legs may be of the right size, and there may not be any broken legs or even any missing legs.

In fact, the washer may be perfectly even. The balance of the washer causes vibration, but if the washer is balanced and something still bothers the washer, you need to check it.

The floor may be the outside factor causing the shaking. The legs are even, but what if the floor isn’t even? There won’t be any advantage of the broken legs when the floor itself doesn’t cooperate.

If the floor is uneven, you can adjust the legs to balance it and even use extra support, like putting cardboard or small wooden piece under the legs to balance it.

The shaking will stop with an even floor and the machine.

Stacked unit

stacked unit

Most washing machines come with a stacking kit. The stacking kit consists of a metal frame. The metal frame is used to mount together two units.

The upper and lower units are mounted with the stacking kit’s help. Your mounting connection of the stacking washer may be loose.

If the sticking kit or precisely the metal frame mounting the units is loose, you need to secure the metal frame by tightening its connection.

The installation of the frame and the washer should be leveled and the floor too. The floor should also be sturdy enough to keep the movement still.

Shock absorbers

shock absorbers

The last part of the washer we are going to stop shaking is the shock absorber. There is more than one shock absorber in the machine.

If the shock absorbers are installed correctly and are in good condition, the machine won’t shake because the shocks will get absorbed by it.

Check the shock absorbers of your washer and see their condition. If the shock absorbers are worn out, you need to replace the shock absorbers.

Check the guide. Replacing the shock absorbers isn’t difficult. Get the absorbers replaced by professionals.


The Samsung washer may shake because of the reasons above or shake because of other reasons, like the floor not being sturdy. The tub wear pad may cause shaking.

Having vibration pads can be handy to stop the washer from shaking. You can use shock dampening devices to remove the shaking. Thanks for reading.

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