Salt lamp leaking dangers

Salt lamp leaking dangers. We, as humans, love beauty and things that enhance the beauty of the environment or ourselves. We make different products for this purpose. We decorate our rooms so we put things that look elegant or cool and that comfort our eyes.

Salt lamps are one of those things that enhance beauty. They do not actually remove negative ions, as people believe. They are just a piece of decoration.

Sometimes, because of the excessive moisture in the area or place where the salt lamps are present, the salt lamps start leaking. This is actually a very common problem with them. The effects and the causes are discussed in the article below.

Salt lamp leaking dangers

salt lamp leaking dangers

Salt lamp leaking is a general problem with almost all salt lamps. The salts might leak for substantial reasons. Water and salt do not go well together.

And as we know, that moisture contains water. It does not fit well with the salt lamps.

The moisture in the air reacts with the salt lamp. Making the salt lamp leak. The material leaking is actually the salt itself.

It has just now mixed with water and formed a solution. Now the solution is dripping from the salt lamp or, as you say, leaking.

Potential risks

The salt lamps might look harmless, but they also carry risks with them. Some of these risks are stated down below.

Fire risk

All lamps are electrical devices. All of them use power to light up. Electricity is essential for their work. Salt lamps are no exception either. This is not the problem; the problem is free.

The wires or the components, when joined together, can cause a fire. The opposite poles, when touched, produce a spark. The spark, if not taken care of, can evolve into fire.

This can be very dangerous as the fire, though little at first, can later become big. This big fire can even burn your whole house down. The stories of fire because of the spark are very common. So we should try to prevent it however we can.

The best way is to keep the lamp on all day long as the moisture will stay away from the lamp due to heat. But that is not an effortless task as it requires a lot of electricity, and that equals money. So keeping it on for 16 hours a day can help in preventing it.

Rusting and stains

As I mentioned above, the salt surface, when mixed with moisture, forms a solution. This solution can leak from the lamp and go to the surface below.

The surface might be of some metal, like iron. We know that with water and salt, iron corrodes. This corrosion can weaken the surface of the iron and cause it to break as well.

If the surface is wood or other, the leaking material will not corrode it, but nasty stains will be formed on the surface. Sometimes these stains became irremovable.

Ways to avoid leakage

There are some ways through which you might be able to stop the leakage from the lamps. They are briefly listed down.

Away from moisture

The easiest way to avoid the problem is to keep the salted lamps from moisture. You can do this if you keep it in places with a low level of humidity.

Do not use it in places like washrooms and kitchens.


Always keep the lamp clarified, meaning keep it ON. The heat emitted from the lamp will keep turning the moisture into gas form. Meaning the moisture will evaporate.

And because of this, there will be no emission of solution.



A humidifier helps you control the level of moisture in the air if you use a humidifier in the room where you placed the bulb.

The level will not rise too much and the lesser the moisture, the lesser the chance of outflow.

Higher temperature

Here the temperature means the temperature of the lamp. If you use a lamp with more power, then more heat will be produced, and so the moisture will be less as well.


The end result of the normal lamp and this lamp is the same. They both provide light and enhance the beauty of the place they are stored at. You can choose which to buy by your own choice but before buying it.

Make sure the pros of the object are worth the risk. There can be more objects that might meet your eye and visually increase the beauty of the house.

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