How to fix a touch lamp

Sensors are used to turn on the touch lamps. Only there is a need to understand ‘How to fix a touch lamp’ then you can easily turn on this lamp with just a single touch of your hands. Touch lamps are easy to activate in dark.

How to fix a touch lamp
how to fix a touch lamp

They are convenient to use as there is no need to plug in the switches. They are used as nightstands. The entire lamp consists of sensors.

It can easily be activated by touching any part of it, whether it is the neck or base of the lamp. Touching the lamp more than one time enhances its glow.

Working principle of touch lamps

The human body is made of water. Water act as a major conductor of electricity. These water molecules are a source of electrons and electric charge. Touch lamps utilize these electrons and electric charge to turn on.

These touch lamps are easy to use. They are most commonly used as table lamps for office work or study purposes.

They do not need any mechanical or electrical energy to work. The human body functions as a connector to turn on the lamp. The human body has a high temperature which helps in the activation of lamps by a single touch.

Defaults in touch lamps

Loose connection of wires or fused problems can prevent the bulb from turning on. If your touch lamp is not working effectively, then you must check its thyristor.

The thyristor is a diode that controls all the electrical signals. A thyristor is one of the main components used to turn on the lamp.

Methods to fix a touch lamp

Touch lamps are difficult to repair because they are made up of a complex system. Several steps can be used to fix the problem. The first step is to identify the cause of the problem. Assure that the bulb is not fused.

Check all the connections of the wire. If your touch lamp is connected to some sort of electric sort, then you must check whether the switch is plugged in or not. After identifying the roots of the problem, unplug the wires.

Lamp wire

Use a knife to cut the bottom base of the lamp. Check all the connections of the lamp wire. If any of the lamp wire is burnt out, then rewire it or replace it with new wire.

If necessary, change the base of the touch lamp, which acts as a sensor. Buy a new base for the lamp and follow the guides of the manufacturer to reinstall it.

Install a new transistor

Install a new transistor for the power supply if needed. If the bulb of the lamp is fused, replace it with a new bulb. Check out the circuit boards of the lamp. If the circuit of the lamp is destroyed, then fix it properly.

Most of the time, dimmer controls (present in the lamp machinery) stop working.

One of the most convenient ways to fix this dimmer control is to replace it with a new dimmer. Screw up all the sockets. Put on the light bulb, then plug in the switch.

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