Program xfinity remote xr15

Program xfinity remote xr15. Today’s world is full of advanced technology. Each new day comes with new technology having advanced features.

And each feature of an appliance can make a person’s life easier. Like if we talk about remotes, we may notice a huge difference between previous and today’s remotes.

It can control everything according to your wish list by just using your voice. For example, you may change channels, search for your favorite show, and can get suggestions.

So, if you brought a new Xfinity remote and want to program it with your device, here, you may know about detailed instructions to get a successful pair.

Program xfinity remote xr15

Guideline to Pair XR15 Xfinity Remote

This article will teach you the entire procedure to pair your Xfinity remote with your TV. So, follow the instructions carefully to make a successful pair.

Xfinity Voice Remote Control Codes

xfinity voice remote control codes

Here is a list of Xfinity remote codes according to your TV brands.

1. Samsung

  • 12051
  • Others Codes= 10060, 10702, 10766, 10814, 10178, 11959, 10650, 11755, 13118,

2. Sony

  • 10810
  • Others Codes= 11685, 11791, 11786, 12337, 11712, 11913

3. LG

  • 12731
  • Others Codes= 11178, 10178, 11637, 11756, 10017, 11530, 10442, 11314

4. Panasonic

  • 11480
  • Others Codes= 10051, 10650, 11947, 11927, 11924, 11347, 10178, 10156, 10154, 10150, 10145, 10093, 10060, 10054, 10047, 10171

5. Casio

  • 11205
  • Dell
  • 11264
  • Others Codes= 11080, 11178

6. Denon

  • 10145

7. Disney

  • 11892
  • Others Codes= 12152, 11665, 11314

8. Haier

  • 12309
  • Others Codes= 13382, 12293, 11756, 10876, 13204, 11570, 11034, 13118

9. Motorola

  • 10093

10. Philips

  • 11867
  • Others Codes= 11454, 11990, 11755, 11365, 11198, 11756, 11483, 10054, 12597, 13623, 10690, 10171, 11913, 10017, 11963, 10855, 11314, 12337

11. Toshiba

  • 11524
  • Others Codes= 10156, 11704, 11343, 10650, 11935, 11369, 12684, 11959, 10060, 10154, 11314, 10702

Steps to Pair Your Xfinity Remote For Voice Control

steps to pair your xfinity remote for voice control

Before starting the procedure, we want to tell you that if you buy a new Xfinity remote, it may have the inserted batteries, but you need to activate them first.

  • So, firstly grab your remote and detach the pull tab. You may access it behind your remote.
  • You may see a LED light blink green almost four times in five seconds.
  • It may show that your remote is On.
  • Pointing your Xfinity remote to an X1 or flex TV box.
  • You must press the Voice button on the remote and speak the Program remote.
  • After that, you may go through the TV on-screen instructions.
  • You will go with the instructions and may see a remote picture on the screen.
  • To control the power and volume, It may ask if you want to use your remote.

Another Way To Pair Without Voice Command

If you cannot use voice pairing to pair your device, then you may use the following procedure for remote settings.

  • So, ensure you have pointed the remote towards your TV box without interference.
  • Now, you may push the A button on the remote.
  • You may select remote setup.
  • A query arises on the screen about whether you want to control your TV power and Volume. Go with the answer YES.
  • Enter your TV brand name. Choose OK.
  • Select Ok for pairing.
  • In the end, you may test your Xfinity TV box by pressing the power button. If it turns Off, flick it On and push the volume buttons as testing.

Program Xfinity remote To Audio Device/TV Using Voice

program xfinity remote to audio devicetv using voice

Follow the steps to program the Xfinity remotes to your Tv and audio device using voice control.

  • So, firstly, press and hold the Voice button on the remote and speak Program remote.
  • You may go to the Remote Settings menu and go through the Remote Settings>Voice Remote Pairing.

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Program Remote To TV Via Setup Button

There are different ways to program your remote, so you may follow any of them you may find suitable for your Xfinity remote.

Here is the procedure for programming using a setup button. But don’t worry; if you don’t have it, you may follow the TV manufacturer’s code to program your remote.

So, if you have the setup button, follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, ensure that your TV is powered ON.
  • Then you may press and hold the setup button. You may release it when the light turns red to green.
  • After that, you have to enter the code 991 code.
  • After providing the code, the remote blinks green twice.
  • It would help if you kept hitting the CH^ button on the remote until your TV flicks OFF.
  • You may hit the Setup button when your TV gets shut off
  • Now, test the remote and TV pairing by hitting the power button

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Steps to Program Xfinity XR15 Remote To Audio/Video Receiver/Soundbar

steps to program xfinity xr15 remote to audiovideo receiversoundbar

To program your Xr15 voice remote with your Audio device, video receiver, or soundbar, you may go with the following instructions.

  • Firstly, you may press and hold the Xfinity and mute buttons at the same time.
  • You may release it after when you see the remote light flash green.
  • Now, you have to enter the five-digit code specified for your audio-video receiver.
  • If the light flashes green twice, you have to give the accurate code.

Test your remote by pressing the volume or power buttons while pointing the remote towards your device.

Steps To Program XR15 Remote To TV

steps to program xr15 remote to tv

If you have an XR15 remote and want to program it with your TV, then you may follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, press and hold the Xfinity and mute buttons at the same time. You have to press it until you don’t notice voice light on the top of the remote turn from red to green.
  • You have to provide the TV manufacturer’s digit code using number keys. If the remote LED lights flash green twice, it indicates an accurate code.
  • But if the remote LED turns green after red, you have to provide an accurate code. After that, you must enter the correct code to make a successful pair.

Don’t forget to test your voice-controlled Xfinity remotes by flicking on or off the TV power or turning the TV volume high or low.

Steps To Program XR15 Remote To TV Box

steps to program xr15 remote to tv box

So, to program your Xfinity XR15 remote control to your TV box, you may follow the instructions to get successful results.

  • Firstly, you have to press and hold the Xfinity button and Info buttons at the same time.
  • You may release them when you suspect the status light turns red to green.
  • After that, you must enter the 3-digit code shown on the screen.
  • To make a successful pair, you may follow the on-screen instructions.
  • It may allow you to voice control the power, volume control, and input control.

Xfinity Account App

xfinity account app

You may also use the Xfinity account app to program your remote. Follow the steps given below.

  • So, launch the app on your device and touch the TV on the screen.
  • You may select the TV box.
  • Go with the option Setup
  • Go through with your remote model, e.g., Xfinity XR15 remote.
  • Select Continue.
  • Choose the TV or Audio/other.
  • Go with the on-screen instructions.

Factory Reset XR15 Remote Control

Suppose your pairing gets failed even after providing the accurate code. In that case, you may try factory resetting your Xfinity XR15 voice remote control and then start trying again pairing your remote control.

  • So, you may press and hold the A and D buttons at the same time for almost 5 seconds.
  • You may find the LED turns green on the top of the remote.
  • After that, you may hit the 981 from your Xfinity voice remote to factory reset your device.
  • Now, try again for the pairing process after a factory reset.


In this article, you may be able to program your Xfinity Voice remotes and the XR15 voice remote with a TV box and also with audio devices. Roku remote light blinking

Follow the guideline carefully and ensure that you have entered the correct code while programming your remote. You may also try a factory reset XR15 voice remote in case of any error.