Roku remote power button not working

Roku remote power button not working. Roku devices are popular in homes nowadays because you can enjoy different social apps like youtube, Facebook, and many more, but it’s very frustrating to see the roku device power button not working.

If the roku remote power button stops working, then you can not use the device. However, many causes are responsible for the remote power button malfunctioning; first of all, check the remote batteries.

If you use the remote control daily, keep changing the remote batteries after two months. Dont allow your children to operate or play with the remote because they usually long press the remote buttons, and the remote buttons are damaged.

When you use a vacuum cleaner in the home for cleaning sessions, place the remote control in a safe place because dust and debris gather in the remote buttons, stopping the power button from working efficiently.

Read this complete directory carefully to fix the roku device remote power button not working.

Roku remote power button not working

If your roku device remote control power button is not working, then you are at exactly the right place because this article is all about fixing the remote power button.

You need to take extra care of your remote buttons because they are damaged or broken if you use them roughly. So let’s discuss all the solutions to fix the remote power button.

Old batteries

old batteries

Old batteries are mostly the cause of the remote not working, so make sure to replace them with new ones when you note you have to press the power button  2 to 3 times to turn on the roku.

Duracell and Lithium batteries are best to install in the roku remote controls because rechargeable batteries are not a good option.

If you are not using the remote control for some days, then remove the batteries from the remote and keep them in a dry place.

So, ensure to replace fresh batteries in the remote control after two months to get the thing going; otherwise, it’s very frustrating to see the remote power button suddenly stops working.

Cleaning the remote batteries chamber is also necessary because if dust and corrosion accumulate on the springs or battery terminals, the remote batteries cannot transfer current to the remote circuit. Eventually, the power button will not work.

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Power cycle your remote

If the remote power button is not working and there are fresh batteries in the remote control, then power cycle your roku remote.

It’s very easy to power cycle the roku remote because you have to press each button one by one.

Sometimes the buttons are just stuck due to a long press or the device falling on earth so keep pressing each button works, and remote power buttons start working efficiently.

Restart your roku

restart your roku

If you see there is no issue with the remote batteries, and you inserted a fresh pair of batteries some days ago, then restart your roku device.

Restarting the electrical devices must be your first step when you face any issue with them because sometimes bugs and software glitches stop the device from working, so restarting the device works in most cases.

Physical interruption

If your roku device remote power button is not working, then it may be a physical interruption between the remote and the roku device.

The remote control uses infrared technology to operate the tv, so if there is a physical barrier between the line of the remote and the tv sensor, then the device will not turn on by pressing the power button.

Out of range

If you try to press the power button to turn on the roku from a long distance, then it will not work because there is a specific range in which the remote control works.

Always sit close to your roku device to operate the remote control. Take special care of any physical object like a table, chair, and wall because the signals are not transmitted if anything is between the remote and the roku.

Damaged buttons

damaged buttons

Remote control buttons are made up of plastic, so you must be very careful when pressing any remote button.

The power button is the most used remote control because it is used to turn and off the roku device, so do not press the buttons hard; otherwise, they are damaged after some time.

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Please do not allow your children to play or use the remote because they throw the remote on the hard floor, causing the remote buttons to break.

Dust accumulation

The Roku remote is the most used device in any home because everyone likes watching their favorite tv programs.

But protect your remote buttons from getting dirty from dust and debris during the cleaning session. When you are not using the remote, then keep it in a safe place.

If the remote power button is networking, it might be dirty, so open the back cover and clean the dust from all buttons and circuits with a soft cloth.

Roku app

If your roku remote power button is not working and all the above tips do not work, then download the roku remote app on your smartphone from the google play store.

  • Connect your smartphone to wifi internet connection or mobile data.
  • Open google play store.
  • Search Roku remote app
  • Download the app
  • Install the roku app
  • Launch the app on your smartphone and follow the instructions.

Remember that you need to have a fast internet connection or mobile data to use the roku app on your phone.

Also, you can not use your remote all the time to operate the roku, so purchasing a new roku remote is better.


The bottom line of this informative directory is that roku remotes usually work longer if you use them carefully.

Keep replacing the fresh batteries in your remote after one to two months. Roku tv audio out

Then its also important to use the buttons with soft hands because if you push the power button with hard hands, then it will be broken, and you will have no other option than to purchase a new roku remote.