Roku not connecting to tv

Roku not connecting to tv. Roku is the latest device many people use to stream different dramas and films on the internet and enjoy them on their smart TVs. You can easily connect the roku to your tv and internet connection.

It is very small in size that is connected to every smart tv via HDMI ports. You can also stream different channels on your smart tv using the roku device as a media player.

But, if your roku is not connecting with your smart tv, the first reason is that it’s happening just due to a connection error. Ensure you connect all the cables tightly in the ports and that there is no loose cable.

The next thing to inspect is the power cable is attached to the tv, and it is turned on. Read this complete post to troubleshoot the problem and learn what steps to do if the roku device is not connecting with your smart tv.

Roku not connecting to tv

The Roku smart device connects to a television to stream different channels and social apps. Usually, it does not make any issue, but some people complain that their roku device is not connecting to the tv.

There are many causes behind this issue so first of all, ensure your device is connected to the tv port correctly.

The next thing to check is HDMI cables and ports because if any cable is damaged or the port is dusty, then the device will not connect to the tv.

Read all the following points because all the possible reasons and solutions are described in detail for you if your player is not connecting to the tv.

Restart your tv

restarts your tv

When you talk about any electrical or technological device, if it is malfunctioning, then your first step should be to restart the device.

In this case, if your device is not connecting with the tv, then restart your tv. Firstly just press the remote power button to turn it off for one minute and then switch on the TV.

If the roku is still not connected, turn off the television, remove the cord from the socket for one minute, and reconnect the cord to the power source. Turn on the tv with the remote control and attach the device to the port.

Mostly, the glitches make an issue, power cycling the tv removes these problems, and the device is reconnected with the tv.

Check HDMI Cable

check hdmi cable

If your device is not connecting after restarting the device, then the next thing to check is HDMI cables.

Go back side of the tv and recheck all the HDMI wires are tightly pushed into the ports.

Sometimes, you do not push the device in the port and leave halfway.

If any HDMI cable or port is damaged, then replace it with a new one to connect the device.

Device location

It’s very important to place teh internet connection router close to teh device because if the router is placed in another part of the room, then the walls, doors, and other obstructions will decrease the signal strength, and will not connect with the tv.

Make sure to place the modem close to the tv and device and above the floor surface.


It’s necessary to give reset your roku device and not insert it in the tv continuously for a long time because it overheats the device.

If the red light blinks on the device, then it surely means the device is overheated due to continuous usage, so immediately remove it from the port and do not use it for ten to twenty to cool down the device.

The next thing to keep in mind is that if you have too many devices in the home, then it will surely cause the devices to overheat issues.

When devices are closely plugged into each other, they heat up quickly, so always keep the devices at a far-off distance to protect them from overheating.

So, when the device heats up, then it will not connect with the tv, so detach it from the tv and place it at a cool place to cool down it quickly.

Insert the device after five minutes and turn on the tv. If the problem continues, then move to the next point.

TCL roku tv not connecting to wifi

Roku signal strength

roku signal strength

Roku device is connected to wifi internet to load the channel or page on TV. It requires excellent signal speed to buffer and stream the media.

If your device is not loading the media on the TV, check the internet speed on the router. You can load youtube on your smartphone to check the signal strength.

If you connect more than five devices on one router, the signal strength decreases to minimize the number of devices with one router.

Roku no picture only sound

Factory reset roku

Factory resting any device is the last option because it removes all the previous settings on any device and brings it back to the default settings.

So, if your device is not connecting to your tv after applying the above tips, then your last option is to apply a factory reset to roku.

Follow these steps to reset roku.

  1. Aim the remote control towards the device and press the home button.
  2. Go to the Settings menu.
  3. Tap System settings.
  4. Click Advanced system settings.
  5. Select factory reset.

It will not remove all the bugs and glitches but also wipe the previous account settings and data. Your roku device will surely connect with the tv after a factory reset.


The last lines on this post are if you have a device to stream media on your smart tv, then always place the internet modem close to the device because the roku device needs excellent signal strength to stream the channel.

If your device is not connecting with the tv, then separate it from the tv to cool down and insert it after ten minutes to connect with the tv. Sound delay on tv